Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 27

Chapter 27
I need to describe how I felt after i realized that Karen was the person who had been attacked by the dragon .
What was she doing here? She should have been home at this time .
“What are you doing here?”
“… um, what about you? What are you doing here?”
Karen replied to my question with another question while gazing at the collapsing dragon .
Well, who wouldn’t want to ask such a question?
Asking the person who was fighting against a dragon was way more interesting than answering my question, after all .
“Ah… dragon extermination?”
“Why are you answering with a question?!”
I got confused and ended up replying in a weird way .
Karen, who complained about my answer, changed her expression suddenly and started to fluster .
“Wa- behind you!!”
Karen made an uproar as she pointed at something behind me .
That something was none other than the dragon, who rose up and was about to throw its flames at us again .
Although, I had already known about it from the start .
I kicked the ground with my foot as I turned toward the dragon .
“You’re to persistent . ”
With my kick, a giant dirt wall materialized between the dragon and us, obstructing the flames .
A dirt wall was more than enough to block the breath of a weakened dragon .
“Give it a break already and drop dead . ”
As I addressed the dragon with those words, I used a wind blade to behead it behind the wall so that Karen won’t be able to see anything grotesque .
The last roar of a weakened dragon who had now lost its head reached our ears from behind the wall before it turned into light particles .
This time around it was done .
“What was that just now?”
I felt relieved after finishing the dragon, and Karen was mute from witnessing my abilities .
That’s bad . I ended up using magic as if it was a normal situation .
Well, she had already seen the entire fight earlier so that didn’t matter . But still, how was I supposed to explain things to her?
I was at loss for words .
“Errm, it’s a magic trick…”
That was my desperate excuse .
“C’mon, there’s no way that could the case . ”
Karen answered me with a mocking tone . I know right? No way, right?
Why the heck did I pick a lame excuse like a magic trick?! That just made me sound like some old man .
“Ah, more importantly . ”
Doing something about the current situation was more important now .
The city must be in a great fuss by this time . I made a magic skill that would serve as a full solution to the problem .
“You have learned the skill 【erase magic】 . ”
This should do it . The memories of everyone in this city will be erased if I used this skill, and I gave it a shot .
First I had to specify the range using 【space magic】 . I chose the whole city, except for the place we were standing . The reason I wouldn’t be using it on Karen was because I would probably faint from the loss of magic power once I used it .
That was why it would be better to leave one person who remembered what happened, and if it was Karen, I wouldn’t mind speaking to her about my abilities . I finished assigning the range and activated the magic to delete the memory of every single person inside this city .
(Erase, start . )
The moment I chanted the spell in my mind, I felt every bit of strength leaving my body .
It was proof that I was using a great amount of magic .
As my magic was getting extracted, my head started to ache . So it came to this after all .
“Eh, wai- what’s wrong?”
Seeing me holding my head with both of my arms so suddenly, Karen approached me .
I forgot to tell her about that .
“Karen… I will… be fainting… for a… . while now… . Leave it to… you . ”
I desperately conveyed to Karen while fighting against the pain .
“You have learned the skill 【mental resistance】”
My endurance somehow bore fruit and I acquired a new skill .
That was appreciated . With this skill I can reduce the time I was unconscious from fainting .
I finally lost consciousness while thinking that I was lucky .
I was in a slightly confusing situation now .
A dragon attacked me then Onii-chan defeated it, but when I asked him about what happened he suddenly fainted . I became unable to tell what was going on .
Right now, Onii-chan was asleep with his head on my lap . I couldn’t let him sleep on the ground, so I thought I’d let him use my lap .
The ground was slightly hurting my legs but it wasn’t such a big deal . I remained sitting with only the least idea of the situation .
“So, he saved me once again . ”
The only thing I knew was that I was rescued by Onii-chan again .
He always came to save me in these kind of situations . It was the same even at that time before .
It happened when I was still in grade school getting bullied .
At that time, I didn’t have any counter-plans nor did I have the courage to stand against the girls who were bullying me .
“Kamiya, why do you still come to school?”
“You don’t have to come here anymore . ”
“You’re an eyesore . ”
I was crying and closing my ears while being surrounded and getting abused by my classmates in a hidden place .
I’m tired of this, I want to die .
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The moment when I was about to reach the end of my patience…
“What are you doing to my little sister?”
My big brother came in sight .
At that time he used to be the quiet type who spent his time observing his surroundings .
Onii-chan then started disputing with the girls who were bullying me and…
“Do you enjoy doing something like this?”
“That doesn’t concern you anyway . ”
“If you got time to bully someone go spend it doing something else . ”
“The real eyesore is you!”
The girls who were bullying me recoiled from his insults and escaped .
After making sure they were gone, he turned to me, who was sitting on the bare ground, and offered his hand to help me up .
“Let’s go home, Karen . ”
Hearing his words, I began crying for a different reason again . I still remember the nervous face he made at that time .
From that time on, all the bullying from my classmates stopped .
It was because someone took pictures of them bullying me and scattered them in the school .
It was obviously his doing, but Onii-chan kept on feigning ignorance .
Thanks to that, not only the bullying halted but even the girls who abused me transferred to another school .
This time he will probably try to deny what happened today, but I will surely make him confess the truth .
“Thank you… Onii-chan . ”
I said to my unconscious elder brother .
When Karen and Yato were in grade school .
“Onii-chan, it was you who scattered the pictures in school, right?”
“No . ”
“It’s you right?”
“I told you no . ”
“So it’s not you, after all . ”
“No, it’s m- aah . ”
“So it’s you . ”
“No, you lured me to say no . ”
“I will take your words as a confirmation . ”
“Where did you learn that line?”


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