Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 15

Chapter 15
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World Except for Me Chapter 15: Is this move even possible for a human?

After school, I headed to Kamaishi’s place .
“Please get in, Kamiya-kun . ”
“Aight, I’m intruding . ”
Urged by Kamaishi, I took off my shoes and walked to the living room . It had a simple yet lively design .
“Okay then, shall we begin? Please put your bag on that sofa and bring me one with the ingredients over here . ”
Following her orders, I placed my bag on the sofa and carried the supermarket sack to the kitchen . Apparently, we’re going to make curry for Kamaishi’s dinner .
Before we got here, Kamaishi and I went for shopping where the old lady holding the register started poking us by saying “Are you on a date?” or “It’s like we’re a married couple . ” and such .
“Okay, first of all, you should peel off the vegetables’ skin,”
Kamaishi declared as she took out a carrot from the bag and parred it using a peeler .
“We it by moving the peeler this way and slowly paring it off . I can do it using a knife, but for newcomers, using a peeler is recommended . ”
Finishing her words, Kamaishi halted her hands and handed me the peeler and the half peeled carrot .
“Here, Try doing it . I will peel off the rest . ”
“Got it . ”
I received both the peeler and the carrot, then started paring . Well, I can at least do this much without using a skill . Finishing the process, I was about to call Kamaishi before I got astonished by the spectacle in front of my eyes .
She was peeling of the skin of other vegetables using a knife, however, that speed was out of the ordinary . Shururu!! Making such a sound, Kamaishi kept on perfectly peeling off the vegetables like a machine . What’s this about?! Is this move even possible for a human? I never saw my mom in the process of cooking . I wonder if she’s this skillful too .
When I unintentionally kept gazing at Kamaishi’s performance, she realized my glance and stopped her hands .
“Ah, Are you done, Kamiya-kun?”
“Y-Yeah . ”
“What is it?”
“Um, I just thought that your skills are amazing . ”
“Really? I think that’s rather normal . ”
This is normal? If that’s so, then getting that 【Cooking】skill would be great . No, it’s not the skill but rather Kamaishi who’s amazing .
A skill is nothing but a privileged option that gives a fixed amount of ability . That’s why the ability of a person harboring the same skill could widely differ depending on the effort made .
In addition, I’m not sure why but, the 【Cooking】 and similar skills don’t have a level up option . Which supports the concept of effort-making .
By the way, My mom has an integrated skill called 【House chore master】 . That’s my mom for you .
“Okay then, let’s try cutting the vegetables next . I will show the way first . ”
As she said, Kamaishi picked a peeled potato and started to cut it with a knife . She went slowly while including explanations on the way for my sake .
After finishing with a single potato, she gave me the knife .
“It’s your turn now, Kamiya-kun . ”
I seized the knife and began trying to cut off the potato like she did earlier .
My moves were a bit clumsy, but I managed to steadily cut a whole one .
“Skill 【Cooking】 has been acquired . ”
After cutting off a single potato the voice announced that I obtained a skill . Already learned? This【super growth】skill is wonderful .
“Okay, let’s try a carrot now . ”
Kamaishi handed me a carrot . I took it and started cutting in a clearly different speed than just now . This is great . My hands are moving smoothly . Bless the skill abilities .
As I was shocked by my own speed, I cut the entire carrot into small pieces in a matter of few seconds . Kamaishi who saw that seemed surprised as well .
“This is amazing, Kamiya-kun!! You already became able to move your hands this fast!?”
“Well, yeah, it’s just that grew accustomed to it . ”
Kamaishi replied with “Haa~” a breath of admiration .
“Like usual, you’re really great, Kamiya-kun…”
The thing that is great is not me but the skills .
After that, we proceeded into making dinner swimmingly until Kamaishi’s cooking class eventually took their conclusion .
Finishing cooking dinner, Kamaishi and I took a break in the living room .
“Here, Kamiya-kun . ”
I received a cup of black tea from Kamaishi and drank it . Phew, how calming . Making a second sip in the tea, I expressed my thanks to Kamaishi .
“Thanks for today, Kamaishi-san . Owing to you, my cooking skills got better . ”
“It’s fine . Don’t worry about it, I did it because I wanted, after all . Even though your improvement was so fast that it turned into a normal cooking in no time . ”
I made a bitter smile after hearing that last sentence . It did indeed turn into a simple cooking party rather than learning session on the way .
“But you’re amazing, Kamiya-kun . I never thought you’d be able to do that much in a single day . ”
“But I’m still far away from catching up to you, Kamaishi-san . ”
It doesn’t seem like I’ll catch up to her anytime, to be honest . I wonder how did she make it that far?
We spent a while after that chatting about different matters until I switched my sight to the clock hanged on the wall . It was already 5 p . m . Looks like I stayed a bit too late .
“Well then, I should take my leave now . ”
“Ah, Let me see you off . ”
Saying that, Kamaishi escorted me to the entrance door .
“Alright then, see you tomorrow . ”
“Yes, until tomorrow, Kamiya-kun . ”
The moment I placed my hand on the doorknob, Kamaishi called me to halt .
“Ah, wait, Kamiya-kun . You’ve got rubbish on your shoulder . ”
She then approached me and picked the small item off my shoulder . Just to take off a small piece of trash, Her face got closer until it reached the tip of my nose .
And at that instant……
“I’m back!”
An unfamiliar woman entered from the door behind us .
“I didn’t have much work today so I came back earlier… than usu-al…”
Before making a single step inside, that woman’s face went completely rigid after noticing me and Kamaishi .
Kamaishi was overtaken by the shock after she saw the woman .
Just as I thought, she’s her mom .
However, this is not the best situation to be found out in .
Currently, I’m turning my back to the entrance door while Kamaishi is hiding before me with her face barely visible .
I guess it’s pretty obvious that anyone who’d see us from near the door, would only see a man and a woman with their faces close to each other .
Kamaishi’s mom remained stiff for a few seconds, then took back her composure and closed the door .
“S-Sorry . Looks like I intruded on your time . ”
“W-Wait, mom!! Don’t get the wrong idea . ”
(TLN: misunderstanding scene is here!)
Kamaishi ran after her mom in confusing to fix the misunderstanding . A short period of time later, she dragged her back here and frantically solved the problem .
Her mom seemed to have grasped the situation, but apparently happy that her daughter brought a man in the house, she addressed me in a significant way saying, “Please take care of my daughter . ”
Kamaishi’s face turned bright red after that, while I could only reply with an awkward smile .
Later on, Kamaishi said with an embarrassed face, “My mom asked about various things . ”
I couldn’t do anything but comfort her at that time .
One day, I decided to go peek on my mom out of curiosity when she was cooking .
“Hmhmhmhm ♪”
With an unconcerned hum, she took the knife and was about to cut some vegetables .
In the blink of an eye, the vegetables were all cut clean . That speed was no way to be compared with Kamaishi’s .
“Hm, doing well today as well♪”
I remained to gaze at my mom’s superhuman speed at cooking with a dumbfounded face . My mom is seriously superhuman .


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