Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 109

Chapter 109
Sara appeared in front of me, standing in a gallant pose . All my attention was directed at her, who was elegantly using her wings to stand on the ground, but at the same time, Scala’s attention was also directed towards her .
“What does a mere angel want from this fight at this point in time?”
Having her fight interrupted in a sweet spot, Scala’s voice tone didn’t seem pleased at all, however, despite receiving her glare, Sara didn’t change her composed expression . I wasn’t sure if she were crazy or sane enough to interrupt the fight with that attitude, but soon enough, she went briefly into the core of the matter .
“It’s about time to stop this battle . An emergency situation had occurred . ”
“An emergency situation?”
Hearing that, I turned to look at Sara again . It was indeed an information that shouldn’t be neglected, but Scala did the exact opposite by ignoring it .
“What about it then?! I’m in the best part of the fight now!! Don’t get in my way!!”
“Are you intending to violate your conditions with the Divine God?”
The moment Sara mentioned of ‘Divine God’, Scala suddenly stiffened at her place .
Conditions with the Divine God and an emergency situation?
I couldn’t understand the situation very well just from hearing Sara’s report .
“What happened?”
“A prisoner had escaped . ”
When I asked Sara about what happened, I heard a different voice answering my question from behind . It was Lina who was revealing a worrying expression while walking toward us . She probably met with Sara while we were fighting . That face she was making said that she knew everything about the situation .
“Lina . ”
“You went out of control earlier; are you okay?”
The first thing she did was to ask about my safety; although I didn’t want her to ask about that part, honestly . It looked like she saw everything I did earlier . I casted my eyes down and made a gloomy face .
“Y-You don’t have to feel bad about it . Everyone has their moment of time when they want to scream loud . ”
“Just, please, stop it . You’re gouging my heart…”
Her awkward way of cheering me up ended up hurting me more . Infact, if I could move now, I’d go bury myself somewhere immediately .
I’m never using that skill again…
I made a decision with myself while writhing in shame and embarrassment caused by Lina’s unskillful encouragement . As I blamed myself for using the 【Full Blast】 skill, Sara was having a difficult time convincing Scala .
“Originally, one of the conditions was to not destroy a large part of this world . You know that your fight will get forcefully stopped if you were to exceed the agreed extent, right?”
Sara was asking Scala with a somewhat strong tone . She was right; Scala went too far in her destruction . She demolished half a mountain, mowed down countless trees and even lapsed an entire area . I also contributed to her destruction a little bit, but it was still too much . While I agreed with Sara, Scala tried to object with a defiant attitude .
“I still didn’t destroy anything in my eyes . ”
“Come on now, look at your surroundings . ”
This entire area is demolished . I wonder how she was able to say that despite being in the middle of her own mess . When I started feeling irritated from hearing her claim that she didn’t destroy anything with such confidence, Lina seemed to agree with Scala on the other hand .
“Well, she’s not wrong . ”
“Eh? Really?”
“Scala-sama often destroys 60% of the worlds she goes to in her mission to capture Fallen Gods . Of course, the Fallen God is also included in the percentage . If you think about it that way, this place is almost intact . ”
When I heard Lina’s explanation, I looked at Scala with an appalled face .
Sixty percent!?
That’s more than half the world . Moreover, she even gets the Fallen God caught in her mess . I feel like she’s more of a criminal than those escaping Gods .
“I’m impressed with how long you’ve managed to keep your job without getting fired . ”
“It’s not like she does not get fired . It’s more like she can’t get fired . Well, most of the worlds she gets sent to were in the brim of collapsing, so having them destroyed is not that big of a deal . ”
So they only send her to empty worlds, huh . That’s the proper way to do it, after all . Nobody wants a prospering world to get destroyed and turned into rubble . But even though I agreed with Lina, Sara still didn’t back off and continued to convince Scala .
“That doesn’t matter . We’re in an emergency situation now! I’m going to have your battle suspended!!”
“Ahh?! Don’t fool around with me!! We’re still not done here!!”
Sara’s attempt at persuading Scala turned into a loud dispute as the both of them gradually raised their voices . It doesn’t look like their arguing will end anytime soon . If they can just continue this way for 10 minutes until I can move again .
I’m cheering for you, Sara .
After having her indirectly buy me more time . I cheered in my heart to Sara who was still loudly disputing with Scala . After a short while, I realized something impressing in Sara .
“Wow, that Sara is amazing . She can keep that attitude even while talking to Scala . ”
Scala is always feared by her surrounding as the Goddess of Destruction . Even Lina has lost her cool when I mentioned that name to her on phone . I can only get impressed by watching Sara having a dispute with her .
“Sara is famous among angels, by her unusual composure . She often gets entrusted with similar duties . ”
Yeah . She was pretty stubborn the first I met her on the island . Despite knowing well our differences in level and power, she still stood in my way and insisted on destroying the magic circle .
“I told you, I’m not gonna stop here!!”
“And I told you!! It is an emergency situation!!”
Their dispute continued and its intensity increased along with it . Sara was no longer showing any respect towards Scala . Come to think of it, what was the emergency situation again? I totally forgot about it after hearing Lina’s explanation .
“Hey, Lina . What was the emergency situation again? I heard you saying something about ‘escape’ . ”
Lina seemed to have remembered the reason for Sara’s arrival only after I asked her again then she started explaining .
“About that, there is actually a prisoner who escaped from the【Infinite Prison】located in the Heaven . ”
“【Infinite Prison】?”
That’s a disturbing name now .
“【Infinite Prison】is a place for punishing countless prisoners, generally Fallen Gods . Anyone who enters it is fated to suffer for eternity and can never leave it . ”
“And you’re saying that someone from there had escaped?”
“Yes . I’m not very sure how the prisoner escaped, but they seem to have run away to this world . ”
I revealed an annoyed expression . 【Infinite Prison】; if we’re talking about someone who escaped from there, he must be quite the scoundrel . Moreover, why did he choose Earth-chan out of the all the worlds of the universe? That’s too much to be called as bad luck .
“I’m really unlucky today…”
I muttered along with a short sigh . Nothing good happened to me since the day summer holidays started . I wonder why I’m this unlucky . As I felt sick and tired of the endless problems occurring around me, Lina added another important information to her explanation .
“The prisoner who escaped is not like the other prisoners . ”
She talked with a somewhat bewildered expression .
“What do you mean?”
“Listen to this . The name of that prisoner is—”
At that moment, before Lina was able to speak his name, I heard another familiar voice reverberating in my head .
“— It has been a while, human . ”
Apparently, everyone heard the voice in their heads since they all stopped talking . But for some reason, I couldn’t spot anyone near us and neither could I sense their presence .
I searched in my memories for the person who had this voice until I found the exact person .
“I’ve been wanting to meet you all this time . You can’t imagine how dearly I waited for the day to take my revenge on you . ”
Following those words, the sky above us became distorted and twisted until a single hole was made within it . A man came out from that hole and looked at me .
“Aren’t you…”
I instantly remembered everything about the man once I saw his face . He looked worn-out and his mask was full of cracks but his outer appearance was still the same as that of the Fallen God of Hatred, Germa .
【Infinite Prison】
“So in the【Infinite Prison】, prisoners get to suffer for eternity, right?”
“Yeah, anyone who steps inside it will eternally suffer from pain and agony without dying until their sin disappears . ”
“That doesn’t sound pleasant at all . ”
“I understand you . There are even some prisoners who committed suicide before they entered it . ”
“Doesn’t that mean that those who got killed by Scala are actually lucky?”
“… You have a point . ”


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