Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 89

Chapter 89
In a certain room .
A room where books, gaming consoles and half-eaten snacks were scattered all over the place . The clothes of the owner of the room were lying on a sofa and his old-fashioned computer was placed on a desk . The person who was sprawling on that sofa was a blond child .
“Ah, I’m tired . ”
Metron groaned as he stretched out his arms . After finishing his job for today, he laid on the sofa as to distract from his tiredness . That place was his personal room . The pure white room that he uses in his meetings was for business purposes, while this one was his true land of peace and one of his irreplaceable fortunes .
Snacks, manga, games . It had all the necessary entertainment needs to live up to his title, “the God of Leisure” .
Among all these games, he was recently hooked to a multiplayer game on his computer . He brought a computer from Earth-chan out of plain curiosity, but he ended up finding it rather interesting . He had no idea that online games could be this much fun . He felt as if a lightning struck his head when he first discovered it, and he has played it enough as if he would die, if his saved data were to be deleted . He knew it well that he won’t be able to bear seeing all the achievements he unlocked through countless all-nighters coming into nothingness . That’s how Metron got addicted to online games .
“Once I get some rest, I will resume it . ”
He was planning to change his character job and work on improving his production skills . He buried his face in the sofa while talking to himself . Suddenly, he remembered the task which he entrusted to Sara the other day .
“I wonder if she will be okay . ”
Sara’s skill was completely suited for utter destruction . For that sole reason, he was certain that she could achieve the task with ease, however, until now she still didn’t get in touch with him .
“Did something maybe happen~?”
He was aware of the mischievous defensive traps set inside the island, but they’re probably not functioning anymore by now . Even the AI which he left to manage the island should have ran out of magic and shutdown .
“Well, she should be alright . ”
While sprawling in his sofa, Metron muttered in a sluggish tone . Metron realized that it would be useless to think about it at this point . Besides, the teleportation magic circle leading to the island was buried inside his storage room, which was better of called as a trash room . He couldn’t bring himself to step inside it .
Of course, at that time, he had no idea of the tragic consequences that his feckless and hasty consideration will bring upon .
“Finally, I’ve found you . ”
An unknown voice abruptly sounded inside his room .
Metron reacted to that voice by looking upwards while still laying on his sofa, but he eventually revealed a confused expression after seeing the person standing there .
“!!!??! Y-Y-You are!!?”
Metron promptly raised his back from the sofa and placed his feet on the floor to stand up . However, before he was able to stand, an intense impact struck his head .
Along with the loud sound of the strike, Metron held his head with his hands as he felt an intense pain . A few tears started flowing from his eyes from the extreme anguish and he raised his head again to look at the person who was still standing with their fist clenched .
“I promised myself to strike you with this fist the moment we meet, so I did it without any further delay . ”
Listening to the voice of that person who didn’t seem to feel guilty about what they did just now, Metron had finally recognized their identity .
“Kamiya, Yato……”
“Pleased to meet you, I guess, Annoying Kid . ”
The moment after I stepped inside the magic circle, the scenery in front of me changed into jet black . I couldn’t willingly move my body . Whenever I tried to move, I felt like something was blocking me from moving .
Did I get into some sort of trap?
Remaining composed, I examined my current situation . Judging from the feeling of being cramped and the difficulty in breathing, I assumed that I was inside a narrow place . Rather, it wasn’t just difficult to breathe, I couldn’t breathe at all . I tried maintaining my coolness, but once I considered the possibility of suffocating, I started losing my patience .
This is bad! I need to leave this place! I hurriedly made an effort in attempt to get out from this cramped space . Shortly after, I got back the sense of my right hand . Looks like I succeeded in crawling it out .
I think I can make it at this rate . I added a little more effort and pushed myself up to finally escape the narrow space .
I took a deep breath after drawing away .
Few, haah . As I worked on settling my breathing, I looked around my surrounding to find out what was happening to me .
“What is this?”
I titled my head when I realized that I was standing on top of a mountain of objects . To be a bit more accurate, I’d describe those objects as junk .
Wooden toys, unknown stuff with an eccentric shape, goods which could be found in parties and banquets, not to mention, the expensive looking treasure boxes and many more other objects . All of them were disorderly thrown in this place, creating a mountain of junk . Coincidentally, a strange-shaped object entered my sight kicking me with an eerie feeling as if I’ve already seen it somewhere else .
“This is a magic tool, Desu . ”
Meru appeased that feeling by giving me a short explanation . Hearing Meru’s voice, I placed my hand in my pocket and took out my phone . Turning on the screen, Meru’s quietly standing figure reflected inside it .
Earlier, I succeeded in my negotiations with her, making her agree in letting me use the magic circle . Meru, personally, wasn’t very supportive of my plan but she accepted only because she knew that she had no other measures to resist . She ended coming with me after judging that it would be better to ascertain her doubts by meeting Metron instead of watching the entire ruin getting destroyed . Thus, she agreed to let me use the magic circle with the condition of letting her enter my phone .
“Everything in this place is a magic tool, Desu . ”
“Come to think of it, Lina had some similar tools in her place too . ”
Listening to Meu’s short clarification, I remembered the magic tools in Lina’s apartment .
Yeah, everything in this place had an unusual shape . That’s how I discern magic tools . I looked around the place once again .
“So this is Metron’s place?”
“Naturally, it should be, Desu . ”
It’s not that different from a normal house . Excluding the fact that I can’t see the walls and the roof, the floor didn’t have anything in of particular . If I had to point at something strange, I’d say that the interior design seemed a bit ancient .
Finishing the inspection of the room, I started contemplating what to do next right before I noticed the door placed ahead of the junk mountain . It seemed that it was the only door leading outside the room . Making my decision, I climbed down the magic tools mountain and walked before the door .
Now what? Guess I will take a peek on the outside first .
With that intention, I opened the door . The place that was laying behind it was less disordered room . I recognized many things inside that room, including the voice that was coming from the sofa .
“Did something maybe happen~?”
A childish voice exuding innocence .
There was no way that I’d forget about it .
I was certain that it was Metron’s voice .
Found him!!
I was kicked with the urge to assault him right away, but was barely able to endure it while fixing my gaze on him . I will conceal my presence just in case something happens . With that thought in mind, I pictured myself lurking within my shadow .
“Skill【Presence Secrecy】obtained . ”
This is perfect .
I instantly created a concealment skill and moved it to application by deliberately approaching Metron, but suddenly, I heard Meru’s voice .
“Did you find master, Desu?”
Surprised by the unexpected voice, I shuddered and leaped in my place before taking out my phone .
“Don’t suddenly talk to me . You frightened me for a second there . ”
“My field of vision is blocked and I want to observe the situation as well, Desu . ”
Ignoring my whisper, Meru complained .
Of course, your vision is blocked . You were inside my pocket, after all . Since she didn’t seem to be satisfied with her current position, I placed my phone in my breast-pocket to avoid any further trouble .
“Can you see now?”
“I can’t see clearly, but that is fine, Desu . ”
So she can use the phone camera as her eyes, huh .
Resolving Meru’s dissatisfaction, I opened the door once again and slowly approached Metron who was still laying on his sofa . I gradually approached the sofa until his face entered into my sight .
“Finally, I’ve found you . ”
Confirming that it was really him, I let out a thrilled, yet delighted voice . Metron who heard my voice turned his head in my direction while seeming slightly surprised, though eventually his face changed from slight surprise to a bewildered and astonished expression once our eyes met .
“!!!??! Y-Y-You are!!?”
Losing his words, Metron tried standing up but I used that chance to strike his head with my fist .
Tasting the pain of my hit, he covered his head as few tears emerged from his eyes .
“I promised myself to strike you with this fist the moment we meet, so I did it without any further delay . ”
I fulfilled one of my goals for the time being and told him in a casual manner . Before long, the expression of surprise on his face changed into a glare as he spoke my name .
“Kamiya, Yato…”
“Pleased to meet you, I guess, Annoying Kid . ”
Thus, at this very place, I met the ringleader behind all the hardship I went through, Metron, for the first time .
Girls meeting .
When Yato teleported to Metron’s place .
“So, what are we going to do now?”
“Let’s see . Wanna go play at the beach one more time?”
“That’s a nice idea . ”
“Then how about this! Let’s stayover at Lina’s place after we’re done playing here . ”
“Only us?”
“Yes . it’s nice to spend a night only between us, girls, every now and then . ”
“I agree . ”
“Only girls, huh… that doesn’t sound bad . ”
“It’s decided then!”
“… Aren’t you feeling a fragment of concern about him?…” ⇐ Sara


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