Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 84

Chapter 84
I’m not asking for the impossible .
“I will turn you into dust!!”
Sara charged into the normal golem while carrying her giant hammer .
Her way of cooperation was a bit too irresponsible .
“Don’t charge forward alone! It’s dangerous!”
Ignoring my warning, Sara swung her hammer with all her power .
In the other hand, the golem used his fist to guard against the strike, thus colliding with the hammer .
The moment the hammer touch the golem’s hand, it caused a massive explosion along with a blaring noise, blowing off his arm .
“Hmph, looks like he’s not that big of a threat . ”
Feeling safe after blowing off the golem’s arm, Sara said with a smirk .
But taking advantage of that short moment, the golem moved his other arm to hit her from the side .
Sara didn’t notice the closing hand .
Good grief, it’s not like I didn’t warn her .
I swiftly jumped near Sara and kicked the hand that was approaching her .
The golem’s wrist collapsed resulting in his hand falling in the ground .
Sara watched the hand falling down with an astonished expression . She wasn’t able to grasp the situation immediately .
“I told you not to rush alone!”
I warned her a second time with a stronger tone .
It would be troublesome if she kept ignoring my words this way .
Apparently offended by my warning, Sara changed her astonished expression into a sullen one .
“It has nothing to do with you!! I want to move the way I like!”
“You will only end up in the same situation as of earlier again . We should cooperate…”
“In that case, make sure to cover me!!”
I wonder what’s definition of cooperation .
I became greatly perplexed by Sara’s absurd demand .
At this rate, we won’t be able to defeat the golem no matter how long we keep fighting . Just how am I supposed to deal with this girl?
While I fell in thoughts trying to think out a way to handle Sara, Meru gazed at us with a curious face .
“Is this the so-called dispute between friends, Desu?”
“We’re not friends!”
“What did you see in us to end up with such a conclusion?”
Sara immediately denied Meru’s words .
We’ve been quarreling from the moment we met . How did she judge that we were friends?
Maybe she was able to come up with that conclusion because she spent her entire life alone, unlike us . But regardless of what she was thinking, Meru saw our situation as an opportunity and made her next move .
“They are no longer friends! A chance, Desu!”
“I told you, we were not friends from the very start!”
Sara tried correcting Meru’s misunderstanding, though it was meaningless .
Meru ignored Sara’s shout and continued to control the golem .
The normal golem swung his right arm down at us; exactly in the same way and posture he used last time .
This attack again? Looks like he’s lacking innovation .
I felt slightly disappointed by the attack which I was intending to dodge easily, however, shortly after, that feeling of disappointment changed into one of consternation as I widened my eyes .
“Fire, Desu!”
Right when the golem dropped his fist at us, two of his fingers flew in our direction .
“They can fly!!?”
Startled by the unforeseen attack pattern, I barely dodged the flying fingers that flew directly toward me with great speed and ended up piercing the ground .
This guy is pretty skillful .
“There is still more, Desu!”
Following Meru’s words, the golem launched the rest of his fingers at me .
Right, left, right, left . Launching one finger from a single hand every time, he kept aiming at the both of us .
“What’s wrong with this rocks!”
Sara crushed the rock fingers that leaped at her using her hammer .
The crushed fingers caused a cloud of dust and covered her field of vision .
It was a poor move coming from her .
Now that her vision is blocked, she can’t deal with the next attack .
My premonition seemed to have hit the mark as the normal golem resorted to punching her with his fingerless hand .
Sara was still incapable to predict what was coming due to the smoke .
At this pace, she will definitely receive a straightforward hit .
This is bad!
I hastily rushed in front of Sara, took a defensive posture and received the normal golem’s punch instead of her .
“Gu… aa… aaa! Aa!”
When the cloud of dust had finally cleared off, Sara widened her eyes after realizing the situation unfolding ahead of her .
My body suddenly started feeling heavy . The exceedingly heavy weight of the golem leaned on me as I let out a strange voice similar to a groan .
I thought I could somehow bear the attack, but things don’t look very promising . Unlike crushing his arm, trying to stop the blow required me to use all my strength .
I could hear my bones creaking as my legs were gradually getting buried underground .
“Good, crush him like that, Desu!”
Obeying to Meru’s order, the golem pumped more vigor into his hand .
“Ah! Y-You…u…u…”
The tone of my voice intensified in proportion to the power he added .
My bones creaked almost as if they were shrieking .
I don’t think I can bear this for longer .
As I impatiently contemplated a plan to overcome the situation, the massive weight that was squeezing my body had abruptly disappeared .
It was thanks to Sara who destroyed the golem’s arm while I was blocking it .
The arm that got destroyed fell in the ground .
Without giving the golem a chance to catch up, Sara struck the ground to distract him .
The ground exploded and smoke covered the entire hall .
Due to the heavy pressure I received, my body didn’t move exactly as I wanted, but fortunately, Sara lent me her hand .
“This way . ”
I obediently let her drag me by my hand .
When we took a safe distance from the golem, Sara finally halted her steps .
“We should be fine this far . ”
“Yeah, thanks for helping me out . ”
When I expressed my gratitude to her, she scowled at me .
“You! Why did you save me despite all the things I said earlier?”
She spoke with a low voice . She was most likely feeling guilty for what she had done .
What do you mean? If I let you die there, who would help me defeat this guy?
I got bewildered for a second, seeing her asking the obvious .
“That’s because I need you of course!”
Was she listening when I was asking for her cooperation all this time?
Hearing my obvious answer, Sara replied with an “I see…”, and closed her eyes, seeming to be considering something . She then eventually opened them up again after coming up with a decision .
“… do it . ”
“Say it! Tell me your plan! Don’t tell me you’re asking for my cooperation without any further plan!”
Hearing those words coming from her mouth as she was looking slightly embarrassed, I froze in my place .
What did she just say? Will she be cooperating with me?
“Eh? We’re going to work together to defeat him?”
“I want to destroy that thing as well you know . That’s the only choice I’ve got left . ”
How come? Did she hit her head or something?
I couldn’t help but title my head in confusion . But nevertheless, if she was willing to cooperate, I have no reason to refuse .
“Yeah, I do . I have the best secret plan prepared only for this moment!!”
“That super giant golem is made out of rocks, right?”
“That is correct . A golem reinforces its body by appending more layers of the material from which it is made, Desu . ”
“So an iron golem or a copper golem could also do the same thing?”
“Correct . Desu . there are even some people who use golems in their art . ”
“They make use of stone golems to adhere stones and carve sculptures, Desu . ”
“So that’s how art works in other worlds, huh . ”


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