Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 29

Chapter 29
A few days had passed by since the dragon had come .
As I thought, the dragon had been more like a boss class since the monsters stopped spawning after that day .
Everyone in the town seemed to have forgotten about what had happened and no uproar followed the event .
There was one thing, though, that made me feel uneasy .
“Morning, Karen . ”
Uttering an incomprehensible word, Karen turned her face and passed by .
She’d been acting like this recently .
From the day I defeated the dragon, she’d been avoiding looking me in the eyes for some reason and constantly turned her face from me .
I wonder if I had done something to her .
All I could think of was her holding my cuff all the way back home . I spent a lot of time pondering about where things went wrong, but I couldn’t find a single hint .
Well, it was fine anyway . She would eventually regain her usual attitude .
With that in mind, I left the house .
I was now standing in a deserted stretch of land where the sunlight was strenuously burning the ground .
As for why, it was because I decided to make use of my holiday and do some skill level up .
I didn’t get this idea on a whim, but rather out of consideration for the upcoming battles . The last time, I didn’t have a hard time fighting . However, that didn’t mean that things would be easy the next time as well .
Well, honestly speaking, I was trying to level up so I could defeat a dragon with one punch instead of many .
Of course, I would be using the 【super growth】skill to achieve that goal .
With 【super growth】, I could level up a skill by using it only a few times . It would surely make my training a lot easier .
I first opened the stats screen to check my stats .
Yagami Yato Age: 16 Male Human Lvl: 113
Physical points: 11800/11800
Magic points: 11400/11600
Appraisal Super growth creation magic super sleeping strength magic Fire magic Water magic Earth magic Wind magic Light magic Dark magic Teleportation magic Space magic Enslavement magic Erasure magic fencing boxing Neck-blow Body enhancement presence sensation conversation comprehension cooking
Thanks to the 【super sleeping strength】, I could raise my level everyday, though my skills had considerably increased recently . My magic points were short by two hundred points because I had just teleported .
First of all, I should try leveling up all the skills . I activated 【Fire magic】, faced the sky and rapid-fired some fireballs .
The basketball-sized fireballs flew upwards and eventually disappeared . I bet it would make a strange scene if seen from a far place .
Having such meaningless thoughts, I continued to launch fireballs for a while until my arm started getting worn out .
“Skill 【Fire magic】has upgraded to 【flame magic】”
It looked as though it finally level up .
My arm was pretty tired; I shouldn’t have released them upwards . But still, it took rather long for the skill to level up . I’d probably have spent an infinite amount of time if I didn’t have the 【Super growth skill】 .
“Well then, let’s end this already . ”
I resumed launching magic to upgrade the remaining skills, though this time I launched them horizontally .
Few hours later, I finished leveling up all my skills and checked my stats once again .
Yagami Yato Age: 16 Male Human Lvl: 113
Physical points: 11800/11800
Magic points: 5020/11600
Appraisal Super growth creation magic super sleeping strength magic Essential magic Time-space teleportation magic Space magic(extra-large range) Enslavement magic Erasure magic sword master boxing master Neck-blow Body enhancement(max) presence sensation conversation comprehension Parallel thoughts cooking
Many things have changed, but let me start first by explaining that 【Essential magic】was the combination of fire, water, wind, earth, light and dark after I had upgraded them to the maximum level possible .
Its exclusive effect was raising the power and shortening both the time and the consumption of magic .
Honestly, it was pretty helpful as I could now release even one thousand attacks in one go if it was something basic .
Next was 【Time-space teleportation】and 【Space magic】 .
Like what their name says, 【Time-space teleportation】now didn’t only allow me to teleport to anywhere on the earth, but also to the past, the future and even different worlds .
Well, even though I said different world, I couldn’t go to any world unless I knew its name apparently; elsewise, the teleportation will be random .
【Space magic】had only increased in range .
Before, it was able to surround an entire city and now it could go all the way to covering the whole planet . Using it with 【Erasure magic】must result in something outrageous . I’m not going to do it though .
Speaking of 【Erasure magic】, it didn’t upgrade despite trying . It’s most likely because it was already maxed when I made it . I mean, I couldn’t even think up a spec that could level up in it .
【Sword master】,【Boxing master】and 【Body enhancement (max)】are nothing by the final forms of the older skills .
Their power had turned into something that I must never let a normal person see . Just now, by lightly punching a rock that was five times larger than me using 【Body enhancement (max)】, it blew apart and turned into powder . I must never use it in public .
I also obtained a new skill called 【Parallel thoughts】that let me fire various magics at the same time . I acquired it when I got fed up with firing one magic at a time and thought about firing two simultaneously .
I guess that was about everything .
With these new skills, I think I can one-hit KO any monster next time .
I worked hard today, huh?
While I was being impressed by my accomplishments today, Rouga’s sleepy sounding voice reverberated in my head .
“Chief~ morning~”
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“You woke up?”
“What are you doing~?”
“Training to get stronger . ”
“Yeah, so I’d be ready when those monsters attack next time . ”
“I see~”
Rouga put a interval of time before resuming her words .
“I want to train too~”
“Huh, you want to get stronger too?”
“I want to get strong enough to protect you chief!”
Um, I’m training to avoid finding myself in a similar situation here .
Well, I should at least respond to her feeling of yearning to become strong .
“Okay then, let’s train together . ”
“Yes! I will do my best!”
Thus, Rouga’s training began .


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