Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 78

Chapter 78
You shouldn't approach that .
Our eyes followed the approaching explosions until they arrived in front of us .
"Ah! So haunting!"
A girl emerged from inside the last explosion and leaped at us . She was seizing a giant hammer in her hand and handling it with ease . Behind that girl, a single monster was chasing after her .
The monster crawled on the ground as he mowed down the trees on his way and halted before the girl . The both of them apparently didn't notice our presence and were fully concentrated on each other . The girl stepped warily as she sought for a chance to charge in . We were all perplexed by this sudden turn of event, however, the thing that was even more shocking and disquieting was the appearance of the monster that showed up after the girl .
"Uwa…" "Uhe… . " "What the…" "Disgusting…" "Amazing~! It's swirling!"
Each one of us voiced their impression of the giant monster . The last impression was somehow slightly peculiar, but usually, anyone who'd come across this thing in their life would feel nothing but disgust . Its entire purple body was covered with a thick skin while a few tentacles, similar to those the slime had, grew out of him . Adding to that, its face was simply gross . Its eyes were clearly sticking out from their place and revolving in different directions while his maw which was loaded with sharp fangs, was dribbling drool . It felt like it was created by mixing the octopus and slime together before ripping the mixture into two parts . A shiver ran down my spin only by witnessing it . Not only that, but this creature is most likely stronger than what a person can assume by only judging from its ludicrous appearance . The fact that my【presence sensation】skill didn't react to it can only imply that it was able to suppress its presence . It wouldn't be surprising if it was hiding something else . To clear away my doubts, I appraised the monster .
Turbidity slime slime Lvl 69
Physical points: 1590/2790Magic points: 1765/2770
Tentacles camouflage privacy
Turns out my doubts hit the spot . The monster was carrying quite the troubling skills .
Is she going to be okay…?
Right when I had the idea of helping out the girl who was fighting against the turbidity slime, the girl made her move .
"Just die already!!"
With a firm voice, the girl charged at the slime and swinging down her heavy hammer . Her moves were incredibly fast and smooth that it didn't take her less than an instant to be close enough to the slime .
However, the turbidity slime was seemingly one step higher than her in terms of aptitude . The slime cleverly used its tentacles to twin them around a nearby tree and pulled itself in that direction, evading the girl's hammer . It was a truly cunning move . I found myself secretly praising the slime's splendid efforts . The girl's swing ended up in vain and collided with the ground . At that moment, the spot which received the swing started cracking until it magnifically exploded .
"Dammit!! I missed it again!!"
With a loud BOOM, the ground was gravely gouged . So this was the origin of those explosions . I finally found out the main cause of the explosion sounds, while at the same time, realized the dreadful ability of the girl .
"Wow, she's pretty tough . "
Despite being in direct contact with the explosion, the girl continued to follow the slime with her hammer as if nothing had happened . Each time the turbidity slime dodged her strike, we would hear a promised explosion sound . Just how is she able to stay unharmed in spite of being in the range of the explosion every time?
"Wow, that girl… she's kind of…" "Dangerous…" "The ground went BOOM~! So funny~!!"
Saya and Karen who also watched how those explosions were the result of that hammer, recognized the danger of the mysterious girl . In the opposite hand, Rouga was getting too excited . The two girls were correct . If we were to let down our guard, we could have got involved in one of those explosions . After all, the girl has been randomly swinging her hammer for quite the long time .
"… let's get away . "
We'd better get away from this place . At this rate, they will eventually end up fighting near our noses . I ordered everyone to step back, but Lina didn't react to my words as she seemed to be lost in thoughts .
"Hmmm……" "What is it, Lina?" "No, that girl, I feel like I already met her before . "
Lina tilted her head as she kept watching over the fight . Could it be that they're acquaintances? When I tried to ask her about it, the turbidity slime made a move and I ended up unintentionally tracing it with my eyes . This time, the turbidity slime evanesced after dodging the hammer swing . He must have used the camouflage skill . The slime had completely gone out of sight and the girl vigilantly raised her hammer .
"Bring it on from anywhere you want!!"
With an intimidating attitude clearly revealing her intent of eradicating the slime whenever she would get the chance, the girl warily waited for it to appear . Did that slime do something to her? She's obviously triggered . The moment when I started having such thoughts about the mad girl before me, I noticed the slime that was about to strike her from the right side and shouted .
"It's in your right!!!"
The girl reacted to my voice and swiftly swang her hammer diagonally to the right . She poured all her strength and might in that one swing and it perfectly landed on the turbidity slime .
The slime's body dispersed everywhere along with the girl's voice that was brimming with rage . The purple pieces of the creature that was once a slime scattered around and eventually turned into light particles then disappeared . Despite knowing well that she had already defeated it, the girl kept glaring at the direction where the slime was strewed into pieces and hollered .
"You reap it!! This is what you get for trying to feel up people's body!"
Her face was a face of wrath blended with embarrassment . The embarrassment increased a few degrees when she probably remembered the part of getting groped since her face became slightly red . Well, this explains the reason behind her intense fury . I can't blame her for going this far if such a thing did really happen . As I was grasping the situation all by myself, the girl who apparently settled down started approaching us .
"I am thankful to you for aiding me earlier . Thank you . But, who could you be? This is not a place where ordinary people would visit nonchalantly . "
The girl expressed her gratitude in a crude way . Hey, even if you thank me that way, It doesn't feel like I'm being thanked . I felt uncomfortable with the girl's rude behavior . Despite saying that she was grateful for my help, she was still cautiously gripping her hammer, ready to swing it at any moment . She wasn't even trying to hide er wariness of us .
"Right back at you . Who could you be?"
Maintaining a firm posture, I asked her back . She wasn't the only one who was curious about the other party . In case she turned out to be an enemy, I won't be showing any mercy . The both of us remained silently glaring at each other, increasing the sternness of the mood . Karen had the same reaction as mine and kept on glaring at the girl, while Saya shifted her gaze between me and the girl many times . Rouga was already fired up for another fight and shouted "chief!! Get her!!" When I started considering the possibility of the current situation developing into a fight, the girl spoke a few words that made all my worries seem meaningless .
"Heh? Lina?"
Noticing Lina who was standing behind me, the girl enounced in a voice totally different from the grim one she was using until now . Lina who only recalled the name of the girl after she faced her directly, uttered that name .
"Could it be, Sara?"
Finally, the both of them ascertained the identity of each other . Hm? Could it be that this girl is also…
"Are you an angel?"
I tried asking the girl who turned out to be Lina's acquaintance . The girl who loosened her vigilance toward us responded to my question .
"That's right . My name is Sara . Just like Lina, I am an angel who serves Metron-sama . "
——————————————————————————————– Bonus
What if .
What if Sara wasn't able to land a hit on the turbidity slime no matter what .
"Hyaahahaha!! Die!! Just Die!!" Booom!! BOOOOM! "…… Hey, what, do you think would happen if we leave her that way?" "The island will most likely sink . "


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