Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 125

Chapter 125
Chapter 125: Hoping for nothing to happen will just have the opposite effect .

Chapter of the week: 2/2
Translator: Reizenchuu
Editor: Kenny Stryker
After Karen and I spent our time enjoying and walking the festival, we headed to Ouka’s shrine . The festival was quite small as expected in regard to its scale, though it was still fun and enjoyable . That’s why I want to finish my work with Ouka as fast as I could so I can return to the festival .
“I have been waiting for you, Yato-sama . ”
“Hey . ”
“I shall depend on your power today . ”
“Please treat me well . ”
We briefly greeted each other, and I noticed that Ouka’s expression was a little stiff than usual . It looked like she was still worried about how the sealing would go . Shortly after, I saw the little foxes running towards Karen all at once .
“Ah, it’s our Lord and Savior Karen-sama!”
“Hey, hey . Teach us how to that again!”
“I want to do it again!”
Apparently, they liked what Karen taught them the last time . I didn’t see that coming, honestly . Karen smiled at the excited little foxes but before she answered them, she realized that I was gazing at her and then she proceeded to speak with an apologetic face .
“Sorry, I can’t do it today . ”
“Why? Why?”
When she refused, the little foxes started throwing tantrums while still insisting on her to teach them and to which Karen seemed troubled until Ouka came to save her .
“Everyone, you shouldn’t trouble our human guests . ”
With that one minor rebuke, all the little foxes turned docile . I don’t understand how they liked being taught those weird moves and being trained into soldiers . A bitter smile reached my face as I looked at them obediently listening to Ouka .
“Well then, shall we go?”
“Sure . ”
After confirming with Ouka’s statement, I followed her to the sealing place . I waved my hand to Karen and the little foxes without looking back and kept walking . Our destination is the place where the evil apparition, Souki, is sealed . The place where our enemy is waiting for us .
In a fine weather night when the moon was shining brightly, Ouka and I stood before a giant rock located inside the sealing space which was concealed deep inside the serene and dark mountain .
“Let’s do it as planned, please . ”
“Got it . ”
When Ouka approached the sealing rock, I moved to the right side . Our surroundings were quiet and only the faint noises of insects could be heard . It was like the calm before the storm . Ouka took a deep breath then raised both of her hands up resulting in a pentagon-shaped magic formation to appear under the rock .
Apparently, this the kind of magic used on Earth . Since this was the first time that I’ve seen this type of magic being used, I became interested and kept on observing her use it for a short while . According to what she said, this is not really magic but a type of exorcism spell . I could notice a talisman floating near the formation she made . That’s the type of equipment an exorcist would use . The rock is most likely linked with the magic formation since it started moving simultaneously with it .
“Oh, that was close . ”
I unintentionally fell in my thoughts there, I need to get in my position already . I quickly moved as planned to the designated place that is outside the barrier . Since we were within the mountain, there wasn’t any street and due to which I had to walk through mountains to reach outside of the barrier . According to Ouka, Souki can’t call his ogres from inside the barrier . That is why, if he were to call them, they will come from the outside . My mission in the plan is to stop those ogres from entering the barrier and reaching Ouka .
“Well then, let’s see where they can come out…”
Once I left the inside of the barrier, I could no longer hear the howls and earthquake of the last time . This means that I can’t tell when the ogres will come up . I need to put up my guard . I activated my【Space – Time Magic (Extra Large)】and placed the entire area under my observation until I sensed an unknown presence coming from the end of the scope . So they really came . I immediately teleported to the place where I sensed that presence .
When I teleported to the location, I found a small ogre with crimson eyes shining in the dark . Its skin was red and it had wrapped the skin of tiger on its hips . It looked exactly like the ogres mentioned in folklores and kind of different from the ones that are supposed to be in different worlds . So these are the ogres of Earth, huh . It let out a voice similar to the noise that a broken machine would do and didn’t look alive . I can somehow tell that it doesn’t have a conscience . As I kept gazing at the small ogre for a while, it finally noticed me and came rushing in my direction .
It let out a strange voice and rushed with its mouth bare open spilling drool . I kept standing in my place and spoke in a low tone .
“Get lost . ”
At the very instant, a blade of wind came out of nowhere and beheaded the small ogre . It then decreased its running speed gradually until it fell down and eventually turned into light particles . It looks like it disappears the same way other monsters do . So this is the type of ogres Souki controls, huh . They’re unexpectedly weak . I was expecting something stronger to appear . Well, I guess more types of them will soon come out . I thought to myself as I continued to slay the ogres that appeared for a while .
I didn’t realize that there weren’t only a few types of ogres until I slain them in front of my eyes . There were some who were well armed, some who were running too fast and even some with a strong built . Though, all of them were weak to a disappointing level .
The second wave of ogres had too many of them . Apparently, the first wave’s purpose was to weigh the situation since the moment I beheaded the last one of them, I sensed a tremendous amount of presence around the barrier . At the same time, a huge number of different ogres appeared before me and tried to assault me . It looks like they’re trying to make their way by attacking in the large numbers . Despite that…
“It’s still no use . ”
There was no way they could break through my defense with that much of their strength . I lifted a single hand while observing the assaulting ogres . I was startled to see them rushing with that amount, but thinking about it further, it’s no use for ants to increase their number . I already grasped their total number using my Space Magic and was preparing to launch my counter attack .
“Arein . ”
As I chanted the shoot spell, an arrow made of light was released to the sky from the place I was standing with my arm raised . It then gradually decreased in speed until it eventually stopped in its place to look like some fireworks launched in the middle of the night . Shortly after, it suddenly burst and split into tens of other arrows, then hundreds before it reached thousands of shining arrows, exactly how fireworks set off . The targets were already defined, running away was no longer possible for them .
The arrows fell down like pouring rain and pierced the ogres . Head, heart, belly; with no means to escape, all of them got penetrated by the light arrows in different parts and turned into light particles . I was thinking of using fire magic to create some real fireworks, but if I do that here, it will surely cause a fire, so instead, I went with light . It is quite regrettable that I couldn’t use fire, though . All the ogres around the barrier should have encountered the same excruciating fate . I kept leisurely gazing at the light arrows raining on the ogres until they stopped falling . All the ogres around were in the process of turning into light particles .
This should do the job .
I took a breath knowing that I took care of the enemies on my side .
“If you’re trying to stop me then you’d better bring someone as strong as the【Goddess of Destruction】 . ”
If they couldn’t do that much, it would be meaningless to even slow me down . Well then, I will go back to Ouka now . To be honest, from the day I accepted Ouka’s request, I had a premonition that Karen’s baseless prediction of something occurring would come true . I don’t think something like that will happen, I hope so, that’s why I’m going back to check on Ouka just in case . I summoned a guard to defend the barrier while I’m off .
“Rouga . ”
Immediately after my call, Rouga answered with an energetic voice as if she were waiting for me to call her .
“I’m going to see how Ouka is doing, so I will leave this place to you . ”
“Leave it to me!”
She already went on many harsh trainings while playing with me every once in a while . I’m sure she can bite off all those ogres without much troubles . Her speed is also way over the normal speed of a monster, so she could cover the defense of the entire barrier . Even her stats are nowhere to be compared with her old self .
« General Information »
Name: Rouga
Sex: Female
Race: Wolf
Level: 95
« Points »
Health Points: 4900/4900
Magic Points: 4850/4850
« Skills »
Masticate, Charge, Swiftness, Wind Magic
She leveled up quite so much, thanks to her training, or more like playing, with me . What took me aback the most was the fact that she learned wind magic . She found herself able to use it all of a sudden in the middle of a game we were playing . Man, kids do grow fast, huh . As I was contemplating the fast growth of Rouga, a small ogre showed up . It probably came to measure Rouga’s power . Anyway, it came in a good timing .
“Rouga, do it . ”
(ED: lol whoopsie, i had to do that . xD)
With a bark, she approached the ogre while moving left and right and then jumped on it . Once she pinned down his body, she chewed off its throat . Her mouth got dyed with the dark red color of blood while the raw sound of chewing resounded in the serene night .
“Gi… Gi…”
The little ogre soon turned into light particles and vanished . Rouga howled as if to triumph her victory . I just can’t get used to her gruesome way of fighting . She is really a fox, after all . I almost forgot about it since she always acts like a dog . She kept on chewing the throat of the ogre as if she were starving for blood .
“Disgusting . ”
A few moments later, she spat it off for not tasting very good . Welp, of course, it would be disgusting . A real wolf always eats this kind of meat to survive in the wild, but not Rouga who’s treated like a pet dog . The taste of the raw meat of an ogre never had a chance to satisfy her taste .
“Well, anyway, do your best . ”
There is no need for me to stay here . I headed to the sealing space to check on Ouka . I hope everything ends without any troubles . Wait…
“Maybe I shouldn’t have said that . ”
Hoping that nothing would happen will just have the opposite effect . Or that’s what I learned recently from going through many troubles . How can I describe this…
“I am having a bad feeling about it…”
Let’s hurry up .
I hurried to the sealing space, leaving Rouga to protect the barrier in my place . I really hope nothing happens, please .
The true feelings of Youkai .
In the dressing room (the small Ogres . )
“Ah, my face hurts . ”
“It’s my neck that’s hurting me here . ”
“Did that dog really need to bite me, seriously . ”
“My eye got pierced and I can’t see . ”
“I can’t stand anymore . ”
“The worst is that we had to make that voice . ”
“Seriously, what the h*ck is GIGI!? Nonsense . ”
“It can’t be helped, man . After all, we’re…”
“We’re playing the role of small fries . ”
“Yeah . ”
“Alright, who wants to go drink tonight?”
“Oh! Nice idea!”
“I’m down!”
“Alright then, let’s go, everyone . ”
“They look all lively . ” ← Yato
“Their face is a mess though . ” ← Rouga


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