Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 136

Chapter 136
Chapter 136: the Group of Cosplayers are Actually My Former Classmates

Chapter of the week: 3/4
Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker
(ED: Shout out to ThyUnsuspicious . I’ve been waiting for this chapter for so long . Patience has finally paid it off . )
In the final stage of summer when the heat still didn’t show a sign of abating, our summer vacation was approaching its end and most of the students were busy doing their homework .
“Eating cold food in summer is the best . ”
“It was so delicious . ”
“Yeah . ”
Saya, Lina, and Karen were having a pleasant conversation as they walked their way through the residential area . They ate some cold sweets in a store they visited while shopping in a mall and now they were on their way back home . Personally, I didn’t want to leave my room, but I couldn’t refuse them when they asked me to go out .
“By the way, it’s been a while since the last time we met you, Lina-chan . Where did you go?”
“I go to train herself in the Heavens these holidays . I had been feeling incompetent recently, so I wanted to get a little stronger . ”
So that’s why I didn’t see her around this summer .
“Well, I’m still far away from reaching a certain someone’s level . ”
“Don’t look at me while saying that . ”
Lina spoke while giving me an envious stare . She chose the wrong person to compare herself with . I mean, I level up very quickly .
“Ah, Kamiya Yato, take this . ”
Seeming to have recalled something, she took out a crystal from her pocket and handed it to me .
“What is this marble?”
“This is a【Concealing Crystal】 . It’s a first-class item that blocks your enemy from appraising your stats and it can’t be detected by any skill . You just have to use activate it as a skill by pouring your magic in it . ”
How impressive .
I lifted the【Concealing Crystal】towards the sunlight and took a closer look at it .
“I’m happy that you’re giving it to me, but, will I get a chance to use it?”
“Didn’t you learn anything from your experience until now? You should never let your information leak to the enemy . ”
She’s absolutely right . Well, there’s always the chance that I’d end up in a situation where I get my status examined, so it wouldn’t hurt to have it with me .
“Yeah, you’re right . ”
I received the crystal gratefully and tried pouring my magic in it . When I did, it started to gradually change its color .
“I just poured magic in it . ”
“What a beautiful color . ”
“Yeah . ”
Karen and Saya gazed at the【Concealing Crystal】with a subtle face .
“Mine is red, by the way . ”
“They’re not the same color?”
“Yeah . Although the difference doesn’t have any meaning . ”
Is that so? Lina explained as she showed me her【Concealing Crystal】 .
“It’s a bit late, but, is it fine if I get to take it?”
“It’s fine . Everyone in the Heavens has one . ”
“Oh, really?”
I remember when Scala told me that I can’t appraise a God’s stats . I wonder if they are using this crystal .
“Scala told me that it’s impossible to appraise a God’s stats . Is that true?”
“What is that? Never heard of it . She was probably lying to you . ”
That woman . How was she able to tell such a lie in the middle of that serious situation . I felt an indescribable irritation as I tightly grasped the crystal . Unforgivable…
“A-Anyway, that soft ice cream was so delicious on this hot day . ”
Saya tried to change the topic by bringing back the talk about the ice cream .
“A normal ice cream would taste better in this time of the day . ”
“I bet shaved ice would taste the best . ”
Lina and Karen apparently had something to say about the topic and started up an argument .
“Eeh? Soft ice cream is best . Don’t you find it pleasant for the tongue?”
“A slightly harder and colder ice cream is better than something that is soft and tender . ”
“Shaved ice cream is a standard for summer . The way it immediately melts in your mouth makes it number one . ”
The debate continued and I kept watching them from the sidelines explaining the merits of their favorite ice cream without giving an ear to each other . There isn’t really a difference between the three for me . Deciding to not enter the conversation, I looked up to the sky and uttered carefreely to myself on how the weather was hot, but a short while later, I got forcibly dragged to the conversation .
“What do you think, Yato-kun? You’re in the soft ice cream team, right? You even ate it with me earlier . ”
“No, he is in the normal ice cream team . ”
“As his sister, I know well that he likes shaved ice cream the best . ”
Honestly, I don’t care which one is the best . But of course, I couldn’t say that as a reply and kept thinking of a way to end this argument peacefully . I chose to eat soft ice cream earlier just because I was in the mood for it anyway .
“… They are all the same, no?”
“Choose one . ”
“Useless . ”
In the end, I ended up speaking what was on my mind . Maybe it’s because of this hot weather that I end up slipping my tongue . The three of them got a little mad at me for not returning the reply they were expecting for . Just how am I supposed to answer them now? This is a little annoying . Before I thought of a new reply, they already forgot about me and resumed their argument .
Ah, when will something happen so they can move on to another topic…
As I listened to them, they decided to compare their favorite ice creams by tasting each one of them . For me, I’d like it if they went back to their home and let me enjoy the rest of my summer . I thought to myself casually and continued to walk, when suddenly… the sky got wrapped in a red color .
“What’s going on?”
The sky changed from its blue color to a faint and transparent reddish color .
“Eh? What?!”
“The sky?!”
“It’s red!!”
Even Saya and the other two had to halt their conversation to this unexplainable occurrence . Something really did happen to make them change the topic . I found it funny how my wish got granted this easily, but I soon realized something about the red sky .
It was something like a barrier; similar to the one that was used in Souki’s sealing area . If so, then who did it? I can’t sense any strange presence nearby . Simultaneously as I started wondering who might be behind this occurrence, I heard a voice answering me .
“So you are Kamiya Yato . ”
It was the voice of a man . I looked around me to find where he was hiding, though he soon showed up in front of me with a group of people wearing armors and walked in my direction .
“I immediately knew your location since you’re releasing an abnormal amount of magic . ”
Their numbers were around 30 . The handsome guy who was standing before them all glared at me .
“Just… Who are you?”
I felt like I had already seen him somewhere, but I can’t remember . The man apparently wasn’t waiting for me to ask that question as he seemed confused at first, but he went back to glare at me right away .
“Well, we forgot about you too . So that’s fine, let me introduce myself then . ”
The man took a deep breath then continued with a loud voice .
“My name is Tenjouin Hikaru and we are your former classmates who were summoned to another world!”
Tenjouin Hikaru? Was there someone with that name…
I mean, I wasn’t really that sociable with my classmates at that time so I wouldn’t know who they are just by hearing their name . Unable to remember, I stayed quiet while searching my memories when suddenly, I heard Lina speaking .
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“Aah!! I remember, it’s them . ”
“You know about them, Lina?”
“They are the Earthlings that were sent to another world by Metron-sama . There is no doubt about it . Rather, why aren’t you able to remember them!?”
“Well, I didn’t really care about what happened to them after they left this world, so…”
Hearing my natural answer, Line let out a sigh and held her head . Even Saya and Karen were saying something like as if it can’t be helped, as if they have already given up on me . The way they said it was a little harsh, but I’m glad that they understand me very well . I don’t want any confusions anyway .
“… So, can I continue what I was saying?”
Tenjouin politely waited for us to finish our conversation then asked for the permission to talk . He wasn’t glaring at me anymore . Maybe it’s because he stopped feeling nervous .
“Yeah, sure . But before you do…”
I halted my words and shifted a sharp gaze to Tenjouin . After receiving my gaze, Tenjouin got nervous again and slightly put on his guard .
“W-What is it…”
“… Don’t you guys feel embarrassed by the clothes you are wearing?”
“!!? These clothes are normal on the other side!!”
I wanted to make this remark from the start . If someone were to see them wearing those armors and weird clothes, they would get immediately uploaded on the internet . Tenjouin who realized that his nervousness was meaningness felt embarrassed and yelled at me with a reddish face .
“Tenjouin-kun, please calm down . ”
“Ah, yeah . I’m sorry…”
He then cooled down after the girl next to him, who looked to be a magician, soothed him . Anyway, guess it’s time…
“Lina . ”
“I know . Karen, Saya, moved behind me . ”
Lina seemed to get what I was going to say as she promptly asked Karen and Saya to move behind her . It was nice to talk with my former classmates a little bit, but sadly they seem to be quite hostile towards us . After all, they already started preparing to attack while we were talking . Their number is, eight . The formation they took wasn’t bad and their teamwork was steady . Their total number is 38 . I remember that my class in middle school had 40 members, but whatever . I composed myself and looked at Tenjouin before I spoke .
“Was it you who made this barrier thing?”
I asked him while pointing at the barrier above my head .
“That’s right . With this barrier, nobody can enter or leave and nobody who’s unrelated would get harmed or involved . ”
So their only aim is me, huh . Such an admirable attitude to not harm ordinary people .
“And so, what do my former classmates want for from me?”
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I’m sure the answer wouldn’t be anything of decency . Watching me asking him with a nonchalant attitude, Tenjouin calmed down and replied to me with a strong tone .
“We came back to Earth in order to defeat you, Kamiya Yato! That was the order of Metron-sama!”
What if Tenjouin and his classmates teleported in the middle of a town .
“Hm? We’re on Earth?”
“I think we did it, Tenjouin-kun . ”
“We’re back!!”
“Yeah, we did it!”
“Hey, look at them . ”
“That’s weird cosplay . Is there some event happening nearby?”
“Not sure . This group cosplay thing is starting to get popular . ”
“… Hey, Tenjouin-kun . ”
“Don’t say it . You will have a heartbreak if you do . ”
“I want to go back to the kingdom . ”


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