Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 143

Chapter 143
Chapter 143: It seems that many things will happen tomorrow .

Meanwhile the class members were feeling dejected inside the treatment room, there was another person who was also dejected in another place .
“I lost… How regrettable!!”
Standing in the dark corner of an empty room, Tenjouin struck his fist against the wall . His good-looking face was distorted by his strong negative emotions as he was barely able to speak with a normal voice . Tenjouin was a member of the class who felt the heaviness of their defeat more than anyone else; it is just that he didn’t show it on his face when he was in front of the others .
“What went wrong… what did we mess up to end up like this…?”
Did something go wrong with the plan? Did Kamiya predict all their attacks and prepared a countermeasure for them beforehand? Or is it truly just the difference in their power? Tenjouin contemplated the reason for their loss, however, his thought got halted on the process .
“Just what was I doing all this time… for what purpose did I leave the kingdom for half a year…?”
He uttered in a weak grazed voice while casting his sight downwards . Before he was sent back to Earth, Tenjouin went on a journey all alone to get stronger . The journey was brimming with unceasing hardship, but it paid off very well . His level had doubled on the way and he grew stronger both physically and mentally . Yet, look at this result . He already lost his first battle after the journey against Kamiya and now he is hiding from him inside a deserted house . 『Defeat』; this word was stuck in his mind, refusing to let him think properly .
“… I shouldn’t think like this . ”
The next moment, Tenjouin’s voice tone went back to usual .
“I learned countless things on the other side . Skills, arts and a spirit…”
He recalled his last year and a half he spent in the other world while looking at his hands . He remembered the encounters he made during his journey . Every time he fell into a disheartening situation, there was always someone who supported him from behind . Each time he gets supported, he recited the exact same words ―――
“I am a hero . A hero doesn’t give up…!”
Cheering up himself, Tenjouin lifted his head like someone who was brought back to life from death . His face didn’t show the slightest sign of wavering .
“Next time, we will surely win!”
If they don’t win, they can’t advance . With flames burning within his eyes, Tenjouin stood up . It was at that time when one of his classmates rushed towards him .
Hearing his name being called from behind, he turned around and noticed that Kokonoe Shizuka was standing near him out of breath . He could tell that she was looking for him everywhere judging from her exhausted condition and replied to her in a gentle voice .
“Kokonoe-san, what’s the matter?”
“I-It’s bad, it’s really, bad . ”
“Bad? What is it that is bad?”
“A-Actually ―――”
“Ah, Tenjouin-kun, you were here . ”
As Kokonoe had a hard time expressing what she had to say due to the stress and impatience, this time Miki entered the room while panicking .
“Miki . ”
“Doumoto-kun and the others are not here!!”
“What do you mean?”
“Just come with me!”
Unable to see what was going on, Tenjouin got his hand grabbed by Miki and was unwillingly dragged outside of the room .
“Huh, w-wait, don’t pull me like that!”
“Ah, Um, U-m……”
Kokonoe considered to stop him from going by grabbing his other hand, though she couldn’t bring up the courage to do it and ended up watching the both of them off .
“What should I do…”
Kokonoe muttered quietly inside the room that became empty . She couldn’t tell him what happened . At this rate, the situation might get worse with them possibly misunderstanding the others .
I need to go too…
She couldn’t stay here all alone while sensing the danger of her allies splitting up . For starter, she decided to pray for nothing like that to happen .
Everyone, including Tenjouin who got dragged by Miki, gathered in the hall of the deserted house . Everyone there was making a fuss about the current situation .
“Everyone, what happened?”
“Ah, Tenjouin . ”
One of the class members noticed Tenjouin’s presence and avoided to make an eye contact with him .
“Doumoto and the others said something about having a plan to defeat Yato and left all of a sudden . ”
“A plan? What is that plan?”
“They said they… That they were going to take hostages . ”
“Huh, hostages…?”
Tenjouin couldn’t believe what he heard at first .
“Why would they do something like that…”
“I don’t know . They came and asked us to join them in the plan and…”
“And where are they now?”
“When we told them that we’re not cooperating, they said that they will do it alone and left . ”
“I wanted to stop them, but they were too many, I’m sorry…”
The class member added with an apologetic face, though at that time, nothing could reach Tenjouin’s ears as he was clenching his fist, unable to understand the reason for his classmates doing something so degraded .
“Why, did they do that…”
Even though they promised to get out of this together; even though they promised to never give up, why did they end up doing something like that…
“That’s, not it…”
When Miki was about to call for Tenjouin who was dropping his sight and feeling down, Kokonoe interrupted her with a denial .
“Doumoto-kun and everyone, else in that room, were deceived . ”
Those words made Tenjouin to promptly raise his head and ask her back .
“What does that mean, Kokonoe-san?”
Getting pressed for an answer by him abruptly, Kokonoe felt nervous, but she managed to explain what she to say in the end . She told them about the conversation they had with Metron and what he did to them before disappearing . She halted her words many times in the way, but was able to finish her explanation .
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“—– And, this is, what happened . ”
“So that’s how it is…”
After listening to Kokonoe’s explanation, Tenjouin felt relieved and worried at the same time . He was glad that Doumoto was still the person he knew . He was just deceived by Metron . But why did Metron choose to deceive the class members in that room particularly? Wasn’t it possible for him to make us all believe in what he said? Tenjouin couldn’t get that doubt away from him, however, he judged that it wasn’t the time to think about it . His friends come first .
“Thank you for telling me what happened, Kokonoe-san . ”
“I-It’s fine . Rather, I should have, told you, earlier . ”
Kokonoe darkened her expression as she felt partially responsible for the current situation .
“No, you did well . If you hadn’t told me, we wouldn’t have known that Doumoto and the others were deceived . ”
Tenjouin cheered up Kokonoe who was feeling down then moved to suggest to everyone in the hall .
“Everyone, I will be going to bring back Doumoto and the others right now, what do you think?”
“Why not?”
“It can’t be helped if they were controlled . ”
“Let’s just give them a punch when they’re back . ”
Following that suggestion, the replies were favorable and everyone there ended up agreeing with him . They still don’t know their location, but they should manage to find them if they worked together . After all, they can’t abandon their allies who got hypnotized by Metron .
“Well then, let’s go bring them back!”
—— I can’t let you do that .
The next moment, a familiar voice reverberated inside the hall .
“Metron-sama . No, Metron!”
“Hmm, so you’re also calling me that way, huh…”
Metron sounded displeased to be called without honorifics by Tenjouin . Although he was going to find it strange anyway if they were to speak to him with respect after knowing what he did . Tenjouin asked Metron for his real intentions .
“You tempted Doumoto and the others to act that way, didn’t you?”
“I didn’t do anything . All that I did was push their back . They were the ones who came up with the idea and I just gave them the courage to execute it . ”
Metron spoke casually while not seeming sorry for what he did or was making excuses .
“That’s why I wouldn’t want you to stop them now . ”
“That doesn’t matter . I will go save my friends!”
Tenjouin’s resolve wouldn’t waver at this point now, no matter what Metron tells him . They are the heroes and should never put innocent people in danger to protect themselves . Everyone in the hall had the same firm belief and were making a confident face .
“You don’t have the time to stop them now, do you? If you don’t let them execute their plan, you won’t be able to go back to the other world you know . ”
“That statement won’t persuade any of us again!”
There was nobody in this hall who was going to get manipulated from hearing those same baseless words . Metron realized that fact as well and started thinking of another way to convince them while groaning .
“Hnnnn, oh! Then what about this? I went to check on the other world earlier and found out that the demon army was advancing to attack the kingdom . They should reach it by tomorrow . What if one of the four great generals was the leader of that army?”
This time, nobody could hide the stunned expression from showing on their faces .
“Is that, true?”
“Who knows, it’s for you to believe or not believe in my words . ”
They couldn’t tell if he were lying or saying the truth, however, Tenjouin and his classmates were certainly shaken . It wouldn’t be a big problem if it were a normal demon army, but if it were to be led by one of the four great generals, then it is a completely different matter . The four great generals don’t have that title for show; they are enemies whom Luri can’t win against alone .
The four great generals…
A wave of unease whirled inside Tenjouin’s heart . He knew very well the power of a great general since he once fought against one . A moment of silence overtook the hall before a bright light appeared in the center all of a sudden .
“Is this… a sword?”
That light was actually a sword . A sword that anyone who’d see it can tell that’s it’s divine weapon even if they don’t have any skill .
“It’s an item I got the other day . I can give it to you if you agree on fighting against Kamiya Yato . It will double your stats if you use . ”
Doubling the stats .
Tenjouin widened his eyes and stared at the sword . If he uses that sword, he can win against Kamiya . Gulping, Tenjouin fell into deep thoughts . He wanted to accept, though he still had some doubts .
“Why are you going this far? Why do you want to defeat Kamiya Yato as soon as possible? It shouldn’t be a problem if it took from you a longer time . ”
Metron took a while before answering that question .
“… It’s for the sake of a precious person . ”
“A precious person?”
“I don’t have much time too . A precious person of mine wants to defeat Kamiya Yato, that’s why I want to defeat him in their stead . ”
Tenjouin wasn’t expecting such an answer from Metron . He was waiting for him to say that he hates him and that he wants him to drop dead as soon as possible . A precious person; that word resounded in Tenjouin’s heart .
“I don’t mind if Doumoto-kun takes a hostage and defeats him or if you use that sword and defeat him . The result will be the same anyway . ”
So, what will you do, Hero?
Metron added and waited for Tenjouin who remained gazing at the sword to reply . If he takes the sword and goes to defeat Yato, his friends will have already taken hostages . He can’t let them commit such a immoral conduct . However, on the other side, if he were to abandon the sword and follow them now, he will lose time . If the demon army is really going to attack the kingdom tomorrow, then they will definitely be late .
Two choices . Either his friends or the kingdom .
Tenjouin fell into a dilemma, unable to choose one of the two options . Thus he decided to make a better choice; that is to choose both of the options . Saving both his friends and the kingdom . After all, once he defeats Yato before the others could apprehend a hostage, everyone will get sent back to Anamz .
“I will rescue everyone . ”
Lodging a strong will in his eyes, Tenjouin grabbed the sword floating in front of him .
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The night of the day of the battle, I was lying on my bed and thinking back on all what happened today . I tried looking for them after they escaped, but I couldn’t find their trace . They were probably casting some concealing magic on their base .
I just want to send them back from where they came and enjoy the rest of my summer holidays . They are pretty good at escaping for a hero . I let out a sigh and fell in my thoughts again, when suddenly…
“――― K-Kamiya-kun . ”
I heard someone calling my name . I stood up from the bed and looked around me . No one was there . I used my【Presence Detection】skill and still couldn’t detect anyone around . Did I just imagine that? The moment I started doubting myself, I heard the same voice calling me again .
“――― Kamiya-kun, ah, um, c-can you hear me?”
This time it didn’t only call my name but even asked if I could hear it . It turned out that it’s not my imagination, after all . The voice was faint and weak and it halted its words many times while speaking . I have already heard a similar voice only recently .
“Is it you, Kokonoe?”
“Ah, yes . It’s, me . ”
I replied back to the voice while looking at the ceiling then received back an affirmative response . It looks like it’s really Kokonoe .
“Is this some skill of yours?”
“Yes . I can have a telepathic communication, with anyone I have, already seen once . I can, talk, to anyone, anywhere, I was, as long, as I, remember, their, face . ”
It’s still, impossible, to talk, to someone, from another, world, though . Kokonoe added with a bitter laugh . That’s a useful skill she has . Now that I understood the reason I was hearing her voice, I moved to ask her for what she wanted .
“So, do you have something to tell me using that telepathy skill of yours now?”
It’s not normal for her to come to talk to me after what I have done to her and her classmates today . Something must have happened to them . Kokonoe who listened to my question brought up the main topic .
“A-Actually――――― “
And thus, I heard everything that happened to the class after they lost their battle against me from Kokonoe . How some of them got hypnotized by Metron to take a disgraceful measure against me and how Tenjouin acquired a divine-looking weapon from him . I listened to her explanation until the end while getting surprised many times on the way .
“――――― And, that is what happened . ”
“I see…”
After listening out her explanation until the end, I contemplated a few things and asked her the question that had been in my mind for a while .
“I understood the situation, but, are you fine with exposing your plan to the enemy?”
She could have just told me about the part of her classmates getting hypnotized by Metron . I feel that she talked about some unnecessary parts as well . When I asked her, I got a timid answer back .
“I don’t, want, Hondou-kun, and the others to, do, that, and besides…”
“You don’t look, like an evil person, to me . ”
Her voice was gradually lowering its tone, but I was able to hear her last words . I don’t look like a bad guy for her? This girl is pretty simple in contrast to her appearance . I could tell that she was making a confident face from the place she was talking now . I bitterly smiled at her reaction and said .
“Thanks for telling me what happened . I will take care of the rest . ”
“U, Um!”
I was about to cut the conversation there, though Kokonoe stopped me from doing that in a slightly loud voice .
“Please, don’t kill, Doumoto-kun, and the others . ”
“Huh, why would I do that? . ”
Didn’t she just say that she doesn’t see me as an evil person?
I did indeed beat them up on the battlefield today, but I never killed anyone until this moment . I guess she still can’t have total faith in me . We just met, after all . Kokonoe politely ended the conversation when she heard my confused answer and left . Seriously, I still can’t tell how this girl sees me . But thanks to her, I have something to do now .
“Let’s get finish all this tomorrow . ”
I laid back on my bed and closed my eyes . They got the nerves to try defeating me by taking a hostage . I will show them that such a method is meaningless against me . Pondering on what to do tomorrow, I slowly fell into a slumber .
Back in the other world of Anamz .
An enormous number of soldiers and monsters was gathering inside the Demon Lord’s castle .
“Maxis-sama, the preparations are done . ”
“I got it . Are you done preparing the teleportation magic circles?”
“Yes! They are already connected to the fortress . ”
After hearing the report of his subordinate, Maxis looked down on the corps as he stood on the wall of the castle .
“You did well gathering here everyone! We will be assaulting the kingdom of those heroes tomorrow! This is our chance for victory, now that the Heroes are nowhere to be seen! We will crush the kingdom in the blink of an eye!!”
The monsters and soldier replied with war cries to Maxis’ enlivened speech . Watching how the morals of the corps were increasing, he revealed a faint grin .
“Wait for me, Tenjouin . I will show you what true despair looks like . ”
Maxis leisurely stated as he looked down at his soldiers .
Tomorrow is the day when he will he will see how much of his ambitions will take place in reality .


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