Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 39

Chapter 39
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 39: I just want to go back and sleepReizenchuu
I just want to go back and sleep
I widened my eyes after hearing Lina’s confession and asked her with an astonished expression .
“Who was Metron again?”
I tilted my head as I asked .
Lina reacted with a confused “Ha?” at first, but she immediately realized the situation and changed her expression into that of wrath .
“How dare you forget about the god who granted you those powers!”
Hearing Lina’s angry response, I spent a few moments recalling the past to finally remember who Metron was .
“Ah! You mean that brat who summoned my entire class to some other world?”
“Brat?! You not only forgot about Metron-sama, but went further to ridicule them!!”
Hearing my answer, Lina indignation swelled up .
Seeing her terrific look, I shrugged my shoulders, impressed by her reaction . There’s no need to get that angry, you know .
“So? Why would this metron-sama come to bring me to another world this late in time?”
Lina took back her composer after hearing my question, then took a deep breath and started speaking .
“At first, we thought that it’s not going to be a problem if 39 students instead of 40 were to be summoned to our world . It’s only a single person who’s missing; 39 students should be plenty . However, the other day, your power proved to be on a whole different level from that of a hero, which made Metron-sama order for your summoning . ”
That’s a pretty cynical decision if you ask me .
That guy is clearly planning on using me .
Rather, why would they need me anyway if they already have 39 heroes out there?
Also, was he watching me all the time when I was fighting against those monster? Why didn’t he help me out then?!
I had a really tough time back then .
Secretly complaining to that brat, I suddenly deduced a possible answer .
“Hey, don’t tell me… was it you guys who summoned those monsters here?”
Pressed by my question, Lina remained quiet .
I see, so I was right .
When I finally confirmed the situation, Lina started speaking in a frustrated manner .
“That’s right . Metron-sama is also responsible for managing monster spawning . One day, he summoned them in this world by accident, and since he couldn’t cancel that action, the only solution left is to change the spawning coordinates…”
“And so he sends them to my place . ”
Lina nodded to my words . So it’s your fault anyway!
Even those perfectly timed appearance were because of that brat’s pranks?
If that was the case, then I need to go punch him in the face . I will make him regret making fun of people .
“Why didn’t he send you to exterminate the monsters instead?”
I immediately asked a question that popped in my mind .
“That’s because we are not allowed to interfere too much in your world . From the time Metron-sama summoned your class, it became hard to interfere with this world anymore without getting noticed by the upper-rank gods . Fortunately, you were still here, so he decided to entrust the matter to you . ”
Don’t do that! You’re just making me do your job!
What wrong with this god? Does a god have superiors? Is the sky more of a company or something?
I listening to Lina’s explanation of the current situation while complaining about every single point, though I eventually stopped asking further as it seemed that everything was ridiculous .
“Well, I still have a lot of doubts, but let’s stop it here . Moving back to the main topic, why do you need me despite having 39 hero in the other world?”
It would turn into a one-sided fight with 39 heroes and a single demon lord .
“Actually, all the other 39 heroes aren’t improving like you . They won’t able to defeat the demon lord at this rate . ”
I didn’t expect those words as an answer . That’s a joke, right? I mean, how can 39 heroes not be able to defeat a single demon lord?
Just how strong is this demon lord in the first place?
Come to think of it, what were those guys doing all this time for them be weaker than me?
“I think it would be meaningless if a single person was to join them . ”
“Even the sightless potential could help in changing the situation . ”
I couldn’t agree to what Lina said .
“If the demon lord is that strong, why won’t that Br- Metron defeat him personally?”
“Metron-sama is a busy God . He doesn’t have time to bother solving every single problem in his worlds . And as I told you earlier, we are not allowed to interfere too much, that’s why your class was summoned . ”
What a useless god .
A few moments later, Lina finally realized that I was about to say “Brat” instead of “Metron” and furiously scolded me, though, I didn’t care less about what she said .
Facing the angry Lina, I tried changing the topic again .
“Was there any need for you to come here to begin with? You could just teleport me to your world like you did to my class . ”
“The teleportation magic circle isn’t that useful . Setting and activating it takes a long time, and I could easily tell that you will avoid even if it was ready . ”
I mean, there’s no way I’d remain still if an unknown magic circle appeared below my feet . And I’m not dumb enough to walk in something like that .
“Then how are you planning to take me there?”
“The best option is to make you obediently go by yourself . ”
Even if you say that, I’m still going to refuse .
“Of course I won’t! Why would I go out of my way to another world at this time . ”
“… I see . ”
Lina replied as she changed her expression, then released an intimidating vibe, making the mood feel pressing . I remained gazing at her with my casual face .
“So you put up with this much . ”
“Well, it’s not that much…”
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Impressed by my ability to easily withstand her pressing vibe, Lina took a battle posture .
Uwaa- Looks like she’s seriously intending to fight .
“Let me ask you again . Will you come with me to our world?”
“Sorry about that, but I’m gonna have to refuse . ”
Refusing her invitation once again, Lina, with a puff, started laughing .
“I will take you with me by sheer strength then . ”
Well, I’m not very surprised by what she just said .
Should’ve expected things to turn out like this .
“Weren’t you not supposed to interfere with this world?”
“I’ve got permission from metron-sama to engage to a certain extent . ”
Lina readily replied to my last try to avoid this fight .
Looks like there’s no way out of this .
With Lina in front of me, taking a fighting attitude, the only thought I had in mind was…
I just wanna go back and sleep…
The truth
Metron’s side .
“Ah- come to think of it, I need to send some monsters to Anamz today . It’s pretty tiresome, but I have to do it . ”
“Okay, the monsters type and amount is good . Let’s send them to… wo wo!! Wait! Aaah, aaaa!!”
“Is something the matter, Metron-sama?”
“Eh, aaa, yeah . Nothing . ”
“I see . ”
“Y-Yeah . W-What should I do… my superiors would be upset if they found out… Ah! Wasn’t there someone from that class who wasn’t teleported to Anamz? Let’s leave everything for him to take care of . Yeah, let’s do that! And since we’re already at it, let’s play with him for a little bit . ”
After that, Metron had a fun time sending monsters to Yato .


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