Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 91

Chapter 91
I’m not hitting on you .
After getting my revenge, I was forcibly teleported back to the ruin .
“Ah, Yato-kun!”
“You’re back . ”
Saya and Karen were the first to notice my return . They raised their voice, making Lina and Sara also realize that I returned and came near me to check on my safety .
“Did you get hurt somewhere?”
“How did it go? Did you punch Metron-sama?”
The first thing Sara asked about was Metron . They both wanted to hear about what happened there .
Sara, especially, was quite frank with her question despite Metron being her master . She could have at least asked in a more discreet way; she really has got a fine character .
I responded to the two of them by revealing a broad grin of success while taking out my phone and showing them Metron’s picture crumbling on his knees and hanging his head .
“As you can see in this phone, I took great care of him . ”
Sara and Lina looked at the picture with dazzling eyes, as if they were seeing some sort of scarce magic tool .
“C-Could this be…”
“Wait, what…”
The both of them had their gazes fixed on the picture while resisting the urge of bursting in laughter .
It’s not like I don’t understand their feelings . I was about to burst in laughter too when I saw him crumbling on his knees earlier .
“Kamiya Yato, send me that picture later . ”
“Send it to me too . ”
“Sure thing . ”
They both asked me to send them the picture while snickering . Looks like it lived up to their anticipation .
However, despite agreeing to send it, I didn’t know how to send it to Sara .
“Hey, Sara . Do you have a phone or something to send you the picture?”
“I don’t know what’s that, but I think that a magic tool would be enough . Lend me that . ”
Well, if she can get the picture then that’s fine by me .
I sent the picture to Lina and gave my phone to Sara who then pulled out a camera-like tool from her pocket and used it to take the picture from the phone .
“Okay, I got it . Thank you . Here’s your phone . ”
“It’s good . ”
After receiving back my phone, I noticed the satisfied expressions on their faces . Both of them exchanged trivial talks like “good for you~” or “yes, such great delight . ”
I’m happy for them too, honestly . I feel like taking that picture back then wasn’t a waste of time .
Leaving the both of them rejoicing, I shifted my eyes back to my phone and talked to Meru .
“How are you feeling, Meru?”
“I was honestly hurt after being told all of that from master, Desu . ”
Meru uttered with gloomy expression while casting down her eyes, but soon after she changed that expression to a bright smile .
“But I feel refreshed . I can’t help but regret the time I spent serving him, but at the very least, I am free now . That person isn’t my master anymore, Desu”
She quickly got over him .
I thought that she will make a drama out of it for a while, but it looks like that wouldn’t be the case . Her smile was too fresh and dazzling . I couldn’t sense the least bit of hesitation in her words .
“Besides, his face at that time was fairly intriguing, Desu . ”
“I know right!”
Although the one who cause Metron the biggest damage was not me but Meru .
“You did great by deleting his data too you know . ”
“I just applied the harshest harassment I could think of at that moment, Desu . ”
Both of us giggled while remembering Metron’s desperate face . I feel that I can get along with her .
The moment I thought about that, Meru lets out a sigh; judging from her expression, she looks she had forgotten something .
“I forgot to tell you about something, Desu . ”
“Hm, what is it?”
“This place…”
“Yeah, what about this place?”
“It will collapse soon . ”
Following her words as if they were a signal, the entire place started shaking .
Saya and the others were taken by surprise from the unexpected earthquake and lost their balance . The earthquake didn’t show a sign of weakening and continued to shake the place, resulting in the ceiling to start breaking down . Small stone fragments began falling on us .
What’s up with this sudden twist .
When I started wondering on my own, Meru created her reflection in front of us and proceeded to explain what’s happening .
“Everyone, this building is about to collapse entirely, Desu . ”
“Collapse? Why?”
“This building was established to collapse once it runs out the magic stored inside it . ”
What’s wrong with those settings?! Why would anyone want to add something as troublesome to a ruin? That’s too cliched!
For a second, I regret not giving him a punch in the face at the very end for troubles he’s causing to me until the end . Sara, as well, couldn’t grasp the situation completely .
“Wait a second! Why did he send me here if he knew that the place will collapse after running out of magic?”
“It is most likely because he forgot to do so . It is a waste of time and effort to serve a worthless person like him . ”
“That Annoying Kid!!!!”
Realizing that she had been dispatched this far for a meaningless reason, Sara cursed Metron with her loudest voice and irritation . I can’t even imagine the intensity of her wrath after finding out that there wasn’t any worthwhile purpose for her to come all the way here only after going through those tentacles monsters and traps . I wouldn’t blame her if she snapped here, but unfortunately, we didn’t have extra time to listen her calling her boss as “Annoying Kid” .
“Alright! Everyone, hold hands . I’m going to teleport outside . ”
I put forth my hand, which the four of them grabbed without hesitation . If I were to complain about something, it would be that Sara’s pressing my hand aggressively, though, it couldn’t be helped at that point . When I made sure everyone holds my hand, I was about to activate my teleportation magic when suddenly, Saya halted me .
“Wait! What are we going to do with Meru-chan?”
It was only after Saya’s question that I remembered Meru . She was supposed to be a normal AI, so her fate was obvious if we left her alone under this collapsing ruin . Following Saya’s words, all of us turned to look at Meru who was still standing in her place while revealing a faint smile .
“If this place collapses, I will disappear, Desu . ”
Although her statement shouldn’t have been surprising, we couldn’t stop the expression of shock from reaching our faces . Meru was living solely from Metron’s magic and that magic is now about to be entirely exhausted . It’s normal for her to disappear when that happens .
“I was originally created by my former master . I do not have any regrets now that I am free from serving under him, Desu . ”
As she continued to speak, her reflection was getting gradually distorted . Looks like she doesn’t have much more time left . The blur that was slowly erasing her reflection informed the close approach of her death .
“So please, everyone, leave this place as fast as you can, Desu . ”
Meru told us with a serious expression almost as if she were making her last dying wish . Saya and everyone else couldn’t say anything back and remained quiet . The ambiance around us started getting heavy; it felt as if the harmonious mood of earlier was never there to begin with . The force of the tremor in the other hand kept on increasing . A fuzzy and uncomfortable feeling started encroaching my heart . She was making a dazzling smile only a few minutes ago despite knowing well that ruin will collapse; she must have made her resolution long before we could catch up with the situation .
Is she really okay with this end, now that she had settled her connection with Metron? Is she really happy with that? Does she think that achieving her revenge was worth the fate she will have to face?
Many thoughts passed through my mind at that instant .
I guess not…
Though I shook off all those thoughts and worries with a single mutter . I wouldn’t have been able to make any progress if I kept thinking that way . All that I was supposed to do is act the way I prefer . As simple as that . After a moment of silence inside the collapsing ruin, I was the first one to speak again .
“I’m sorry everyone, but I’m going to send you outside the ruin first . ”
I teleported everyone outside before they were able to object my decision . Only me and the fading Meru were left inside .
“Why aren’t you leaving too, Desu?”
Meru asked me while trying her best to stretch her remaining time . Her wistful expression was clearly urging me to go and leave her alone, but I answered that implicated plea with a casual voice tone .
“I still have something to finish her as well . ”
“What could that be?”
Meru tilted her head, unable to figure out my hint . She is a skillful and clever AI . Why would I let such an AI disappear along with this ridiculous dungeon? I shall bestow her a new ambition to live for . Overlooking the puzzled expression she was still making, I shifted from my casual attitude to a serious one and informed Meru of my intention while drawing her attention with my earnest gaze .
“I want you to be mine, Meru!”
Were Saya and the other girls too persistent?
“So please, everyone, leave this place as fast as you can, Desu . ”
“No way!? Meru-chan!”
“Please, don’t mind me and run for your lives . ”
“No, like, please, go…”
“Hurry u—”
“Leave this pla—”
“Get out—”
“Give me a break and leave already!”
“Ah, the ceiling is falling down . ”


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