Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 42

Chapter 42
I hope this would be the last time .
The morning after I was assaulted by Lina…
With a face clearly showing my lack of sleep, I was placing my elbow on my desk . I couldn’t sleep the previous night because of her . I knew that it would happen, but a second time was too hard for me .
As I was suffering from my second night of lack of sleep…
“Are you okay, Kamiya-kun?” Kamaishi asked, worried about me .
This was weird . I couldn’t seem to understand what people were saying when I was sleepy .
At least I knew who was talking .
I mean, the only person who would talk to me here was Kamaishi .
“Aah… I’m Ooka-y…” I answered, pausing .
“You don’t look okay at all . ” Kamaishi replied with an awkward smile .
Despite saying that I was okay, I actually was not . My head was swaying from extreme drowsiness .
Things weren’t looking very good .
“How about you take a rest in the infirmary?” Kamaishi suggested .
The infirmary . There should be a bed there, so I thought I could peacefully sleep .
“Yeah, I… will…g…o”
Saying that, I stood up and went to the infirmary .
My feets were unsteady and I was about to bump into wall, though I managed to avoid it somehow .
At lunch break, I went with Kamaishi to the roof to eat our lunch .
I was able to sleep soundly in the infirmary and participated starting from the third lesson .
“But the teachers’ reactions was interesting . ” Kamaishi giggled, recalling what happened during class today .
When I returned to the classroom, every teacher who saw me started uttering something like “That goddess didn’t come today… how could this be!” or “Who is going to take care of this guy now?”
It was like they were facing a powerful enemy in front of them .
I wondered how I was seen by this school’s teachers .
Let’s stop thinking about it . It was not like I’d have a fair answer if I asked them about their impressions .
I do sometimes attend class seriously .
Like, once a week .
“Yeah, even though I’m sometimes serious while in class . ”
“You should always be serious . ”
My complaint was refused by Kamaishi . Well, she wasn’t wrong . Though, for me the word “always” was not normal .
Not replying to Kamaishi’s argument, she seemed to remember something suddenly, and changed the subject .
“I wonder what happened to Lina . she didn’t attend class today . ”
“Who knows, Maybe she’s caught a cold . ”
I casually replied . Lina didn’t come to school today . It was not a good thing for a transfer student to be absent on their second day at school, but there was no way she would attend after what had happened .
Rather, I would be surprised if she was to appear in school .
“Maybe she did . Why did this had to happen after I finally found a partner in the sports session?”
So that’s why she was feeling down .
Realizing the reason Kamaishi was unhappy, I remembered that there were many people like her .
Those who need Lina to help them out in their studies .
Those who want to invite her to their club activities .
Those who need advice from her .
All these students became related to Lina after a single day .
A person needed by everyone else… that didn’t matter to me though .
“I hope she will come back . ”
“I hope she won’t, honestly . ”
I won’t become able to sleep in class again if she came back .
There’s no way I’d want to go through that suffering again…
Seeing my gloomy face, Kamaishi smiled bitterly .
“If you only wouldn’t sleep in class . ”
“That’s not possible,” I answered instantly to Kamaishi’s casual wish .
If I were to go through that pain a second time, I’d faint from the lack of sleep for sure .
Next time I will make use of my skills and do something about it .
As I was considering countermeasures in case she returned, Kamaishi nervously suggested an idea .
“Um, if Lina were to come back tomorrow, would it be fine if we invite her to eat lunch with us?”
“Hm, lunch?”
“Yes, is it no good?”
I smiled to the nervous Kamaishi then agreed to her suggestion .
“Yeah, sure!”
“Really?! Then I will invite her tomorrow . ”
Kamaishi was happy after hearing my answer . She must be quite interested in Lina for her to go all the way and invite her to lunch .
Seeing Kamaishi so happy next to me, a faint smile reached my face as I felt a bit worried .
Well, there probably wouldn’t be a next time…
That night, I woke up once again .
The 【presence sensation】skill reacted to someone, who was most likely Lina . I was expecting her to show up, but not this early .
She chose the same place as previously, meaning that she was inviting me .
So she was challenging me .
I swiftly teleported to where she was standing .
“Yo, Lina . ”
Calling her from behind after teleporting, Lina tranquility turn around without seeming to be particularly startled .
“You’re here, Kamiya Yato . ”
“Stop visiting me every single night . Can you at least make it at noon or something?”
“It’s easy for me to be seen by people during the day, and the sounds of battle can be a nuisance to those in my surroundings . ”
How diligent .
I’d like to consider the lack of sleep I get because of her too .
“And, why did you come here again?”
“To take my revenge of course, Kamiya Yato . ”
I wasn’t surprised by her response .
There was no other reason for her to be here, after all .
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“Let me just warn you . I’m not the same as yesterday . I received permission to use that skill now . 【Angel transformation】!”
In an instant, Lina was covered with a bright light . White wings grew on her back and her white hair grew slightly longer .
As her eyes changed colors from black to golden yellow, she rose up in the air .
“This is my true form, Kamiya Yato! You now have no chance to win against me . ”
Seeing Lina flying above my head, I let out a sound due to my being impressed .
She really looked like an angel .
“I shall ask you one more time, give up and come with me . ”
“Then let me answer you one more time, no . ”
As if she was expecting me to strongly refuse, Lina composedly said .
“I see… Very well, I shall forcibly bring you with me . ”
Lina screamed then brought out her silver sword using that 【Box】skill .
She was going to use it again . Well, I did see this coming .
Facing the eager Lina before me, I said with a tired expression .
“Let’s finish this already so I can go back to sleep . ”
I hoped this would be the last time .
Natural enemy
In the staff room
“Hey! Looks like White is absent today . ”
“What?! That means Kamiya would…!”
“No, Kamiya is sleeping at the infirmary right now . ”
“Really?! Then there’s no problem as I have the first hour . ”
“Ah! I have the fifth hour!”
“I’ve got the third hour with that class . Wonder if he will still be sleeping . ”
“Um, do you want to change shifts with me today?”
“Yeah, I knew you’d say that…”


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