Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 168

Chapter 168
A Little Kidnapping in the Class
You never knew when and how encounters with other people would take place .
And whether they would be good or bad . No one knew .
It had now been about two weeks since Yato had gone with Saya and the others, due to their misunderstanding . And now that Tenjouin and the others had returned from Earth, things had calmed down a lot .
“Alright, let’s do it . ”
It was a wide space under the castle, quite dark, with a few torches and magic lights to illuminate it .
And in the center was a single human-like log .
It was in such a place that Tenjouin waited, holding a sword in both hands and with a look of strong resolve on his face .
A few seconds later, a light began to pour over Tenjouin’s feet . Eventually, the light became so strong that nothing near it was visible .
When Tenjouin saw that the light had gathered, he readied himself to jump, and then he disappeared in a flash .
The moment he vanished, a single slash appeared on the log . And then after that, there was a loud, dry thud that echoed in the room .
There was evidence that something had just hit the wall very hard, but Tenjouin was nowhere in sight .
While he was still invisible, another slash appeared on the log . And there was another crash near the wall .
This repeated itself several times, and after a few minutes, the walls of the room were crumbling .
The log was also changing its shape due to so many cuts . And then the sounds of crashing suddenly stopped .
When all was quiet, Tenjouin appeared . He was leaning against the wall with a pained expression .
“So, it’s no use after all…”
He said as if he had expected this . He was panting as he talked .
“What do I have to do to use it well…”
“Ah, I knew you would be here . ”
A certain girl entered through the room’s entrance and rushed to Tenjouin as he muttered to himself .
“Miki? What is it?”
“I came looking for you . But more importantly, you’ve been training with that sword again? I could hear you from outside . ”
Apparently, the sounds of him crashing against the wall could be heard from outside .
Miki looked at the sword that Tenjouin was holding as she talked .
“Yes . But it’s no use . I can’t control it . ”
Like Miki, Tenjouin was also staring at the sword .
This sword had been given to him by Korola, who had betrayed Metron in order to defeat Yato .
Things had been so hectic and he had not been asked to return it, so he took it back with him .
And since he had not been asked to return it in the first place, he decided to consider it a gift . However, it was very difficult to use .
He had trained with it many times now, but Tenjouin did not feel like he was improving at all .
“Perhaps it means that I am not at the right level to be able to handle it . ”
He felt that he would be able to get one step closer to Yato if he could use it .
But he had clearly underestimated the difficulty .
Tenjouin felt that he had no choice but to work at it slowly, but here, he changed the subject .
“By the way, Miki . Did you have a reason for coming here?”


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