Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 87

Chapter 87
Noticing that Saya was falling from above, I completely forgot about the golem and fixed my gaze on her .
When I narrowed my eyes to take a better look, Lina, Karen and Rouga had finally entered my field of vision .
What is actually happening?
How did they end up like this?
I tilted my head while looking up, though I didn’t have the time to think about anything unnecessary .
“Guess, I’ve got to save them . ”
I teleported near Saya and caught her in time .
“Yo, you okay?”
Saya looked delighted from seeing me doing well, but unfortunately we couldn’t afford getting emotionally moved since Karen and the others were still falling .
“Careful . ”
I almost lost my balance when I carried both Karen and Lina on my shoulders .
“Wan! (Chief!)”
As if Lina and Karen weren’t enough, Rouga fell down right on my face .
I bent backward due to the shock but managed to keep control of myself thanks to my level and skills .
I-I can’t breath and I can’t see anything .
“Too heav…”
“Did you say something?”
When I wanted to express my complaints, Karen interrupted me with a sharp glare compelling me to close my mouth .
That was dangerous . I was about to say something I can’t take back .
Well, they’re are indeed lighter than the normal golem, but it still tough for me to carry them with my current stance .
“Rouga, go back for a moment . ”
“Wan! (Okay~)”
Ordering Rouga to return, I was finally able to ascertain the situation with my own eyes .
Lina and Karen were sitting on my shoulders, while Saya was still clinging to me . This sounds like a scene from some kind of harem series, but it can’t be helped . That’s how things turned out .
(Translator note: seriously now, what does that mean?!)
I deliberately descended to the ground, put them down and let out a deep sigh .
“By the way, Lina, you know that you can fly, right?”
I just recalled that Lina can fly if she used her【angel transformation】 . I wonder why she didn’t use it .
When I asked her about it, she answered in nonchalant way .
“I can’t transform without getting permission from Metron-sama . ”
Oh, is that so?
I didn’t know that she needed a permission for something like that . I mean, she used it many times in the past as if it was nothing of special .
Lina stopped her sentence after adding a single word .
I could see a faint smile on her face; a smile that a person wouldn’t make after falling from a high place .
“… no, it’s nothing . Forget about it . ”
When I urged her to continue, she tried to end the discussion by revealing her usual serious expression, but failed due to Karen’s ruthless remark .
“You’re just a happy because he carried you, aren’t you?”
“W-Wai- Karen-dono!?”
Hearing that remark, Lina couldn’t hide her fluster .
“You don’t have to hide it you know . ”
“But still, don’t say that…”
They started quarrelling, but that doesn’t matter now . What’s done is already done .
Leaving those two aside, I saw Saya walking to Sara to check how she was doing .
“Are okay?”
“Y,Yes . ”
Sara seemed slightly confused when she realized that Saya’s question was addressed to her .
Ah, I forgot to heal her ankle .
I walked to Sara as well then sat on my knees and reached my hand to her injured ankle .
Applying the healing magic, a gentle light covered the lower part of her leg, turning the purple swollen part back to usual .
“You should be fine now . ”
“T-Thanks . ”
Sara thanked me while feeling a bit awkward .
Thinking about it, she injured her ankle because of my plan, so I can’t leave her in that condition .
When I finished healing her ankle, Meru who was quiet all this time exclaimed in bewilderment
“W-What is going on, Desu? Why are you able to use magic…”
Lina who was still quarelling with Karen until now, cleared away Meru’s perplexity by giving her a brief explanation .
“We destroyed the magic circle that was blocking the use of magic inside this ruin . ”
“N-No way…”
It was a concise, yet shocking answer from the girl who was flustering only seconds ago .
Meru who received that shock, froze in her place while muttering to herself .
“You destroyed the circle?”
“Yeah . ”
“I was the one who fond found it . ”
“We wanted to be of some help so…”
When I asked them while feeling impressed, Karen and Lina affirmed with a smirk .
In the other hand, Saya probably thought that they’ve done something unnecessary and stayed quite .
I turned to Saya and told her with a gentle smile .
“Thanks for helping me out, you saved us”
When I gave them my thanks, all the three of them looked at each other with an expression saying “we did it!”
Well, to be frank, they did really save us .
I can’t imagine what could have happened if they didn’t destroy the magic circle at that timing .
Ending our conversation, I turned back to the red normal golem who still standing in his place .
“Well then, shall we settle this matter?”
Hearing those words, Meru switched from her dumbfounded expression to a stiffened one .
“Not yet, Desu . Even if you can use magic, this normal golem is……”
“Too bad, you had already lost at the moment I got my abilities back . ”
Meru closed her mouth when she heard my voice suddenly coming from behind her .
Of course, I was no longer there once she turned around .
“Explosion fist . ”
The moment she turned around, a burning red flame pierced the normal golem’s chest .
The blazing fist instantly exploded after touching the red rock covering the core, causing it’s chest to blow up .
The normal golem fell on his back .
“You shouldn’t look away when you’re facing an enemy . ”
I purposely warned Meru with a mischievous grin .
Feeling somewhat irritated by my attitude, she ordered the golem to attack while looking clearly displeased .
“Get him, Desu!”
Following that frantic voice, the golem launched his fingers at me while still laying on his back .
“I told you . You have already lost this battle . ”
The rock fingers flew directly towards me until they bent to the right before they almost reached my place .
Meru couldn’t believe her eyes .
The rocks changed their direction despite having no obstacle on their way .
The remaining fingers too, followed the same trajectory .
“How, why…”
As for the reason behind this unexplainable phenomenon, it was all thanks to my magic .
All that did was using【wind magic】to change their trajectory .
After all, the golems fingers are nothing but mere rocks once they leave the main body .
They don’t have any protection or resistance against magic, so changing their direction is a child’s play .
Running out of fingers to release, the golem stopped attacking .
“Are you done?”
Asking her with a provocative purpose, Meru still refused to give up and continued to desperately order the golem .
“Not yet, Desu!”
While still laying on his back as usual, the golem stretched his fingerless arm towards me .
I remained floating in my place, not intending to avoid the punch .
When the distance between his fist and my body almost closed…
“Erasure . ”
The fist that was supposed to crush me didn’t reach my place .
The arm that the golem stretched had completely disappeared out of sight making him one-armed .
Meru widened her eyes to this spectacle .
“W-Why did you…”
Seems like she lost track of what’s happening .
She couldn’t grasp the essence of my skills .
My【erasure magic】could erase anything as long as it doesn’t directly affect any kind of life form .
If we think about this thoughtfully , this normal golem isn’t alive in the first place .
If something was to be alive in it, that would be its core . The rest is nothing but some easily erasable rocks .
The reason I didn’t exterminate it altogether was simply because I didn’t want to end him with that much after all the things that he made me go through .
“It’s about time to end this . ”
I stretched my arm to the front and aimed the finishing blow at the golem .
“Death box . ”
The moment I uttered the spell, four magic circles appeared surrounding the normal golem .
Each circle emerged in a position to enclose him in a square based box . Soon after, a faint light started shining in the center of that box .
“This is my payback for all what you made me go through . ”
The light in the center gradually increased its radiance and condensation; it looked as it was about to explode at any instant .
Apparently giving up on ordering him, Meru gazed at the golem in daze .
The light which reached its maximal condensation transformed into a single giant explosion .
Because of the boxed created by the four magic circles, the explosion didn’t leak to the outside and furiously radiated in the inside along with a deafening sound .
An earthquake resulted from the impact that leaked out of the box, but it eventually stopped simultaneously with the explosion .
What was left inside the box after the explosion and the earthquake disappeared was— nothing .
Excluding the the smoke and dust enshrouding the place, the interior of the box was empty .
Meru lost her words when she saw that .
“Well, that’s what happens when magic makes its entrance in a battle .
Feeling somewhat satisfied, I muttered to myself .
If Yato was unlucky,insensitive jerk .
“Get him, Desu!”
“I told you, you have already los- Buhee!!”
“Not yet, Desu!”
“Explotjon . Dammit, I bit my tongue . Exfposion, wait, Expvro— Buhee!!!”
“Too heav…”
“Did you say something?”
“I said that you’re heavy . ”
“Guilty . ”
“No! Wait, that hurts, I’m falling, nooo!!”


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