Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 71

Chapter 71
“You’ve got quite a lot of them . ”
Once I followed Lina and entered the room, I was overwhelmed by the variety of magic items inside .
Since the curtain was shut the room was slightly dim despite putting on the lights .
There were some bookshelf on the walls and desks placed in the center . All of them contained many magic items, making the room look like a museum .
“I’m collecting them thinking that one day they may serve for something . There are still many others hiding inside . ”
Lina said that while pointing at a treasure chest like box .
Ah, could that be…
“Is this an infinite storage box?”
“Yeah, it’s called storage box . It has a storage limit but it’s easy to carry which makes it pretty convenient . This one is too big, so it’s kinda difficult to carry him, but there’s a bag version for it which I often use . ”
“Then why are you still putting it here?”
“It just takes too much time to take out all the stuff inside it . ”
“Isn’t there a magic that lets you do the same thing? Like, storing things?”
“What? I never heard of that . ”
She doesn’t seem to know .
“Eh? Then what about that 【Box】skill you got?”
“That skill is for personal use and it has a limit on how many things I can store . It’s not as great as you think . ”
I was slightly surprised by her answer .
Looks like the magic that my 【Space Magic】uses doesn’t exist .
I thought it definitely existed somewhere outside this world .
I slowly surveyed the room again .
“But still, you’ve got too many stuff here . ”
A star-shaped magic item . A crystal-like item . A small box-shaped tool .
There were various types and shapes .
It’s wasn’t easy to judge their utility only from the appearance .
Some of them were not much different from a wood plank and a horse wood curvature . It became even suspicious if they were really magic tools or not .
“Are these really magic items?”
“Despite its looks, it is a full-fledged magic tool . And it’s pretty useful too . ”
“Waa- this one is beautiful . ”
Suddenly, Saya who was in bad temper not too long ago got entranced by some sort of a germ necklace and was about to touch it .
“Ah, that’s……”
Before Lina was able to finish her line, Saya touched the necklace, resulting in a magic circle appearing under her feet . Confused by that abrupt occurrence, Saya remained standing in her place until she disappeared in an instant .
“Wait, Saya?”
I roamed my sight in our surroundings, but I couldn’t find her .
What happened? How did she disappear all of a sudden like that?
When I was about to ask Lina about it, I found her holding her head seeming to be deeply troubled .
“She did it…”
“Did what? Where did Saya go?”
“She didn’t go anywhere . You’re just not seeing her . ”
“Eh? Seriously?”
Hearing her answer, I used 【presence sensation】to look for her place and as Lina said, she wasn’t actually near us .
“I can’t feel her presence…”
“That’s because she touched the super privacy pendant . It’s an excellent magic item that doesn’t only make you invisible, but also erase your presence . Due to that, we can’t even hear her if she talked . ”
How convenient .
Remaining to look at the place where Saya was standing, I was impressed by the ability of the pendant .
But even though I understood it’s use, I still don’t know the most important part .
“How can we turn her back to normal?”
“The pendant is working on Saya-dono’s magic . If she could stop the flow of her magic it will stop working, but unfortunately, I don’t think she could . ”
Lina said with a worried expression .
Saya is an ordinary person .
There’s no way she would know how to control her magic .
“It should stop working once she runs out of magic, so she should be alright . ”
Doesn’t that mean she will faint?
Is that alright?
Starting to feel worried about the disappeared Saya, I suddenly felt something touching my clothes and shaking me .
“Uoh, What!!?”
“That’s probably Saya-dono trying to make us notice her presence . Saya-dono, I’m sorry, but please wait like that until the effect wears off . ”
As line said that, My body stopped shaking .
She probably said something like “no way…” while feeling disappointed .
Trying to cheer her up, I reached my hand at a slightly low angle and bumped into something hard . I lightly tapped it .
It was probably her shoulder, though she didn’t seem to move despite doing so .
A few minutes later, we found Saya laying on the ground . Looks like she had swooned .
She didn’t seem to be very lucky today .
“Uu, that was mean . ”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m sorry, it’s because of my bad management . ”
With concern, I asked Saya if she was alright while Lina apologized to her .
I had to share some of my magic with her so she could wake up .
I did that only by touching her hand, but despite the bad efficiency, that much was plenty for her .
“But maybe it wasn’t that bad . ”
When I thought she was in a bad mood, Saya said in a low voice and a smirk on her face, as if she recalled something .
“I got Yato-kun to stroke my hair . ”
When she said that with a cheerful expression, I remembered what I did earlier and asked her .
“What I touched was your shoulder, right?”
“Eh? Ah, yes, my shoulder . ”
The way she answered me was fairly suspicious . When I kept staring at her with doubting eyes, she reverted her sight .
Well, whatever . It doesn’t matter if it was her shoulder or something else .
I went back to check the magic tools .
“What is this?”
What I pointed at was a handle with two boards in which each one had 『O』or『X』writen in it .
I wonder what’s its use .
“Hm? Ah, that’s a lie detector . It divulges the true thoughts of anyone who holds it . I used often when I interrogate someone . ”
A lie detector, huh .
And she uses it for interrogation?!
It has a shape of something normally used in entertainment, but it’s actually for integrating? Seriously?
When I remained gazing at the lie detector, Lina, seeming to have hit upon something talked to me with a mischievous grin on her face .
“Kamiya Yato, try holding it . ”
Doing as she said, I seized the lie detector .
The same instant, Lina talked in an incredible speed .
“Kamiya Yato is dating Saya-dono!”
Saya and I let out a confused voice to Lina abrupt utterance while the 『X』 board of the lie detector gleamed and made a strange sound .
“Hm, looks like it wasn’t the case . ”
“Wait a second, what did you do?”
With the lie detector still in my hand, I glared at Lina who was making a satisfied expression .
“Remember when I asked you the same thing the other day? That time I couldn’t completely believe you so I thought I can use this chance to get a clear proof . Though it seems that things are as you said, so don’t glare at me like that . Well, it’s fine even if it wasn’t . ”
Lina kept speaking while nodding in assent .
But why did she seemed somehow satisfied?
“Don’t do that again . ”
“T-That’s right, Lina-chan! I-I’m not in that kind of relationship with Kamiya-kun?”
Embarrassed by what just happened, Saya followed my warning to Lina with a complaint .
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that . Oh yeah, how about you try asking him something too? You can get to know anything you want . ”
“Eh? But…”
The embarrassed Saya was considerably moved by Lina’s words who, by the way, didn’t seem to be sorry at all .
This is bad, she’s about to get deceived by a demon’s whisper .
“Wait, wait, what are you saying—”
“You don’t have a reason to mind that, do you? It’s not like you’re hiding anything of guilty . Or maybe you do?”
Lina interrupted me with a provocation .
This angel! She’s enjoying the situation .
Realizing that she was toying with me with that smirk on her face, I became a bit irritated .
“I don’t have anything to hide . You can ask me anything you want . ”
“That’s good . Well then Saya-dono, it’s question time . ”
Saya who has completely turned over the other side, replied in a delighted mood .
I told them to ask me anything just in the heat of the moment… maybe I messed up .
I became about to regret my short temper .
But still, I think it should be fine .
There isn’t anything in particular that don’t want people to ask me about .
Or that was what I tried to make myself believe as a way to not regret my miserable decision .
The question time had finally begun .
“Well then, I’m asking . ”
With a slightly nervous expression, Saya was about to ask her question .
What is she going to ask?
I gulped while been pressed by the nervous mood she was giving off until she moved her lips again .
“D-Do you have anyone you like at the moment?”
…… BuBu–!
That was her question .
For some reason, the board took a short moment before letting out that sound and gleaming its 『X』 board .
I didn’t see that question coming, honestly .
“Why did it take a moment before giving the result?”
Looking at the 『X』 board, I asked .
Lina pondered for a while before she apparently hit on a reasonable explanation and slowly began explaining .
“That is most likely because the answer wasn’t very clear . The lie detector makes use of your memories and the weakest tremor in your magic to bring out an estimable result . Since your experience in that matter wasn’t enough, it went out with a result that you have at least someone you’re interested in . ”
So that’s why it took time .
Hearing Lina’s explanation, I tried thinking about the person that I’m interested in .
Was there someone in whom I was interested in the first place?
“Yato-kun still doesn’t have anyone he likes…”
Finding out that I don’t have anyone like that, Saya was clearly relieved .
“But how unfortunate . I thought I could grasp one of your weaknesses if you had someone in mind like that . ”
“So that was your aim from the start . ”
No wonder she was in unusually in high spirit .
“I had too many troubles because of you in the past . I really want to grasp your weakness here . ”
I don’t think that’s something you should say in front of me though .
Also, I don’t remember doing anything that may have troubled her . I did as far as using a spell to hide that I was sleeping in class or stealing her snacks .
“That’s why I’m going to keep asking you now . ”
“What should I ask him next…”
The both of them seemed to be ready to ask me a second question . So we’re not going to call it here . It felt like the situation wasn’t giving me the right to refuse .
I unintentionally let out a sigh . I wonder how long this will keep going .
“How is this possible? I still didn’t get anything yet!”
“It’s getting kinda scary . ”
I lost count on how many questions they asked .
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Noticing that Saya and Lina got fairly tired from asking, I recommended them to stop .
“Won’t you stop already? I’m also getting tired here . ”
“Hmm… very well, the next question will be the last . ”
Lina who seemed to start giving up said with a disappointed expression .
Finally, the question time is going to end . It took longer than what it should though .
“Hurry up and ask then . ”
“Alright . Did you ever sleep with a girl of the same age as you . ”
I awkwardly smiled after hearing her last question .
When I finally thought that I can end all of this peacefully .
“Of course I didn’—”
Interrupting my attempt to deny, the 『O』board gleamed with a sound that sounded almost as f it was ridiculing me .
Not predicting such a turn of event, I stiffened in my place and slowly turn to look at the board .
Maybe, I didn’t hear it well…
“No, like I said, I didn’t sleep—”
Again, the lie detector made that sound before I finished my line .
This time, I heard it very well .
“Hey, Kamiya Yato……”
With a trembling voice, Lina slowly approached me and seized my collar .
“You! You spent a night with a girl of your age?!”
“No, wait, this must be some sort of misunders—!”
As I was about to explain myself to Lina with my neck strangled, the lie detector mercilessly interrupted me .
I didn’t have even the right to make an excuse .
“H-How is this possible… Yato-kun with another girl…”
Saya was trembling with a face that was about to cry and clear despair in her eyes .
This is bad . I need to clear up this misunderstanding .
“Kamiya Yato…… how could it be that you spent a night with a girl in whom you’re not even interested!!?”
“Wait! Misunderstanding! This is a misunderstanding!!”
This thing doesn’t let me do anything!
Now that I tried denying, it was the 『X』 that gleamed .
AAh! That’s because I’m still holding it in my hand!
I dropped the lie detector on the floor and started making an excuse for Lina who was about snap from rage at any moment .
“Wait! Hear me out! I never slept with a girl of my age!”
“Then why did the lie detector react?!”
“How would I know!? Anyway, I really never slept with someone of my age…”
While I was desperately trying to clear away the misunderstanding, I remembered something .
There was that time when Karen sneaked into my bed and slept next to me after I saved her from that red dragon .
I didn’t think too deeply about it, but I guess it was counted as “sleeping together . ”
When I finally realized that fact, I calmed down . Sorry but, that’s the truth .
“What’s with that reaction? So you did really sleep with someone!!”
“No way, Yato-kun…”
Confirming their doubts from my reaction, Lina kept on shaking me in a fit of anger while Saya began to shed tears .
“Wait, please wait! It is indeed the truth, but it’s completely different from what you’re imagining right now! So hear me out at least!”
“Shut up you pervert . ”
“Yato-kun, how could you…”
A wrathful Lina and a crying Saya .
It took a considerably long time to make them believe me at that point .
Honestly, I’d do anything in order to avoid finding myself in such a chaotic situation again .
After the misunderstanding was cleared, I realized that I was pretty worn out .
While Yato was desperately trying to explain himself .
“Mu, chief is in pinch! I need to save him!”
“You still call yourself a man!!”
“Yato-kun, Yato-kun, why…”
“Wait!! Please, please wait!! That’s not it!!!”
“…… let’s not do that . ”


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