Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 76

Chapter 76
I feel as if I already heard this conversation before .
"That was pretty terrible . "
Feeling my legs going numb after I was finally released from Saya and Karen's scolding session, I complained with a tired face .
I never kneeled down for that long in my life .
"It's your fault, Yato-kun . "
"Yeah, you reap what you sow . "
Still mad, the both of them threw those words at me with a displeased expression .
Well, they're actually right, after all .
It's my fault for getting entranced by that magnificent scenery .
Next time I need to be careful .
As I was reflecting on what I did, Rouga, with a concerned expression, rushed over me .
"Chief, are you okay~ ?"
"Yeah, I'm fine . You did well earlier by defeating that octopus . Good job . "
I answered her with a smile as I patted her head . She's the hero who saved them this time and a hero deserves to be praised .
After spending a while patting Rouga, I went to ask the girls about the voice I heard before the attack .
"Hey, didn't you hear a strange voice before that octopus appeared?"
"Voice? Ah, yes I did hear it!"
"It was the voice of a little girl, right?"
"Yes, it was a little girl . "
Apparently, the three of them heard the same voice .
So it wasn't just my imagination .
Confirming that I wasn't the only one who heard it, I recalled the phrase of the voice .
"Eliminating all intruders . "
I'm pretty sure that was something of that annoying kid's creation .
"So does that mean that the voice was responsible for the assault?"
Lina ended up with the same conclusion as mine .
"Probably . "
"But why an Octopus?"
Confused by our conversation, Saya asked while inclining her head .
Lina replied to her question .
"This island was remodeled just for fun by Metron-sama . He probably installed many other antics just because he thought it would be fun to do so . "
He hide a giant octopus just because he thought it would be fun .
I kinda agree with that decision of his, but that was not the problem .
"Lina, don't you know anything else about this island? Like some sort of defense mechanism or whatso?"
In order to confirm my theory, I asked Lina who then made a face that seemed in deep thought for awhile as she was leaning her head .
"All I know is that the island is full of things Metron-sama made for his merriment, so nothing in particular . "
She then shook her head, implying that nothing came to her mind .
So we're left with no hints .
The only thing I know is the fact that the little girl's voice has something to do with him .
That octopus didn't seem to be an earth creature .
Yeah, it's definitely related to that kid as well .
"What are we going to do then? We can't resume playing around here at this rate . All that's left is —"
"The only option is to look for the origins of the voice . "
Lina continued my words before I was able to finish them first .
That was the only possible choice anyway .
I turned to look at the dense forest behind us .
We need to look for it in this huge forest…
It won't be a problem if it was only me and Lina, but we shouldn't drag Saya and Karen in this .
When I took a glance at the both of them, they guessed my current thought and made a suggestion .
"We want to go as well . "
"Yeah, we need to punish the little girl who's responsible for that octopus . "
Saya was willing to go with us out of pure curiosity while Karen's will had a connotation of revenge for what happened to her earlier .
But even when they insisted, I couldn't immediately allow them, out of concern .
When I remained quiet for a few moments, Lina answered in their favor instead of me .
"Why not? If it's me and you, we can readily protect them . Even if something was to occur, we can just have you teleporting them to a safe place . "
Persuaded by her suggestion, I decided to follow her words after pondering them for a few more moments .
"Well, guess that's fine too…"
She was right . The both of us can easily protect Saya and Karen and even if something was to happen, I can just teleport them somewhere .
It's decided then, we will go together .
"I will do my best~"
Rouga who probably heard our conversation, enthusiastically shouted .
I was intending to teleport her back home, but It should be fine to let her go too .
She could serve as a good bodyguard for Saya and Karen .
"Do your best to protect Saya and Karen, Rouga . "
Rouga replied with an eager telepathic voice . I think I can safely rely on her at this rate .
"I'm leaving it to you . "
When I indicated my expectations to her, she gave a firm reply .
Lina and the girls who saw our conversation had a perplexed expression on their faces .
"I understand that you guys are having a conversation, but it only looks like you're talking to a silent wolf . "
"It's weird . "
They looked at me with an appalled expression .
I feel that I already heard this conversation before .
It can't be helped . Although I was seriously talking with Rouga, everyone sees it as if I'm talking with a normal wolf, but that's the only way for us to interact with each other .
I can use telepathy as well, but I find it better to use my mouth instead .
I'd like them to stop looking at me that way, Honestly .
"B-But there are some strange people who talk with their beloved pets! I don't think it's that weird . "
Surprisingly enough, Saya desperately tried to cover me up with an argument .
She's my only ally in this place .
Although what she said didn't help in backing me up .
I mean, she admitted that everyone who talks to their pets is strange .
"Well, whatever, let's move now . "
With that, all of us headed toward the dense forest of the island and submerged inside its many trees .
"Do you always need to speak with your mouth when talking to Rouga-chan?"
"No, I can use telepathy too, but I find it easier to talk normally . "
"Then how about you try using telepathy to for once? That way, people wouldn't find it weird . "
"Yeah, give it a try!"
"… well, alright . "
"………" ← telepathy
"………" ← telepathy
"This too, kinda gives off weird vibes . "
"They're just staring at each other . "
"How surreal . "


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