Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 107

Chapter 107
A mountain disappeared and the ground surrounding it was gouged .
The natural and abundant mountain that was there only a few hours ago was nowhere to be seen now .
Floating above that devastated land, Scala seemed to be searching for something .
“That brat! Where did he go?!”
She muttered to herself while being irritated . The moment she used her total destruction skill, she clearly saw Yato holding Lina in his arms and disappearing . That is why she was sure that he didn’t die from her attack and that he was hiding somewhere from her right now .
She had been going around destroying the land as an attempt to make him show up on his own, but he still didn’t show a sign of coming back .
“He shouldn’t have gone too far . ”
She already told him what would happen if he was to escape in the middle of the fight . Moreover, the angel that was with him must know the result of leaving Scala alone better than Yato .
“Aah! Seriously! Nothing comes out from thinking about it!”
As Scala approached the limits of her patience, she screamed Yato’s name with a loud voice .
“S-Show up already!! I will turn this entire place into dust if you didn’t come up!!”
“I’m right here . ”
Immediately following that scream, she heard his voice from behind . Turning around, the first thing that entered her sight was Yato’s expression brimming with confidence .
Surely, Scala was surprised to see him in front of her all of a sudden . She wasn’t expecting him to answer her loud call . But right away, her expression changed into that of delight .
“Hey Hey, you didn’t have to tell me that you were here, you know . You could’ve just hit me from the back or something . ”
“I don’t need to that in order to knock you out . ”
Scala was taken aback by seeing the man who was about to give up just recently speaking with that much confidence . She snorted and replied .
“You still didn’t get it even after witnessing my skill? You can’t win against me . ”
“You never know . Try me . ”
Yato answered her in a provocative manner .
“Why not! Alright, bring it in then!!”
Scala’s hair started standing in the opposite direction as she created an ambiance similar to the one she used just now .
Yato’s reaction to what she had done wasn’t exactly as she expected . He remained taking his daunting pose while grinning .
“Listen here, you think I’d come and face you again without any plan in mind?”
Unable to understand what he was implying, Scala expressed her doubt with a loud voice .
Watching her confused reaction, Yato declared with a serene voice .
“I’m gonna have those skills of yours sealed . —— Tension down . ”
Immediately after he uttered those two words, Scala felt a sudden change in her body .
“W-What is this?!”
A faint blue light manifested around her and surrounded her body . She couldn’t hide her bewilderment from having a mysterious light showing up surrounding her all of a sudden, but soon after, she halted the skill that she was preparing to use .
“I can’t get myself to use it . What’s this feeling… I’m suddenly not in the mood for doing anything…”
The tension magic skill decreased Scala’s tension resulting in the weakening of her powers . Her hair went back to normal and she seemed to have lost the mood to fight . Yato ascertained his victory after watching the clear result of his skill .
“It’s my turn now . Let me pay you back for all what you did to me . ”
At the same time, in a certain place somewhere in the heavens, a man and a woman were having a conversation .
“It is about time . ”
“You are right . ”
The women declared and the man agreed . The both of them were sitting in majestic chairs inside a splendid hall similar to a throne room .
“Nevertheless, no one would have predicted this outcome . ”
“This must be fate as well . ”
The man gazed at the ceiling as he exuded a somewhat lonely and lifeless ambiance . The woman too, was revealing an expression of resolve .
“Scala must be acting out of control by now . ”
“She will most likely cause an enormous damage, however, there is no need to worry as it won’t have an influence on the residents of the world . ”
When the man uttered with a bitter smile, the woman replied to him with a confident face . In this place, there are no TV or magic tools that reflect the situation of that world . The man and woman don’t have any skill to watch over Scala’s battle neither, but they talked as if they knew everything about her from the start .
A short moment later, a soldier growing wings in his back entered the hall in haste and approached the both of them .
“Divine god!! I have bad news!! He escaped! That prisoner escaped from【infinite prison】!!”
“As I thought…”
The man or the divine god calmly closed his eyes as if he was waiting for that news .
“dear . ”
“I know . He escaped, but I think everything will be alright . ”
The soldier who saw the divine god rashly closing the topic of the prisoner, stiffness in his place, unable to grasp what he meant .
the【infinite prison】is a jail made for punishing a countless number of prisoners .
Anyone who enters it is fated to never step outside of it for the rest of their life . Surely, those who find themselves there have sinned enough to deserve it . The soldier couldn’t understand why the divine god reacted with such composure after hearing that someone from that prison had escaped .
The soldier remained stiffened in his place, confused . Luckily, the woman followed the divine god’s ambiguous conclusion with a light scolding .
“Dear? He is still a newcomer, should you not explain the situation further to him?”
“Hn? Ah, yeah, you are right . I apologize . ”
With an apologetic expression, the divine god who forgot that the soldier was still new, explained the situation to him .
“The prisoner who escaped will be caught soon enough . Just be on standby . ”
“Yes! Understood, divine god and goddess!!”
The soldier replied with a voice brimming with spirit and respect . But the woman made a remark about his reply .
“It is not god and goddess . You know very well that we are two in one . ”
“Ah! My apologies!”
“You can leave now . ”
Realizing his miss, the soldier bowed down in a fluster then left the hall . The man and woman watched him leaving silently .
The divine god is actually not a single person . To be more accurate, a divine god is the combination of two gods .
That is why this man and woman are both referred to as a single divine god .
After the soldier left the hall, the place calmed down again and the woman finally revealed her worry .
“Is it going to be alright, I wonder . ”
“It will be fine, it’s about that person . ”
Unlike the worried woman, the man didn’t seem to be worried at all . He placed his hands on the armrest of the chair .
“If they are not able to deal with that much, they will not be able to keep up with the future, after all . ”
“… yes, you are right . ”
Agreeing with the man, the women let out a light sigh and leaned on her chair .
“I wonder how will fate settle the outcome . ”
The woman muttered while gazing at the corner of the ceiling . The word ‘fate’ that has been mentioned regularly in their conversation isn’t yet revealed . Nobody could predict how the outcome will turn out, but the time when the both of them will start moving was surely in the far future .
“What’s up, Rouga?”
“I feel like I’ve turned into a mob character recently . What should I do?”
“Where did you learn the word mob, by the way?”
“Answer me first~!”
“Let’s see, Honestly, I don’t know . ”
“Yeah . I mean, I’m the protagonist here . ”
“Chief, can I hit you once?”
“You can’t do that . ”


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