Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 141

Chapter 141
Heroes against a villain .
With a tense atmosphere, the class heroes held their weapons nervously and glared at me . However, there is one thing that I need to restrain myself from doing in this battle, that is to erase their weapons and skills . I can’t erase their only abilities and send them back to the other world for them to defeat the Demon Lord . That’s why I decided to handicap myself and not use my erasure magic in this fight, although the final result won’t really change in any case . The first party to move was the heroes’ side .
“Shoot the magic!!”
After Tenjouin commanded his fellow heroes, the loud shout resounded inside the barrier, as rear guards started enchanting their spells .
“Water barrett!”
“Ice block!”
I could only hear some of them being chanted and couldn’t hear the rest of the light, dark and thunder magic . Various magic attacks were directly aimed at me . A fireball, an earth lance, a tornado, an ice rock, a heavy water splash, and many more other spells . The variation of colors made it look pretty, however, it would cause a huge damage if it hit me . Obviously, nothing will happen even if it doesn’t hit its target .
“Do you really think that you can do anything just because you’re more in numbers?”
I uttered with a cold voice as I stood still without raising my guard . I don’t even need to use my erasure magic to deal with such an attack . I just stood in my place, not showing a sign of doing anything and kept gazing at the approaching magic attacks .
“You can’t reach me with only that much . ”
The next moment, the flying shots looked as if they got obstructed by something and changed their direction one after the other . I froze in my place and tried to make them think that I didn’t do anything, and their attacks were gradually getting wiped out on their own . All the members of the class watched their attacks disappearing the moment they approach me with astonished expressions . Well, it’s not like I didn’t do anything to block them away . The class members didn’t realize that I’ve set a magic spell to block their attacks only after all their shots got wiped out .
One of the class members muttered .
What? Don’t they have someone there who can make defensive barriers?
They were all making a stunned face . The barrier I used was an improvised version of a【Light Magic】application . A faint film of light with the shape of a dome was surrounding me . All that I did was set that barrier before the others shot their magic . No matter how many of them were there, it’s still meaningless if each one of them is weak . I can block this much using only a light barrier . The next moment after the class attacks halted, the barrier that finished its duty vanished away .
“Too bad, I don’t recommend attacking me from the front . ”
“Then what about this?”
I gave an advice to Tenjouin and his classmates with the same composed attitude, but right when I finished my sentence, I heard a voice coming from behind . Someone is behind me . I promptly turned around, only to see two other magic shots were directed towards me . One of them was【Earth Magic】 and the other was using 【Water Magic】 . I created a wall from the ground under my feet and blocked the two attacks without any trouble . Both the wall and the two attacks collided with each other .
I see, so that’s their plan, huh .
I thought to myself while standing inside the cloud of dust caused by the crumbled wall of earth . The two members who tried to shoot at me from behind had their shoulders grabbed by that teleporting girl, Miki . In other words, she teleported them behind me and aimed at my back .
“Too bad, you were close . ”
She is making good use of her strong points in the battle . The two members who got their attacks blocked again seemed to be shocked while Miki didn’t look surprised at all . The next moment, someone from the opposite side came rushing at me .
“I got you!”
It looks like he has a speed skill as he closed the long distance between us in the blink of an eye and swung down his sword on me . He got nerves to rush at me alone like that . But still—–
“Too slow . ”
I could have moved faster than that . I dodged the swing he made using all his power and gave him a blow in the neck instead . The guy let out a short scream and collapsed on the ground .
“One is down, 38 more to go . ”
I began counting while Tenjouin shouted with a slightly perturbed voice .
“Don’t rush alone! Front guards, attack him from all four sides without changing your formation! Rear guards, look for a good timing and cover for the front guards!!”
Everyone returned to their senses by Tenjouin’s loud yell and braced themselves .
“Everyone, use all of your skills!! Don’t hold back!”
The class members activated their skills and surrounded me . One of them ignited fire in his swords, another one grew huge muscles on his entire body while one of them had even transformed into a beast . Each one activated their special skill they received from Metron . There was a great variety of skills .
“Let’s go!!”
“Eat this!!”
The class member, who transformed into beast, rushed to me from the lower side while the hero with the flame sword came from the upper side; both at the same time . The flame sword hero swings his sword horizontally and the beast hero tried to tear me off with his claws . If I dodge the one on top, I’d end up receiving the attack from the lower side and if I did the opposite, I’d receive the attack of the flame sword . That’s not bad, they only forgot about one thing .
You guys can’t hit me no matter how much of you attack at the same time .
“You’re pretty simple minded . ”
“!? N-No!?”
I made one step back to dodge the flame sword and kicked up the beast hero, sending him flying overhead then falling on top of the flame sword class member . The beast hero who got his brain shook fainted in his place, while blocking the other flame sword hero from standing up again .
This makes it three . 36 more to go .
I continued counting secretly by myself before another class member stood up in front of me again .
“Take this!!”
He inhaled a large amount of air then suddenly sprouted fire from his mouth . So he has a skill that lets him breathe fire .
That’s impressive .
“That’s an interesting skill . ”
I readily avoided the flames he shot from his mouth and whispered in his ear before striking my fist in his abdomen . The class member twisted his body while holding onto his belly, crumbled down, and remained quiet .
That makes it four . 35 more to go .
Tenjouin and his classmates couldn’t make another move after witnessing their friends getting easily crumbled by me . The next moment, I heard a rasping voice coming from rear of the formation they were making .
“Get from the way!!”
It was the class member with the muscular skill who gouged out a giant part of the ground and lifted it with both of his arms . The ground was left with a giant hole on it as blood vessels were showing up on his forehead .
Oh, this looks amazing .
Followed with a loud scream, the gouged part of the ground was thrown at me . At the same time, the class members nearby immediately got away .
They’re really planning to kill me, aren’t they?
I watched the giant rock coming my way with a nonchalant face .
I didn’t try to run away or evade it and only stood at my place, waiting for the perfect timing . I need to show them the overwhelming difference in our level if I want to make them give up . That is why I’m going to block this attack without using teleportation .
I took my stance and waited for the rock to approach while folding my fist with flames .
“Explosion Fist!”
The moment my fist made contact with the giant rock, it caused a blaring explosion and turned it into the dust . Tiny pebbles rained down on us as a result and clouds of dust covered the place .
“No, way…”
“You’re, kidding…”
This was a piece of cake for me, but not for the class members who were muttering with a withering voice . It looks like they finally got an idea on the difference in our levels . I thought they would give up at this point, but soon found out that I was wrong since Tenjouin, himself this time, made a move .
“Kamiya Yato!!”
He swung down his sword while screaming my name .
“Not enough . ”
I dodged his sword at the last possible moment and prepared to thrust my fist on his face before the sword to suddenly gleamed .
I instinctively guessed the danger in that light and instantly took a distance from him . The next moment, a blade of light left the sword flew to the place where I was standing just now .
What is that, Lightsaber? I’d have gotten slashed if I hadn’t moved from that place .
I gazed at the shining sword and suddenly heard Tenjouin’s screaming voice again .
“Why aren’t you using that power of yours to save the world, Kamiya!!”
He’s at it again . He glared at me as he grasped his sword with both of his hands .
Why is this guy asking the obvious?
“I don’t need to use it for such a thing . ”
I only use my abilities for my own benefit or when I am forced to use them . Well, most of the situations in which I use them is usually for the sake of the world, but I don’t think that this peaceful Earth needs magic anyway . Even if I didn’t exist, the Earth will keep revolving quietly . Tenjouin who interpreted my words differently screamed at me with a furious voice and a sharp glare .
Why? Why is he misunderstanding me again?
I tilted my head and wondered about the reason for his incomprehensible reaction before a magic attack came flying at me .
“I will defeat you in this place!”
I dodged the shot at the last moment and realized that it was done by Miki again . She teleported her classmates behind me to allow them make their shots then immediately teleported them back .
She’s quite annoying .
I fixed my gaze on Miki while thinking to myself, but soon heard Tenjouin’s furious voice again .
“What you think doesn’t matter anymore . We will defeat you here! That is all!”
“I’d love to see you try . ”
I replied to his confident statement as I kept up the same nerveless attitude . The next moment, I heard Miki’s voice announcing something from the other side .
“Tenjouin-kun! The preparations are done!”
Tenjouin replied with a face indicating that everything was going as planned .
Ah, don’t tell me, were they just stalling for time until now?
Right when I noticed that they were hiding some sort of plan, the class members in front of me stepped aside as if were to open the way revealing the circle formation made by the rear guards .
“We fought together for a long time . We got defeated countless times and went through disheartening situations . But because of all of that, we obtained something of irreplaceable . ”
The magic of each member making the formation was poured and gathered in the center of the circle .
“Kamiya, let us show you what we obtained, now . ”
Following his words, the center of the circle started emitting a sinister aura caused the combination of their magic .
I see, a magic combination, huh .
I let out an impressed voice as I gazed at the formation with an intrigued expression . So they decided to combine their powers after realizing that single shot won’t work against me . That’s pretty great . Though, there is one flaw in that formation; it takes time to charge . It has already been a few seconds now and they still didn’t fire it . I have more than plenty of time to dodge it at this condition . The moment I was about to move to another place—
“I won’t let you escape!”
My body got constrained by some light chains . I followed the chains and noticed that they were made by one of the members wearing glasses . I tried to slip out of them, however, their attempts to stop me didn’t stop there .
“Not going to let you go!”
“Just stand there obediently . ”
This time, the chains bound my entire body . I couldn’t move . Having two layers of chains coiled around my body and even my legs, even standing still became difficult . I examined the chains while maintaining my calm . I can easily break free of them, though, this is a good chance . Maybe it could work . I gave up resisting and stood at my place . The other side have already finished preparing to fire .
“This is the end! Kamiya!!”
Along with a deafening noise, the concentrated combination of magic laid a direct hit at me . Clouds of dust overlayed my surroundings and ground faintly trembled from the intense shock caused by the attack .
They defeated me . That is what they thought as every single one of them was fixing their eyes on the place where I was bound .
“W-We did it…”
Who said that? Did he just raise a flag?
That’s one of the worst lines to say in the middle of a battle . I made remark about it while standing inside the cluster of clouds of dust .
“You should never say that . ”
Once they heard my voice, they all turned pale from the shock and bewilderment . The dust cleared away and my figure standing there as composed as usual, though with the chains still bound around me became visible .
“Kamiya, h-how…”
All of them found the fact that I was unharmed from their strongest attack was strange . Tenjouin pointed at me and uttered my name with a shaking voice . Well, I don’t blame him for getting this confused, but first, I need to get off these chains .
“Let me remove this now . ”
I poured some strength in my limbs and with a snapping sound, the chains got shattered to pieces .
“The chains!”
“How is that even possible?!”
I can’t see why they are taken aback by watching me break these frail chains . I can continue to break them for a long as I want, but I purposely decided to let them catch me . I judged that standing still and letting them hit me would show them how much we are different in terms of abilities .
“Too bad . Only that much wouldn’t even scratch me . ”
I said to Tenjouin and his classmates who were staring at me, dumbfounded . All that I did was devote all my strength to defence and received their hit .
“You can do many things with magic, you know . For instance, using it to enhance the defence power of your body . ”
Finally, Tenjouin seemed to have understood what I did, though that only made him look further confused . It’s nearly impossible to defend against an explosion or a shock by only enhancing one’s body with magic . That is until the magic used in the enhancement is much greater than the explosion or the shock itself . In other words, using this method to block an attack requires a huge difference in power levels between the two parties . When I got satisfied from watching Tenjouin’s stunned face, I moved to put an end to this battle .
I’m getting a little tired from acting like a villain, so let’s finish this drama .
“I got a good grasp of your powers . Now, let me tell you this . ”
I halted my words and lifted up my leg before continuing .
“You can’t defeat me . It’s impossible for you . ”
I struck the leg I was lifting on the ground which caused a giant purple magic circle to form under my feet . The circle rapidly enlarged and surrounded all the class members . Everyone watched over the circle and waited to see what will happen next . The next moment—
“M-My body…!!”
“It’s heavy…?!”
They suddenly felt as if a massive weight were placed on top of them . Tenjouin crumbled on his knees, unable to bear the weight . The other class members also followed him and fell on the ground . The first explanation they would come out with would probably be that I used a gravitational magic . However, the explanation is different . It was a simple curse that makes the enemy feel heavy . It influenced everyone who was inside the magic circle except for the one who casts it; that is me in this case .
“If you want an explanation, this is an improved version of a certain【Darkness Magic】application . ”
Everyone looked at me with astonished expressions .
“I told you this from the start, didn’t I? I will show you the difference in our levels . ”
I spoke with a cold voice tone while not revealing any anger or sarcasm . I wonder how do they see me now . Are they frightened, or do they just see me as a despised being? In either case, I’m sure that their eyes are not the eyes of respect .
“Let me prove it to you now . ”
I let a suggestive grin reach my face and started rising up in the air . When I reached a height where I could look down at them all, I released six types of magic from my body .
Let’s finish this in a flashy way .
The six types of magic emanating from my body, 『Fire』,『Water』,『Wind』,『Earth』,『Light』, and『Darkness』, gradually grew more intense in power . I casually decided to use this attack because they used on me . In the next few moments, a hexagon formed from six lances of various colors; red, blue, yellow, green, brown and black surrounded the Tenjouin and his classmates by piercing the ground .
“Don’t worry, I have reduced the power in the lances so no one of you would die . ”
The six lances released different types of magic to the top of the center of the hexagone formation and combined them there, giving birth to a giant mass of magic power . The fear in Tenjouin and his classmates cracked up as they watched the mass of magic growing larger . With their body pushed down against the ground, all that they can do was receive my attack without being able to defend for themselves . Neither of them had the composure to think of a way to use their magic and block it .
“H-Hey! This is bad!!”
“W-What should we do!!”
The heroes who lost their calm began making a fuss . Nothing will change from you just shouting like that you know .
“The Lance Seal Wave . ”
The merciless hammer of defeat struck down the heroes . The concentrated mass of magic was entirely released at the class members who were stuck inside the circle . Although I reduced the power of the attack, the ground still trembled violently due to the shock . The dust covered my field of vision and I descended back to the ground .
This should have taken care of everyone of them .
I nodded to myself, then finally realized something else . Now that I think about it, I wonder if I can really send all the 38 of them back to their world . The【Teleportation】skill I have consumed an amount of magic depending on the distance I teleport . I have no clue on how much magic it will cost to send someone to a completely different world .
What am I going to do if I couldn’t send them all back?
Right when I started contemplating a solution for the problem, the dust covering the place was cleared away . Of course, all the heroes were down . Most of them were still faintly breathing and barely keeping their consciousness .
Did I reduce the power too much maybe?
Well, they still can’t move anyway, so it should be fine . Or, that is what I thought when I saw most of them lying on the ground .
I heard a voice coming from the front . I narrowed my eyes and started at the place where the voice came to notice that Tenjouin was still standing unharmed with Miki .
“I’m impressed that you’re still standing . ”
“That’s all thanks to Miki . ”
Ah, I see .
So Miki teleported with Tenjouin outside the circle right before the blow . I didn’t know that someone from them could still act reasonably in that situation . I was honestly impressed to find out that they dodged that attack .
“Kamiya, you… !”
Tenjouin looked to be about to rush at me at any moment after witnessing the state of his classmates, but Miki interrupted his raging grumble .
“I know . ”
Tenjouin nodded to Miki and activated the light in his sword .
What is he planning to do next? Bring it .
I took a fighting stance and prepared for his next move . But the next to happen was totally out of my scope of prediction .
“Kamiya, we will let you have your win this time . ”
“The safety of my friends is more important now . So we will be drawing back!!”
Following his words, Tenjouin’s sword reached the summit of its brightness . I got dazzled by that light and unintentionally closed my eyes while still not believing that they will escape .
“Everyone, we’re drawing out now!! Use your teleportation bracelets!”
Tenjouin screamed with the loudest voice he can make to reach everyone in the area . The next instant, the class members who were still awake placed their hands on their bracelets and chanted a short spell .
“Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!” “Teleport!”
One after the other, they chanted the spell and vanished from the place .
“Eh, huh, you’re kidding me right . ”
I yelled with a confused voice, though nobody answered me . The next time I opened my eyes, I saw nothing in front of me . I was standing there alone, in daze while letting out a dejected voice .
“Eeee… What was that . ”
The heroes, they escaped…
I understand that the safety of his classmates is important and all, but, running away is a villain’s privilege . It’s not fair for hero to make use of it . Moreover, they had a teleportation bracelet; they were intending to escape any time they felt at disadvantage . The red barrier covering the area disappeared before I realized it and I kept standing in my place, all alone .
C’mon now, how can I see something like that coming?
Even with my abilities, I don’t think I could have done anything to stop them from escaping . I made excuses to convince myself that it wasn’t my fault for letting them escape, alone . I wonder why I am feeling vexed now .
Standing in the middle of the battlefield while holding on this vexed feeling in my heart, I complained to myself, all alone .
Restoration .
“You’re pretty popular with girls, aren’t you, Tenjouin . ” ← Yato
“I don’t think that’s the case . ” ← Tenjouin
“Come on now, don’t be modest . You are pretty popular . Right, Saya?”
“Ah, Ah, yes, right…” ← Saya
“See, Saya says the same thing too . ” ← Yato
“Um, I can’t just easily believe her like that . Look how she’s hiding behind you while making that scared face . ” ← Tenjouin
“Well, Saya is bad at dealing with men . It can’t be helped . ” ← Yato
“Can you tell her to speak to me normally at least . She’s making me feel pretty awkward too . ” ← Tenjouin
“Just try to make her get used to you by talking to her every now and then . Everything is about experience, after all . ” ← Yato
“O-Okay, I will try . ” ← Tenjouin
“H-Hey, can we have a talk?”
“Ah, no?! I’m sorry if I startled you . ”
“I-It’s fine . ”
“U-UM, you don’t have be that scared from me, no?—-”
“Ueee…” (about to burst in tears)
“… Kamiya, I can’t do it . My heart aches whenever I talk to her . ”
“It’s fine, don’t force yourself . ”


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