Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 151

Chapter 151
Chapter 151: There are some people who are not very good at taking pictures .

Chapter of the week: 2/4
Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker
After Tenjouin and his classmates returned to their world, the summer holidays and my heavenly time enjoying life were about to reach their ends in a week . Usually, most of the students get very busy in this last week due to doing their homeworks and preparing for the second term, but that didn’t matter to me . I already had done my homeworks a long time ago and I don’t have anything to prepare for the second term . My plan for this week was to take it easy and relax .
That was my plan…
“I’m so excited, Karen-chan . ”
“Me too, Saya-chan . ”
Karen and Saya were cheerfully walking inside a shopping mall they frequently visit in front of me .
I wonder why my plans always get ruined liked this…
I let out a heavy sigh as I complained to myself . The reason I was walking with them in this mall was because of that unfair request they forced me to accept . The request was for me to play the role of their luggage holder and protector on this particular sales day . They say that girls like to dress up . Karen and Saya were not an exception either . I agree that this is much better than getting asked to do some troublesome task, but the thing is that this current request is made only by Karen . In other words, I still have to hear Saya’s request afterward . I unintentionally complained at Karen for not being fair when she told me that I need to listen to two requests instead of one .
“Whatever, really…”
I guess I can relax later when I’m done with both of their requests . Let’s just enjoy today’s shopping . Although I will be just holding their luggage the entire day .
“Sorry for making you come with us today, Yato-kun . ”
“Do your best, and work hard . ”
Saya and Karen casted a few words of gratitude at me .
“It’s fine . I’ve been requested to go out with the both of you, after all . ”
I wasn’t intending to refuse their request no matter how unreasonable they might be . Let’s just imagine that I’m going shopping with them and not just to hold on their luggage .
“I will show you Saya-chan’s cuteness when I make her try some clothes . ”
“Wait, Karen-chan!?”
After hearing her name coming from Karen, Saya flustered in embarrassment . Karen’s attitude towards her is gradually getting rough . I guess it’s a proof of their friendship .
I only came to realize something of extreme importance after we entered the clothes shop .
No way…
“Karen-chan, what do you think of this?”
“It looks cute . ”
I wonder how much time has passed since we entered . They didn’t stop choosing new clothes and trying them repeatedly . I totally forgot that girls take forever to choose clothes in these types of shops .
I was standing outside the shop and was waiting for them to finish what they’re doing . I attempted to join their conversation at first, but as someone who doesn’t have a clue about fashion, there was no way I could keep up with their topics . Therefore, I am standing here outside the shop, alone . I remember that the last time I came with Karen was like this too . I wonder why they take too much time .
I’m bored…
I gazed at the distance while leaning against the wall of the shop . The fact that Lina wasn’t with them saved me so much time . After all, 3 girls will spend more time inside a clothes shop than 2 girls . The reason she wasn’t with them today is because she was busy with her work . She didn’t talk about what exactly she went to do, though I’m sure it’s something related to Metron . As far as I know, Metron and Korola are in the middle of getting punished right now . They must be whining and suffering at this very moment .
They’re taking way too long…
I turned back to look at them again and saw them standing with the same position as earlier . I wonder if it’s just me who feels that their stamina is unlimited . I shifted my gaze to the other side while feeling already tired and noticed the face of a child I’ve already seen somewhere before . He had green eyes and hair and was wearing casual clothes that didn’t make him stand out . Without a doubt, he was the God of Affection, Korola, carrying an ice cream with one hand and walking in the mall with a carefree attitude . The next moment, I turned my face to a different side with an uninterested expression .
It’s just Metron’s friend… Huh!?
It took me a while to realize the strangeness of the situation before promptly turning back and widening my eyes .
Wait a minute! What is he doing here? And why did I have to look at him two times before realizing who he was?
I couldn’t believe that I’ve done a cliched act like that and hastily followed Korola who disappeared from my field of sight .
“Korola . ”
I called his name when I found him again, making him turn around .
“… Who are you?”
He stayed quiet for a moment before he replied, feigning ignorance .
“Who are you? I think you got the wrong person . ”
I exclaimed with a confused voice from that unexpected answer, but Korola kept insisting that he doesn’t know me . This liar . He clearly turned around when I called his name, and besides, it’s obvious that he is not an ordinary person from his stats .
“Your eyes are darting . ”
“W-What are you talking about! I’m just a normal child . ”
The moment I pointed that his eyes were darting, he immediately averted his face while flustering . This guy is so bad at lying .
“Don’t tell me that you escaped from the punishment . ”
“I-I’m busy, so I will go now!”
Apparently, my remark was on spot since Korola’s face turned pale the moment he heard it and tried escaping from me . I watched him running away without following him and uttered a single line .
“… Scala was looking for you just now . ”
“Eh!! Seriously?! How did she find out this fast!!?”
His face turned even more pale as he glanced around his surroundings . He is so easy to read . He exclaimed in a loud voice in the middle of looking around him then slowly turned to look at me . He got completely exposed . Korola and I remained to stare at each other awkwardly .
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“So, why are you here?”
Dragging him back near the shop where I was standing, I finally asked Korola for his intention . This time, he honestly admitted that he got exposed and answered me with a bitter smile on his face .
“Well, I got charged with tons of work as a punishment from the Divine God and… I got bored from doing all the work . ”
Not seeming to regret anything, he told me the reason for him being here while smiling . In short, he slacked off from the punishment work and came to play here .
I wonder why he chose Earth out of all the other worlds in the universe . Couldn’t he just go to his own world?
“That’s a pretty light punishment . You only have to work a little harder than before . ”
“Well, it’s because all that I did was send those heroes here and cast on them a minor hypnotize magic . The rest wasn’t my fault . ”
He’s right . Now that I think about it, all that he did was those two things . The one who sent Maxis to Earth wasn’t him, so it would be unfair if the punishment were to be harsh for him .
“Metron’s punishment was pretty harsh though . ”
“What was it?”
“He was charged to do his work with his legs heavily cuffed and while observed 24 hours by angels . I got scared when I saw him in that condition . ”
Korola talked about his supposedly best friend in a nonchalant attitude . All I could do was to imagine the dreadful scenery of Metron getting his legs cuffed and working 24 hours a day . I wonder how many times someone must slack off from their work to get such a punishment . I unintentionally revealed an awkward expression from imagining him right now, but the next moment, I asked Korola about something that has been on my mind .
“Still, why didn’t you save him? Isn’t he supposed to be your best friend?”
His first reaction was a giggle for some unforeseen reasons before he answered while making a proud face .
“I have been told by his subordinate angel that leaving him that way is the best thing a true best friend could do for him! Therefore, I abandoned Metron for his own good!”
He didn’t seem to have any doubts about his actions . That angel is quite good at dealing with him . I randomly replied to his confident answer and changed the topic .
“So, what are you doing here? Couldn’t you just go hide somewhere in your world?”
“I have been intending to visit this place since the last time I saw it . And besides, the management of Earth is poor, so it’s the best world I can hide in . ”
The management of Earth is poor, huh .
No wonder why so many odd people end up here . I shrugged my shoulders after hearing the truth which I didn’t really want to know and asked Korola another question to confirm something .
“Let me ask this just in case . You’re not aiming for my life anymore, are you?”
Korola stopped licking the ice cream he was holding with his hand and answered me without hesitation .
“Not at all . I mean, Metron told me to stop . ”
He spoke in a casual voice tone, but soon dropped his sight downwards and continued .
“Rather, I’m… sorry about that time . ”
“Even if it were a misunderstanding, I feel just a little bit sorry… for what I did . ”
He turned away to hide his blushing face and spoke timidly . I was honestly taken aback to see him acting like that . I wasn’t expecting him to admit his fault .
“I didn’t know that you had a heart . ”
“Isn’t that a bit cruel of you?!”
I guess it was rude of me to reply to his apology like this . Korola looked at me with a shocked expression . Still, it was a real surprise for me to see him apologizing . I mean, he is Metron’s friend and so easy to manipulate . I was so stunned to see him honestly apologizing that I even started imagining a meteorite crashing on Earth today .
“I was indeed asked by my best friend to stop you, but I still feel a little guilty for what I did . ”
Korola continued speaking in a low voice and looking down .
Could it be that he came all the way to Earth just to apologize?
If that were the case, I don’t think I can hate him anymore .
“Ah, um, well, you don’t have to feel so guilty about it . Luckily nobody has died from what happened . ”
I tried cheering him up with a few words while averting my eyes and once he heard those words, Korola lifted back his head and smiled back at me .
“Thanks, I’m happy . ”
While he exhaled a breath of relief, he resumed licking his ice cream . He could be one of the most mature Gods out of all the others in this universe . I thought to myself while leaning back against the wall behind me . Both of us turned quiet which resulted in a delicate mood between us until we heard a familiar voice coming from the other side .
“I found you, Korola-sama!”
I turned around and saw Lina rushing to us in panic . It looked like she was considering this place as she was wearing clothes that were considered normal on Earth .
“Lina, what are you doing here on Earth?”
“I found you, Korola-sama . You shouldn’t slack off from your work . Please, hurry up and go back now . ”
She ignored my question and directly addressed Korola . She must be in quite the hurry .
“Argh! I got caught . ”
Korola revealed a frightened expression and went to hide behind me .
Huh, why are you hiding behind me?
Lina looked confused to see him clinging to my back then turned to glare at me .
“What are you doing?”
“Um, even if you ask me that…”
I wanted to ask the same question too . Korola tightly gripped my back and used me as a shield while complaining about not wanting to go back with Lina . Unexpectedly, I was shaken to see him act that way . Due to his young appearance and the way he apologized to me just now, I couldn’t just hand him off to Lina immediately .
What should I do, now…
Lina and Korola stared at each other while I stood between them, and confused . A short while of silence later, Lina gave me an advice .
“Be careful . Korola-sama is skillful at getting a place in people’s heart . ”
“Take him . ”
The moment I heard that advice, I submitted Korola to her without hesitation by lifting him from his back collar and putting him in front of her . Korola exclaimed in a confused voice a second later after I placed him in front of her . Maybe he wasn’t expecting that I’d give up on him this fast .
“W-Wait!! Isn’t it too fast for you to betray me!? Shouldn’t you take a little bit longer before you decide on what to do, no!?!”
“No, I sensed that you are dangerous . ”
“Even though we were about to become friends!?”
Those two things are completely unrelated and I believe that we didn’t become friends yet . Lina seemed surprised to see me give up on him so fast, but she received him from me and grabbed him by his collar .
“Thanks for the help, Kamiya Yato . ”
“You’re having a tough time, huh . ”
“That’s my job, so it can’t be helped . ”
Lina revealed a bitter smile as she replied to me . She then quickly lifted Korola by his back collar and bid farewell to me .
“Well then, Korola-sama . Let’s go back . ”
“Can’t you wait until I finish this ice cream?”
“You can eat that ice cream once you are back . ”
Getting his last resistance readily shattered, Korola obediently gave up and dropped his head .
“Well then, we will be going . ”
“Yeah . ”
“You should do your best too . I know you’re having a tough time as well . ”
Lina cheered me up while looking at the inside of the store behind me . It looks like she already knows about my current situation .
“Yeah, thanks . ”
I replied to her casually and saw her walking off to an emergency staircase with Korola . She is probably going to return to the Heavens from there . As I kept watching her off until she disappeared from my sight, Karen had finally left the store .
“We’re back . ”
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I turned back and saw only Karen standing there .
“Where is Saya?”
“She is in the dressing room . I made her wear a cute coordination and called you to see it . ”
So she wasn’t kidding when she said that she will show me Karen’s new dress . I bitterly smiled when I recalled Saya’s embarrassed reaction at that time, but soon I noticed Karen glancing at my surroundings .
“What’s wrong?”
“Weren’t you talking to someone just now?”
She probably heard my voice earlier talking to Lina and tried to check if someone were with me .
“Nobody is here . ”
I wasn’t in the mood to explain to her everything from the start, so I just deceived her with a random reply and made her agree .
“Let’s hurry up . Saya is waiting for us . ”
“Yeah . ”
Urged by Karen to move, I entered the clothes shop . I’m pretty sure that Saya is wishing for us to stay away from her right now .
“How was it?”
“It looked pretty good on her . ”
After leaving the clothing shop, we continued walking around the shopping mall . Karen and I were having a fun discussion about Saya’s clothes while Saya was walking behind us while hiding her red face with her hands .
“That was embarrassing…”
Well, I can’t blame her for that reaction . She was wearing a new type of clothes and waiting for us near the dressing room . It was a fresh experience to see her in a miniskirt and some other clothes which she wasn’t used to wearing . Karen made her try various types of coordinations and what made her look even better was her attempt to stay calm and ask if the clothes were fitting her with a face dyed with red .
I guess we should leave her alone for a while to calm down .
I made that decision while looking at Saya suffering from embarrassment, but she soon changed her expression after she found something
“Saya, what’s wrong?”
She pointed on a photo booth inside the game center .
“Is that a photo booth?”
“Yeah . ”
“Let’s go take one with the three of us . ”
A photo booth, huh .
I asked Karen if she ever took a picture inside one but she shook her head horizontally, saying that she didn’t . I’ve never used a photo booth to take a picture either . Karen agreed with Saya’s suggestion while on the other side, I was reluctant .
“Count me out in this one . ”
“Eh? Why?”
“I’m bad at taking pictures . My forced smiles don’t look very good . ”
There wasn’t a single time when a picture I took looked good . Saya looked dejected and gave up for a short moment before she raised her voice again seeming to have got a good idea .
“Then consider this as my request from you . Are you still going to refuse?”
“Are you fine with just that?”
“Yes . I want to take a picture with you and Karen-chan . ”
She cheerfully smiled at us with a face that didn’t show a trace of the embarrassment she was feeling just recently . I can’t refuse if that were her request .
“I got it . Let’s take a picture together then . ”
Saya firmly nodded with me when I accepted her request, and she looked pretty delighted . The three of us entered the photo booth, chose the options and prepared to take a picture .
“I can just stand on the side instead of the center you know . ”
“No . Yato-kun, you’re taller than the both of us, so you must stand in the center . ”
“Yes, the photo should be balanced . ”
I wanted to stand on the side but the two of them forcibly pushed me between them . The next moment, I heard a voice telling us to smile coming from the machine which made me freeze at my place while Saya and Karen smiled .
“Yato-kun, is that a smile…?”
“It’s too stiff . ”
“I told you, I’m bad at forcing smiles . ”
For an obvious reason, my smile didn’t get a favorable feedback from them . I guess I’m still bad at smiling like I used to . I can tell that my mouth was stiff by looking at the screen . It can’t be helped . I’m just bad at this . As the time limit approached, I gave up and returned to my normal serious look when suddenly, Karen stretched my cheeks .
“This is much better . ”
Saya who found her idea to be brilliant joined her in stretching my cheeks from the other side .
“Ah, you’re right . ”
The both of them laughed as they stretched my cheeks from both sides . I agreed with them that my current smile was more or less better than the stiff one I was making just now .
“It kind of hurts though . ”
“Look at the camera . ”
Karen ignored my minor complaint and told me to look at the camera . Right when I did, I heard the sound of the picture taken . After that, we took a few other pictures, wrote on them what we wanted and left the photo booth .
“Next time we should bring Lina-chan with us . ”
“Yeah . ”
Saya and Karen talked as they gazed at the pictures we’ve taken . I have never taken a picture of myself having my cheeks stretched, so I had an indescribable feeling while looking at the photos . This is most likely the best smile I was able to do when taking a picture in my life .
“You should take it with us too, Yato-kun . ”
“Yeah, sure…”
I vaguely replied to Saya as I put the photos in my pocket .
Well, that didn’t feel so bad…
I revealed a faint smile while touching the photos in my pocket . From that day on, I placed them in the drawer in my room to not lose them .


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