Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 52

Chapter 52
The class faction
Three months after the class was summoned . The Yato’s classmates were spending another peaceful day training .
“Good, let’s stop here for today!”
Following the order of their knight instructor, the swordsman class was finally able to take a deep breath .
It’s been three months since they started training, all the swordsman group got already accustomed to their new way of life and nobody seemed to be tired .
That was all because they had an unusual growth speed .
“Good work today, everyone!”
Among them, there was a single man, Tenjouin Hikaru, who was clearly standing out .
While all the members were breathing heavily and sweating, Tenjouin was the only one who stood as if nothing had happened .
His improvement speed was so fast to the point where the knight instructors admitted that they didn’t have anything more to teach him .
Calmly giving a few words of thanks to his classmates, he heard a cheer coming from the outside .
“Kyaa!! Hikaru-sama!!”
“Please look here!!”
“Thank you for your hard work, Hero!! Please accept this!!”
“I made this for you!! Please eat it if you’d like . ”
Outside the training hall, young girls came to greet Tenjouin after the training session ended .
In order to raise the morales, It was allowed for the average citizens to watch the class training . Thanks to that, even the members of the class started making more effort in their practice .
Turning to the direction of the cheers, Tenjouin smiled to those young girls, making the cheers get louder . As expected from an airhead .
Among those who were watching that scenery, there was one person who didn’t seem to like it
“What are you doing? Tenjouin-kun?”
Tendou Miki who teleported next to Tenjouin, glared at him with scornful eyes .
“Yo, Miki . I was about to accept some presents from those girls . ”
“You’re gonna accept them?”
“It would be rude to not . ”
“Hmmm, I see…”
Miki kept on staring at Tenjouin .
“What’s wrong? Why are you that angry?”
“I’m not angry . ”
Miki replied and turned her face away .
Tenjouin couldn’t hide his bewilderment and tilted his head . Everyone in the class knows about Miki’s feelings .
It was indeed ridiculous for Tenjouin to be the only one who doesn’t realize her feelings for him, but nobody seemed to care about that fact after all this time . Everyone was habituated to their current relationship .
But for Miki, her crush is receiving a violent attack from countless girls . It wasn’t amusing for her to watch him accepting their presents .
“Maybe it wasn’t good to do that, after all…”
Miki muttered with a faint voice .
Tenjouin was already busy receiving presents from young girls, so he didn’t hear her .
Miki started recalling what happened until now .
A Lot of things happened in the last month .
Exploration of their first dungeon and annihilation of a thieves group .
Extermination of a large flock of monsters and subjugation of a rare monster .
The two event that played a major role in tremendously raising Tenjouin’s popularity were the annihilation of those thieves and the flock of monsters . His fans increased in in very fast pace .
For Miki, having her crush praised this much by people made her happy as well, but eventually, she couldn’t stand seeing things get out of hand .
(I’m not letting anyone take him away from me!!)
Miki secretly confirmed her determination .
But it wasn’t only Tenjouin who had changed in this month .
“Thanks for your hard work today too . Here, take this . ”
“Oh, thanks . ”
“Are you tired?”
“I’m already used to this much . I’m fine . ”
“Are you free now? Want to go somewhere together?”
“Really? Yeah! Let’s go!”
A few male classmates were having fun chattering with this world’s girls .
Recently, there have been some classmates who started dating the girls of this world .
There were some girls who were fascinated by the the guy fighting against those thieves, while others were personally rescued by them . But either way, everyone who started dating spent his days making more effort in the training .
Not only that, but even those who didn’t get a chance to date began doing their best .
“Darn!! Look at them flirting in the middle of the day!!”
“That guy was hanging with us only recently…”
“I shall make a girlfriend one day too!”
“We need to train harder to do that!”
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“I will!! I will do my best to have a girlfriend too!!”
Watching the couples around them, the guys who didn’t have the opportunity were vexing about it .
They made more effort and struggled training in hope of finding a partner too .
They seemed to not care about going back to their world anymore, but at least they were training hard .
They weren’t striving for anything bad, so it was okay .
The class was divided only recently to two factions, 【the normies】and the 【the non-normies】 . These two factions confronted each other very often, however, nothing of conspicuous had resulted so far .
What’s important is that everyone there become awfully motivated in practice .
Or that what the knight instructors noticed at the very least .
“Alright everyone!! Special training!!!”
“”” Yeah!!”””
“What? Special training? Let me join to—-”
“””We don’t need a normie with us!!”””
【the non-normies】of the class refused to let Tenjouin Join them in their “special training” .
Three months after the class summoning . The class was spending yet another day, fully enjoying their new life style .
Bewitching record .
“Are you okay?”
“Ah, Yes, I’m fine…”
“Glad you’re not hurt . (wink)”
“Ah aau… . ”
“Another girl to add in the Tenjouin’s bewitching record . You still counting them?”
“I stopped counting after the 100th . ”


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