Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 73

Chapter 73
During the lesson of a hot morning .
Thanks to the cooler working in the classroom it didn’t feel that hot inside, but the sunlight that was directly hitting me from the window made me feel a slight fever .
Usually at this time, despite feeling tired I still keep up with the lesson because of Lina watching me .
Today though, that wasn’t the case .
“…… Kamiya Yato, you don’t seem to be alright today . ”
In a low voice, Lina who noticed that fact, asked me with a concerned expression .
Her question was weird, as I was sure that I didn’t look in a bad shape .
After all, I was sitting straight and listening to the lesson with my eyes widely open .
Not showing any sign of dullness, I was seriously keeping up with the lesson while taking notes from the board .
“No, I’m completely fine . ”
“Don’t lie! There’s no way you would be this serious during class . Maybe you have a fever . ”
How rude .
You could at least trust me this time, you know .
What irritated me more was the way she talked to me; she was seriously thinking that I had a fever .
What’s more is that it wasn’t only Lina who was thinking the same .
A few classmates often stole glances at me during the lesson .
Even the teacher turned his attention to me every now and then .
Truth to be said, I don’t see why they’re reacting like that . But I had to endure their glances .
It’s all because of my usual tired attitude anyway .
Well, I don’t care about the way everyone sees me . I’m not intending to change back my behaviors .
The reason behind that is related to my mood, but most importantly, it also had to do with… the fact that summer holidays are close .
“It’s almost summer vacation . ”
Said Saya with an excited voice .
“Yeah . ”
Feeling excited about summer just like her, I cheerfully replied .
Many things happened until now, but it’s finally summer .
I already made a decisive plan for spending it .
First, I will take care of my homework as fast as possible and then I will spend the rest of my days laying on my bed . My lazy lifestyle is waiting for me .
Lina who probably guessed what I was thinking about talked to me .
“I see, so that’s why…”
“Eh? What is it?”
Saya tilted her head after she failed at grasping what Lina was meaning .
I think I deserve to get a break after all what happened this year . I knew that I was thinking like a child, but still . Summer holidays were something important for me .
“… that’s what I meant . ”
“Ah, so that’s why Yato-kun was awfully lively today . ”
“What do you mean by awfully?”
Having Lina explaining her the situation, Saya had finally understood the reason behind my extremely good mood .
Although I’d like her to not call my hard work as “being awfully lively . ”
I wonder if it’s just my imagination, but I feel that Saya has been treating me quite roughly recently .
Maybe that’s a sign of our strong friendship .
“It just doesn’t feel right after I got used to you being lazy all the time . ”
I know what you mean, but at least praise me for trying to change .
While I was gradually losing my motivation because of Lina and Saya’s comments, Saya suddenly changed the topic .
“By the way, does the both of you have a plan for summer holidays?”
She asked us about our plans .
“Nothing in particular . If anything, I may go visit my relatives . ”
“I don’t have any plans too . At least if Metron-sama doesn’t send me any new order . ”
“Then how about we go play somewhere?”
Saya suggested to the both of us .
“I don’t mind, but where are we going?”
“Hmm, maybe to the beach . ”
“Even though you’re bad with men?”
If Saya was to wear a swimsuit on the beach, she will definitely attract attention .
When I pointed that out, Saya took back her suggestion with an apologetic face .
“Sorry, I can’t…”
Of course you can’t .
Who knows what may happen if someone like her, who can’t even decently speak to a man, went to the beach .
When I bitterly smiled back to Saya who was still feeling downhearted about my comment, Lina raised her voice, seeming to have remembered something .
“That’s right! I actually got a good information from Metron-sama!”
“Good information?”
I asked her back .
“I heard about it when I was doing my regular report . Apparently, there’s an island created by Metron-sama in this world . ”
I leaned my head and asked back again .
Why did he make something like that?
“You mean an unpopulated island?”
“Yeah, so how about we go there?”
Hearing Lina’s suggestion, Saya’s eyes started sparkling as she replied with an excited voice .
“Yes, an unpopulated island! Let’s go, Kamiya-kun!”
She then turned to me seeking my reaction .
“An unpopulated island, huh…”
I couldn’t decide instantly .
It wasn’t a bad plan, but I still have my important mission to slack off every day .
When I took a bit longer than expected to come up with a decision, Saya looked at me with an uneasy face and asked .
“Don’t tell me, you don’t want to?”
Ah, this is no good .
Once I saw her uneasy expression, all my worries and hesitations disappeared .
C’mon, this is not fair .
“I will go, yes . Let me go with you . ”
When I declared my participation almost as if I gave up, Saya went back to her cheerful expression again .
I just can’t win against that face .
Lina who watched me easily give up kept staring at me, awed .
It can’t be helped . I can’t win .
“So it’s decided then!”
Saya then said with a smile as bright as the sun .
Goodbye, my lazy lifestyle .
Unlike her, I was feeling a bit dejected .
My ideal life had crumbled as soon as I planned it .
Well, I think it should be fine if it’s just for the first few days . After that, I will make sure to laze up .
I promised myself secretly to do so .
“But Saya-dono, will you be okay? You didn’t participate in P . E the other day . ”
Hearing Lina’s question, Saya was taken aback . Looks like she forgot about her health condition .
“I-It should be okay… probably . ”
Apparently, she’s not confident about her physical state .
Thinking about it, the first time we met was when she fainted before the school ceremony .
She even got 【weak body】as a skill .
Very well, let’s do something about it now .
“You should be fine now…… erasure”
I chanted while looking at her .
Saya was confused at first, but she should be okay now .
“I just cured the weak constitution you had in your body, probably”
“Eh, really?”
Checking around her body, she didn’t seem to feel any change and inclined her head in bewilderment .
“Your health problem was showing on your skills, so I just erased the skill . I think you can participate in P . E from now on as well . ”
“Eh, it was a skill?”
“I forgot that you can do that . ”
While Saya was still having troubles comprehending the situation, Lina was surprised from realizing what I did .
【erasure magic】is pretty convenient .
“Don’t worry, you won’t be fainting for no reason now . ”
“Kamiya-kun, thank you!!”
Saya thanked me with a delighted smile .
It would be troublesome if she was to faint there, after all .
Not only that, but there’s no way I’d leave her in that condition .
“Anyway, why did Metron create an island? I thought a god is not supposed to interfere in the world too much . ”
When I spoke out my doubt, Lina answered as she seemed to be recalling something .
“Yeah, it happened when I was doing my regular report . ”
Recalling her past, Lina started talking .
Ah, is this going to turn into a reminiscence arc?
Can I sleep?
First hour
“… Kamiya, do you want to go to the infirmary?”
“No, I am okay . ”
Second hour
“Kamiya-kun, do you feel bad somewhere?”
“No, nothing like that . ”
Third hour
“Kamiya, do you have a fever?”
“No, um, not really…”
Fourth hour
“Kamiya, you don’t seem to be okay today . ”
“Are you guys telling me to sleep?!”


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