Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 147

Chapter 147
Maxis kept lying flat on the ground after getting my kick in the jaw .
Did he perhaps faint?
When I was about to get closer to him and see if he was still alive, he abruptly stood up in one move .
He then thrust his fist in my direction the moment he stood up . I avoided his fist easily and watched it gouging the ground .
“You missed!”
Pulling back his fist, Maxis snapped his tongue .
“My great self was surprised by that kick, however, it won’t work . ”
He slowly lifted his arm back and snapped his neck . I wonder if my kick didn’t work on him . I’m sure that it made quite a lot of damage judging from the sensation I got .
“What are you? Tenjouin’s friend?”
“Unfortunately, that is wrong . ”
Well, he has been trying to kill him from the moment he came here . Maxis replied to my question with an uninterested attitude .
“That doesn’t matter . My great self will crush you in any case . It is your punishment for kicking me . ”
He spoke haughtily as I observed him with a cool mind .
“What did you come here for?”
“That is obvious . My great self came here to crush Tenjouin!!”
He replied with his eyes completely white and shifted his expression to one of wrath when he looked at Tenjouin who was sitting on the back .
“Tenjouin, the heroes, you and that unknown person who did this to me! Everyone who opposes my great self shall be erased from existence!”
“I see . ”
I was unable to stand his screaming voice and raised my hands while feeling already tired of his face .
“Uo!? W-What is this!?”
I created black chains which twined around his legs . He tried to break them and set his legs free again using all his strength, but the chains didn’t show a sign of breaking .
“I don’t care about your plans, but if you were going to do something then do it in your world . ”
We don’t need your annoying plans in this peaceful world . I covered my right hand with a layer of wind and approached Maxis .
“If want to stop someone from moving, you need to bind their arms as well!”
Thinking that I made a mistake in binding him, Maxis released his fist at me with all his might . As if I could miss something like that . I swiftly dodged his fist and prepared mine when I get close enough to him .
“This is Earth . We don’t need people like you from other words ―― Gale Fist . ”
My fist of wind layed a direct hit on Maxis’ face with a tremendous speed .
He let out a short groan and was about to get blown away . Since his legs were tied down with chains, he didn’t get blown, and just fell in his place . He bent backward and turned silent for a moment, though he stood up again as if nothing had happened .
“It did not work!!”
He attempted to punch me the moment he stood back, but I had already predicted such a move . The moment when he prepared to punch me, I was already on his other side .
“One more . ”
I covered my hand with wind again and thrust it on his face with all my strength .
The fist made a direct hit on his face with a great speed for the second time and Maxis bent backward again instead of getting blow away . This time his groan was shorter and I felt something breaking inside his face . A short while later, he stood up like he always does .
“You look pretty tough . I wonder how many more you can take . ”
I prepared my fist from a different side this time while casually speaking . Thus the battle continued by me repeating the process of hitting him everytime he stood back . I even started kicking his back when it bends backward to make him stand up . I heard him groaning many times on the process, but I couldn’t care less about that .
How many hits does that make?
I used wind magic to increase the speed of my hits which should also make them more harming . I lost count on how many times I punched him and prepared my last punch by clenching my fist and pulling it back . This time I decided to use fire instead of wind . I covered my entire arm with a furiously burning layer of flames .
“Explosion fist . ”
My burning fist got mercilessly buried inside his abdomen . The moment it touched his body, a deafening explosion sound resounded and Maxis got blown away . Since I released the chains from his legs, he got blown away with a great speed until he crashed into a wall of Earth . He got glued to the wall and didn’t move anymore .
This should have taken care of him . I let out a sigh while gazing at Maxis who was glued to the wall . I don’t think that he died with this, but let me check just to make sure . I stepped forth to approach him, but the next moment, I noticed that he faintly moved his arm .
“… Ah… A…”
He opened his mouth and let out a weak voice that was barely audible and slowly stood up .
“It did not work… at… all . ”
I couldn’t hide my astonished expression this time after hearing him speak with a cracking voice . You’re kidding me, right? Why is he still able to stand? I made sure to not kill him with that last punch, but he should not be able to stand either after receiving it .
In fact, his body was dripping blood from everywhere and had many broken and crushed bones . I thought of a reasonable explanation for his condition and soon came up with a conclusion .
“So, you don’t feel pain . ”
I uttered in a low voice . This explains why he is thinking that my hits are not working against him . He came to this world with an already worn out body . I heard him screaming about someone who made him like this earlier . He must have reached his limit before he was sent here . If that was the case, then it’s meaningless .
“… Uo … Oh…”
With unsteady feet, Maxis tried to approach me, but he suddenly crumbled down like a broken doll . His body gave up long before his mind did . I looked down at him crumbling in the ground . Not feeling pain doesn’t mean that he is invincible . I don’t know how he became like this, but he is certainly done for this time .
“W-What is happening…”
Tenjouin watched over the both of us from a distance while still sitting . I heard him muttering to himself ‘was I trying to defeat that thing…?’ but I pretended that I didn’t hear him . I teleported near Maxis and looked down at him .
“How did you come here?”
If he were sent here by that fake Metron, then I might be able to get a clue about the one behind this mess . As far as I know, only a God could send someone to another world, so there’s a high chance that Maxis was sent here by the culprit . I asked with the hope that I may find out something, however, Maxis stayed quiet . I can hear him faintly breathing, so he isn’t dead yet .
Could it be that he can’t speak anymore?
“… Very well . ”
If he can’t talk, then it can’t be helped . I touched his shoulder with my hand and casted a bit of healing magic on him . A faint green light covered him up as he groaned in a feeble voice . After making sure that he went back to his sense, I halted the healing magic and asked him the same question again .
“Let me ask you again . How did you come here?”
“… Damn it! Why… did my great self… end up like this…”
Ignoring my question, he muttered alone with a vexed expression .
“Answer my question . ”
“Shut up . My great self will definitely kill you! I won’t let you go back alive!!”
Watching him annoyingly yelling despite not being able to even stand, I gave up, crouched down to meet his eyes and placed my finger on his forehead .
“You will answer all my questions from now on . Don’t lie . ”
The instant I ordered him, his body flinched as if he were electrically shocked . The curse of【Darkness Magic】is absolute . Casting on him the curse, I asked the same question for the third time .
“How did you come here?”
“… I don’t know . I was here before I noticed it . ”
He went quiet for a while after dropping down his sight then answered my question honestly .
“Then why were you already worn out when you came here?”
“I was defeated by someone . ”
“Who is that someone?”
“I don’t know . He was hiding his face and sounded like a man from his voice . There was also a woman with him . ”
A woman and a man, huh . It doesn’t sound like Metron to me .
“Did that man had the voice of a child?”
Maxis lifted his head and looked at me with a confused face for asking him that weird question . I understand your reaction, but this is important . I asked him to answer quickly with a slight glare .
“… No, he had a normal voice . ”
It’s definite now . That man is not Metron . I’m sure that Metron wouldn’t go out of his way to change his voice . But if that were the case, who are those man and woman? Could they be also Gods like Metron? If that’s true then it would be strange since Gods are not allowed to interfere in worlds . Although I’ve already seen a few who violated that rule . Even if they were Gods, I don’t see a reason for them defeating this small fry and sending him here . This mystery is getting darker .
When I was about to fall into my thoughts, I noticed Tenjouin approaching me using his sword as a support cane to stand up .
“What’s wrong . ”
“I need to ask him something too . ”
Tenjouin walked to me and Maxis with tottering steps .
“Is it true that you attacked Lurian’s kingdom?”
Listening to his question, Maxis went silent for a short moment then replied in a quiet voice .
“… Yeah, that’s right . ”
“What did you do to Luri?!”
“We were on our way to attack the kingdom but we got annihilated by that man on the way . Da*n it! We were so close!”
When he replied to that question while complaining, Tenjouin who showed a face of despair widened his eyes and cheered up .
“Luri and the kingdom are safe?! You didn’t do anything!?”
“I told you already! We couldn’t reach the kingdom in the first place!”
Maxis answered Tenjouin’s persistent questions with an annoyed face while on the other hand, Tenjouin crumbled on his knees as if he ran out of energy .
“I’m glad… I’m ready glad…”
He then muttered in a weak voice repeatedly . Anyway, I understood that Metron wasn’t related to this demon being sent here .
“Good work . You can sleep now . ”
I gave Maxis a neck chop and made him faint . I turned to check on how Lina and Ouka were doing, but realized that the reflection was no longer there .
Huh, where did it go?
Maybe the guy who was using the skill got beaten up . I took out my phone and called Lina to confirm what happened there .
“Meru, call Lina for me . ”
“Okay, Desu!”
Replying with an energetic voice, Meru contacted Lina . I moved the phone next to my ear and waited for her until she picked up the call .
“Hello, is that you, Kamiya Yato?”
“Yeah, are you done over there?”
“Yeah, we took care of everyone here . Saya and Karen are safe . ”
Looks like everything was settled there too .
“I got it . I’m done dealing with the situation here . Tell me your location so I can come to you . ”
“Okay, our location is―――――― “
finding out her location, I cut the call after telling her that I will be in her place in a second . There was a need for me to ask her about the location because I can’t teleport to a place only by looking at it in a video .
I prepared to teleport to Lina’s place after making sure that Maxis was out of consciousness and moved my gaze to Tenjouin who was still crumbling on his knees . I think it would be fine if I leave him like this . He isn’t in a condition to speak to me right now, anyway . Deciding on what to do next, I teleported to the place where Lina is supposed to be .
“Karen, you are used to getting confessed a lot by guys, right?”
“What are you asking so suddenly?”
“I just thought about it because you didn’t seem shaken when Tenjouin talked to you . ”
“Guys like him are everywhere around . ”
“But he still got a good looking face, no?”
“A harmful insect will still be a harmful insect no matter how good it looks . ”
“Let’s try to not look down on people too much, okay?”


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