Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 80

Chapter 80
It was quite the formidable enemy in a certain regard .
The girl was in a fluster . She was considerably nervous this time .
“This is bad, This is very bad, desu . ”
Watching the face of Kamiya Yato who was still unharmed until now, the girl was getting driven by her unease . Why did things turn out this way? The girl wished to avert her eyes from the situation she found herself in, however, the severity of the circumstances did not allow her to do that . Currently, Yato and his allies were standing before the building that was hiding the teleportation circle which her master entrusted to her . She has already tested countless traps and obstructions on their way, but none of them bore a fruitful result . All the monsters she sent to them were either quelled or avoided . And the primary reason behind her failure was none other than Kamiya Yato .
“This is too bad, desu . ”
If she sends a monster, it gets crushed in the blink of an eye, and if she laid a trap they evase it with ease . It wasn’t because the monsters she received from her master were incompetent . On the contrary, they were not the type of monsters that could be easily defeated, yet that man was able to overcome all of them . The girl started doubting that he was human .
“What should I do, desu . ”
At this pace, they will soon enter the building and reach the room where the magic circle is installed . Urged by her fluster and impatience as her face started turning pale, the girl made a certain decision .
“I have no other option, desu . ”
The only countermove she had left was to go do something by herself . The girl made her resolve . She couldn’t allow them to act as they pleased any further . Her master’s orders must necessarily be accomplished . Even if it turns out that she can’t win against them, she still had a trump card she could resort to as a final attempt . Leaving the flame of determination burning in her heart, the girl went to wait for Yato and his allies .
“Finally… finally we’re here!”
It was a long trip, full of traps and strange monsters . But we managed to overcome them all and reached our destination which was the institution that had the magic circle made by that annoying kid, Metron .
“So we finally found it . ” “It took us long enough . ” “Yeah, it wasn’t easy task . ” “I had fun~”
Saya and the girls were also enraptured after witnessing the building in front of them and had a satisfied expression in their faces . Rouga was still excited all alone, so I just ignored her . I wanted to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction a bit longer . We were pushed to go through countless traps on our way to this place . Even the monsters didn’t stop emerging from nowhere with different new forms and shapes . We encountered a group of mad monkeys and dodged many surprise attacks from a creature that was morphing into a three . Anyway, we ran into various types of monsters . But still, if everything was settled with only that much I wouldn’t have complained . After all, I was able to defeat them all in the blink of an eye . The real problem was not the monsters, but the traps . With the laser trap and teleportation trap as a start, we had a hard time with innumerable ancient traps, like pits and net traps . Not only I was not able to detect them, but dealing with them was a total distress . Well, at least we managed to dodge them all . At any rate, we finally reached our goal after some time . Though, a new doubt surged when we stood in front of the building .
“Why does it look like a historic ruin?”
For some mysterious reason, the institution that is supposed to have the teleportation circle was looking like a historic ruin . It was made of stones completely covered by moss as ivy grew out from its top . It held no difference from a genuine ruin .
“That is most likely because Metron-sama thought that it would be interesting this way . He probably thought that a ruin would suit the ambiance of the forest . ”
Stated Lina as she looked at the ruin . Nothing less from the angel who used to worship her god . She knows almost everything about him . Listening to her explanation, I agreed with Metron’s choice . The ruin appeared to be ancient although it had a fair amount of security measures applied in it . There wasn’t a single three growing near its surroundings . A large space was encircling the ruin and isolating it from the forest . Once I noticed that fact, the rest became obvious . When I arrived to this island, the first thing I did was inspecting it from the sky . At that time, I didn’t remark the least trace of a ruin . In short, this ruin was created in a way to be impossible to distinguish . It was built perfectly to fit inside the ambiance of the forest without drawing attention . I could feel that Metron had fun while working on this place .
“Let’s get in . ”
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There was no reason for us to keep standing . Telling the others to move, we entered inside the ruin . Its inside was surprisingly bright and spacious . The stone ceiling was high above our heads and the interior continued forth like a maze . The place was clear despite not having electricity running in it . When I raised my head to search for the source of the light, I realized that the ceiling was shining . I had no idea about how the ceiling was illuminating, but I could tell that it wasn’t made from this world’s materials . It felt like I was inside a dungeon .
“Did you feel that, Kamiya Yato . ”
Apparently, Lina felt something odd after stepping in the dungeon and revealed an nervous expression .
“Yeah, something is strange . ”
I confirmed her doubt with a nod . I also felt something off when I entered the dungeon, although nothing of irregular happened to me . While I was inspecting myself to check if anything was off, I noticed something important .
“I can’t use magic . ” “What!?”
Lina was shocked by my sudden statement and tried to use her magic . Nothing happened .
“You’re right, I can’t use it too . ” “Looks like we’re not allowed to use magic while we’re inside . ”
First were monsters and traps and now magic prohibition . Really, that kid was having fun while making this island . Thinking about unnecessary things, the feelings of unease started rising in my head . If there was to be a trap installed here, we will be done .
What should I do…
I slightly hesiated first, but I shook my head and threw off my worries . There was no possible way for me to go back after reaching this place . I resolved myself and strode a step forward . At that moment——
“Stop there, desu . ”
I heard a voice . But this time, it wasn’t only the voice . A little girl appeared before my eyes at the same time . Naturally, I halted my moves and gazed at the little girl . A light purple twin tail and a gothic loli dress . Her eyes were vacant and didn’t reflect a sense of life . I was convinced the moment I saw this girl who seemed to be around 10 years .
“Was it you who sent those monsters to us?” “Yes, desu . I am Meru, an AI created by master and responsible of managing this island, desu . ”
As I expected . I wasn’t surprised from hearing her answer . Well, honestly speaking, I didn’t expect Metron to create something like an AI . that’s too much to be called as having fun .
“Cute . ” “She was really a little girl . ” “She’s just kid!” “Amazing~ “
Saya and the rest stated their impressions about Meru, although none of them were important in the situation we were currently facing .
“And what does an AI like you want from us? Let me tell you this first, but don’t try asking us to leave, because we are not going anywhere . ”
When warned her, Meru kept glaring at me silently .
“I beg of you . Please go back, desu . ”
She then bowed down .
I unintentionally let out a stupid voice from this unpredicted twist .
Eh? Did she just ask me politely to leave?
“Eh, um, you see, I…” “Is it a no? Desu . ”
As I was still perplexed by the abrupt turn of event, Meru approached and gazed at me with her upturned eyes which seemed about to shed tears at any moment . She gently asked me once again . “Please, desu . ” The way she asked me would be irresistible for the type of people who are fond of little girls . I could tell that much even though I wasn’t one of that type . She was too cute . I was about to give up to her cute gaze and upturned eyes, but I managed to bear the cuteness to a certain point .
>> >>
“I-I can’…” “Please, desu . Leave this place, desu . ”
Her eyes became more and more wet . She was about to burst into tears . Wait, no . it will become harder for me to refuse if you make such a face . I couldn’t instantly reply to Meru who kept gazing at me with her teary eyes .
“Yato-kun…” “Kamiya Yato…” “Uwaa…”
As I was getting pressed by Meru in front of my eyes, I could feel the way Saya and the others looked at me was somehow strange . I could tell that if I give up now, I’d lose many other important things along .
“I have business to do in this place, so I can’t go back now . ” “Please, don’t say that, desu . I used most of the traps I had against you, so please go back, desu . ”
Despite pushing myself to barely refuse, Meru didn’t give up and kept insisting . Moreover, I feel like I heard her saying something she’s not supposed to divulge . Anyway, She was making it very difficult for me to refuse… I was completely flustered because of the little girl who was fixing her piercing gaze on me . Eh? Did I do something? Just what did I do to make her plead me this much? As I was getting absorbed in Meru’s pace, Lina stepped forward .
“Just what are you doing, Kamiya Yato? I can’t believe you’re getting all puzzled from the request of a little girl . You can……”
The first thing she did was blaming me for something that could not be helped, though she halted her words abruptly after getting struck by Meru’s cuteness effect . You’re the same as well! Rather, she even uttered “So cute…” in a low voice .
“L-Lina -chan!?” “You’re getting too captivated . ”
This time, Saya and Karen came to save the situation .
“Is it a no, desu?” “Uu…” “Cute…”
As I already guessed, the both of them were readily entranced by Meru adorableness . You lost way too fast! I never knew that a little girl could be this powerful . This is bad, at this rate, all of us will get annihilated .
“I have something to do here, so I can’t go back . It’s impossible! So could you please let us pass?”
I firmly refused Meru’s request . My frantic words seemed to have reached her since she changed her teary expression into a dispirited one and withdrew .
“I, see…”
With tottering steps, Meru retreated . There’s no need to describe the overwhelming feeling of guilt I had at that moment .
“I understand . Well, then, I shall be, waiting for you, in the last layer, desu . ” < Property of Fantasy-Books . live |.
>>>> >
Leaving those words behind, Meru vanished from our field of sight . Just what’s her problem . Coming out all of a sudden then disappearing abruptly like that .
“She was cute . ” “Yeah . ” “She was pretty unfair . ” “What is it~?”
Saya and the girls were impressed by Meru’s cunning use of her cuteness . Rouga was unable of grasping what just happened and kept inclining her head . You’re fine that way, Rouga . You don’t need to know about what happened . But the crucial conclusion I came up with after surviving this surprise attack was the following: Little girls are not to be underestimated .
——————————————————————————————————- Bonus
“Yato-kun? Do you like kids?” “Eh? Well, uhh, if I had to choose between like and hate, I’d say I like them . ” “Is that so . ” “Doesn’t that mean you’re a lolicon?” “No, it does not!”


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