Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 40

Chapter 40
False impression
Ignoring my wish to go back and sleep, Lina, remaining in her fighting stance, looked for a chance to attack .
I guess I have no other choice than to fight back .
I’m not really in the mood for battle this late at night, however since she looked determined to fight, I was really going to have to do it .
Resolving my determination, I checked Lina’s stats .
She must be really strong as she works under a god .
Lina 16 female angel Lvl 86
Physical points: 7200/7200
Magical points: 7280/7300
Appraisal – Light magic – void-Magic master – Box – sacred sword – Body enhancement – Angel transformation – Wing judgement ( impossible to use ) – Cooking – Cleaning .
She’s weaker than what I’ve expected .
Wait, her level isn’t that high .
Doesn’t that mean that I’m stronger?
“Rouga . ”
“What is it, chief~”
“Sorry, but it doesn’t seem you will get a turn in this fight . ”
“Ehh~! Why~?”
“Ask her stats, not me . ”
Finishing my conversation with Rouga, I looked at Lina’s stats again .
I wasn’t mistaken, her stats were pretty low .
As I was becoming bewildered by her low stats, Lina said, “What is it? Don’t tell me you’re already frightened?”
Misunderstanding the situation, Lina made a triumphal grin .
Something is not right . There’s no way she could be this weak while making such a confident expression .
I was suspecting Lina’s real strength, when she abruptly leaped towards me .
“If you’re not coming, then I will! Come, my beloved sword!”
Following her scream, a silver sword appeared out of nowhere .
That was probably because of that 【Box】skill . It’s like an item box that allows its user to stock various stuff in it .
“Prepare yourself . ”
Clenching her sword, Lina rushed towards me . I took a defensive stance and prepared for the attack .
Let’s see, I wonder from where she will hit…
As I started to observe her moves, I slightly widened my eyes in surprise of her unexpected speed .
She was running straight towards me with all her might, however, her speed couldn’t be any slower .
Well, objectively speaking, she was fast . But still not as fast as I’d expected .
Disappointed by her slow movements, I waited for Lina to attack then dodged her sword .
“Hmph, looks like you’re not that weak . ”
Lina said to me with an intrigued expression .
Rather than not that weak, I didn’t even do anything of considerable effort . Don’t tell that she was already at her limits .
N-No way . She’s still making that confident face, so things hadn’t gotten serious yet .
There was still more to come .
“What’s the matter? All you do is dodge my hits!”
As I was dodging all of her attacks, Lina tried provoking me .
I guess it’s not fair for the other party if I only kept dodging . Not to mention, Lina was already almost out of breath .
Let’s go for a counterattack .
Continuing to avoid her strikes, I chose the right time and kicked the hand that was holding the sword, causing her to lose it .
Astonished by my counter, Lina halted, though I wasn’t nice enough to wait for her to come to her senses .
I turned the leg that I had used to kick her hand and thrust it at her stomach .
Bending her body back and letting out a groan, Lina retreated . The sword fell from her hand, turned into light and vanished .
“I didn’t expect you to be this strong… I have misjudged you . ”
“Ah, hm, yeah…”
I didn’t know how to respond to Lina who was holding her stomach and getting all fired up alone . I felt a great difference of enthusiasm between us .
I did indeed put some strength in my kick, but I didn’t think she would receive that much damage from a single hit .
Was it just that she was really weak in the first place?
Starting to confirm Lina’s weakness, she abruptly raised her hand, preparing to use magic .
“It looks like you’re especially strong in short distance battles . In that case I shall attack you from a long distance . ”
Misunderstanding her situation again, she now assumed that I was bad at long-distance battles .
Of course I don’t have any inclination to either short or long distance combats, but if I was to chose, I’d prefer to fight from a long distance . I’ve got magic and stuff, after all .
“Well, it’s not like that you see…”
“Hmph, stop trying to show off . ”
Trying to clear away the misunderstanding, Lina interrupted my words with a laugh, considering them as a lie .
I wasn’t trying to show off here .
I wish she would realize the current situation on her own .
Wishing she would read the mood, Lina suddenly raised her hand again, making a hazy gray sphere appear out of the blue .
“This is the 【void-Magic master】skill, that only angels who serve under the gods can use . Anything that makes contact with this sphere will turn into ash and disappear . ” Lina warned me .
“I didn’t want to use this skill if possible . This sphere is so dangerous that the slightest wrong move could lead to your death . I shall give you a chance to give up . ”
Then don’t use it in the first place! Why you use something that would kill the other party when you need them alive?
“I just told you, I’m not intending to go anywhere . How about you give up and go back?”
Realizing that persuading me was useless, Lina answered with, “I see,” and closed her eyes as if she gave up on everything .
“Very well! You will have to endure some pain soon enough!!”
Abruptly opening her eyes, Lina released the gray sphere towards me .
I didn’t lose my patience and kept standing still .
But this void-magic skill was interesting .
If it’s the maxed skill of a power that turns everything into naught, then my maxed magic skill would stand no chance against it . Though that didn’t mean that I couldn’t do anything about it .
There’s still one skill that could work .
“Erasure . ”
Following that single world, the gray sphere vanished . 【Erasure Magic】was the perfect countermeasure for that kind of attack . I could also use teleportation magic and run away, however erasure magic was the best choice to show her the difference in our abilities .
Dumbfounded by the sudden vanishing of her sphere, Lina opened her mouth, trembling .
“W-What happened… why did my magic…”
“I erased it using my skills . ”
I replied to the trembling Lina .
“Erased?! How could that be possible?! I never heard of a magic that could erase mine!”
That’s because I made it .
Of course you wouldn’t know about it .
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Rather, why was she getting startled all the time? Didn’t she have the appraisal skill as well?
“No way! I can’t accept this!!”
Having snapped, Lina started firing her gray spheres continuously at me . Maintaining my composure, I continued erasing one after the other .
After I erased a few of them without making any sound, Lina finally realized that what she was doing was futile . She halted her fire and crumbled onto her knees .
“No… way…”
I approached Lina, who repeated the same words and could not believe what had just happened .
“Give it up, you can’t defeat me . ”
Asking her quietly to give up, Lina gradually raised her voice and refused .
“Not yet… We’re not done yet!!”
At that moment, she stretched her hand in front of my face and released a bright light .
Falling for her unexpected move, I was dazzled by the light and retreated back .
“… I didn’t lose to you yet! The next time we meet, I shall defeat you!! You’d better prepare yourself for that time!!”
Lina’s words reached my ears for a while, but when I opened my eyes she was no longer there .
She ran away again…
I let out a deep sigh as I stood in the dark . I couldn’t feel her presence . Did she erase it using that void magic, maybe?
But still, what was wrong with that girl?
Suddenly attacking me then escaping .
She was talking about bringing me to another world all this time, though I guess she already gave up on that .
No… judging from what she said, I think she would come to challenge me again .
Well, the next time I would just have act the same way I did now .
“…Let’s go back . ”
Worn-out from tonight’s battle, I uttered to myself: Looks like I will be lacking sleep for the tomorrow again .
“What’s wrong, Kamiya-kun? You look very sleepy today . ”
“Lot of things happened yesterday . ”
“Something happened yesterday?”
“Yeah, I was kinda attacked by her (Lina) last night . ”
“Attacked… you mean by Karen-chan?!”
“Can you stop with those delusions please?”


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