Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Chapter of the week: 2/2
Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker
[ED: If you are wondering about the original changes in chapter 116, then let me tell you . The ‘Dense Protagonist’ part was an original one and I changed Rouga’s ‘Wan’ to ‘Woof’ for fun’s sake . But, my translator-san got mad at me for diverting from the source material, so I’ll most likely won’t be making such changes in future .
Kenny Stryker]
Back in the world of Anamz, the entire class, which was led by Tenjouin Hikaru, was undergoing some medical treatments to heal their wounds which they received from the battle that they lost recently .
“Ah! They surely did a number on us!”
“Hahaha . Well, it can’t be helped . ”
“How’s your broken arm?”
“Yeah, it has been healing properly . I guess I will soon be able to hold a weapon in a near future, haha!”
In the medical office of the castle, the members of the class were cheering each other . Although they seemed to be in a good mood, as they were all laughing and joking with each other, the truth was far from that . In reality, they were putting up a brave face to hide the fact that they actually lost . The sky that day was gray and cloudy as if it were displaying their current mental state; an awfully gloomy sky .
While everyone was trying their best by forcing a smile on their faces and concealing their frail sides, not a single person was complaining . Tenjouin, who realized that fact very well, was standing still while gazing at his classmates and was hesitating about saying something . He felt as if his heart were squeezed from watching over their conditions .
“Tenjouin-sama . ”
Lurian called Tenjouin from behind, as she lightly tapped on his shoulder, while he turned to look at her while standing at his place, near the door of the medical office . His voice was the same as usual, but his expressions were slightly off . He was clearly feeling down from the condition of his classmates .
“I am glad that you are safe . ”
“I am safe, however, my classmates are not…”
Tenjouin turned to take a peek at his classmates . In the last battle, they ended up getting defeated by one of the Big Four Generals of the Demon Army . In the battle that they lost, everyone, including Tenjouin, was feeling conceited . Despite fighting all against a single enemy, they ended up facing an overwhelming defeat . It was like they never stood a chance against the General from the very start .
After coming to a conclusion that retreating was their only option at that time, when they tried to retreat, the General announced out loud that the last General that they fought was the weakest among the Big Four Generals . Tenjouin felt the urge to scream at his face and complain about the enormous difference in power levels between the two Generals, but at that time, he didn’t have any energy left to do so . As he realized that the words he heard in the bar were actually true, he blamed himself for not contemplating a counter plan instead of rushing without any proper plan .
“How is Miki doing, Princess?”
“She did not receive any serious wound . She is currently sleeping since she used all her magic back in the battle . ”
After Tenjouin finished listening to Lurian’s report, he felt relieved to hear that Miki was not wounded . It was rather a miracle that no one died from the battle, and it was all thanks to Miki’s【Teleportation Magic】 . The moment she realized the overpowering strength of the General, she immediately teleported everyone to a safe place . As not everyone was at the same place and was spread all over the battlefield, she had to use her teleportation magic multiple times which resulted in her magic running out . After confirming Miki’s safety, Tenjouin took a deep breath and suddenly revealed a face brimming with resolution .
“Princess, I have a request for you . ”
“A request?”
Without paying any mind to Lurian’s thoughts, Tenjouin continued to speak .
“I want you to let me leave the kingdom for a period of time . ”
“You want to leave the kingdom?”
“Yes . ”
Before giving Lurian the chance to ask for the reason, he made such an abrupt request and continued to speak in a nonchalant manner .
“I am still weak . I need to get stronger if I want to defeat that Demon General . But there is a limit on how stronger I can get here . That is why I’m thinking of leaving the kingdom . ”
“Do you have a destination?”
“I intend to go to a different dungeon from different places first and then I will continue to level up on the way . ”
Tenjouin is currently level 83 . The fact that he was defeated in the battle means that the General’s level is way more than him . Lurian seemed to be considering Tenjouin’s request . It would be indeed wonderful if he were to level up higher . Even Lurian thinks that there is a risk of the heroes falling into despair at this rate . If Tenjouin leaves the kingdom, the others should be fine, I believe . They are the heroes, after all .
Even though they used to be ordinary people in their world, spending 7 months in this new world made them grow stronger . They wouldn’t break easily just because their leader left them temporarily . Although, the problem wasn’t lying there exactly .
“Are you fine with that decision? What are you going to do about Miki?”
Tenjouin couldn’t immediately respond to that question . His classmates would be fine, except for one person; Miki who is apparently all over him . If she were to get separated from the person she loves and with whom she spent 7 months together training and fighting against demons, Miki would probably be unable to bear it . Moreover, even Tenjouin had started noticing her feelings for him .
[ED: Finally, someone who isn’t dense . ]
Nonetheless, despite all of that, Tenjouin’s resolve didn’t shake .
“I do feel sorry for Miki, however…”
He then looked at Lurian in her eyes and continued .
“I can’t remain like this . I am a hero and a hero is not supposed to stay here praying for victory . ”
A person will never be a hero if they don’t defeat the evil . Tenjouin was attempting to accomplish his mission as one . No matter how strong is the enemy, he must face it and in the end, defeat it . After sensing Tenjouin’s unwavering will, Lurian quietly closed her eyes and fell into deep thoughts .
“Please, let me leave the kingdom!”
Tenjouin repeated his request while bowing to her this time . The moment Lurian was about to reply, intense shouts of joy came from the medical office .
“Well said! Tenjouin!!”
“I expected nothing less from our leader!”
“Be careful on your way!”
“You can leave Tendou for us!”
“We will try to catch up to you as well!!”
Tenjouin forgot that he was standing near the open door of the medical office . As a result, his voice reached his classmates inside .
As he was getting cheered by his classmates, Tenjouin raised his head as tears were flowing through his cheeks, as he was astonished by the surprise, that he was eventually emotionally moved . Both Lurian and Tenjouin couldn’t help but let out a smile of ease, that was reaching his classmates, as he was being cheered this much by his fellow classmates and that he was being yearned for this much .
“It seems like it was an unnecessary fear . ”
“I was worried about Miki, but by the looks of it, it seems that she will be alright at this rate . ”
Regardless if Tenjouin leaves the kingdom or not, the other heroes will still be here . As Tenjouin was guessing what Lurian was thinking, he hesitantly asked for her response . While she was watching him being at loss for words, Lurian spoke with a sweet smile .
“I have one condition . ”
“A condition?”
This time, he revealed an anxious expression, but Lurian didn’t pay it any mind and continued with her cheeky grin .
“Call me Luri from now on . ”
“Eh, Luri?”
“Yes . If you don’t accept, I won’t allow you to leave . ”
Unlike the astonished face Tenjouin was making, Lurian was clearly showing a face that was full of energy . He was waiting for her condition with a chilly mood, but he didn’t expect her to ask for something as silly as this . In the end, he could only laugh it off, realizing once again that the princess didn’t change even a bit ever since the day he met her for the first time .
“I accept your condition, Luri . ”
“Please be careful on your journey . ”
“Thank you! I will .
After receiving the princess’ consent, Tenjouin expressed his gratitude and left the castle with a smile on his face . Lurian saw him off while smiling gently as well .
Seven months after the class summoning . Tenjouin and his class made yet another step towards their goal; to defeat the Demon Lord .
At the same time when Tenjouin was talking with Lurian, a man and a woman were observing the castle from the outside .
“Everyone looks kind of down . They seem to be forcing themselves to smile . ”
While opening her eyes wide with both of her hands, the woman talked to the man . Her soft hairs were beige and her eyes were mismatched in red and green . She was apparently using some sort of skill that creates two magic circles in front of her eyes and she was using them as binoculars to check on the situation inside the castle .
“You can still see well from here even without using that skill of yours, Mana . ”
“Hmm, it’s fine . I’m in the mood for using it . ”
The man made a remark about her use of that binoculars skill, but the woman, Mana, didn’t stop using it . The man casually gave up persuading her and turned to look at the castle once again .
“Alright then, let’s go . . ”
“Eh? Already?”
“We’re just wasting our time by observing from here . They should be fine anyway . ”
The man started walking .
“Ah, wait! Ren!”
Mana followed after Ren while disabling her binoculars skills . Ren had black eyes and black hair, an appearance that was quite rare in the world of【Anamz】 . He was the member of the class who was considered dead after an accident in that dungeon . The reason for him still being alive is a mystery, however, the time when he will reunite with his classmates once again is still in the distant future .
The reason
“Princess, you seem to be in a good mood today . ”
“That’s because Tenjouin started to call me Luri . ”
“Could it be the reason you were feeling down all this time was that he didn’t call you like that before?”
“Haha, what are you saying . ”
(It went just as planned! I did well by asking him to call me Luri as a condition . )


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