Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 144

Chapter 144
Everything will be put to an end today . The sky was clear and the weather was good, unlike the depressing feelings I get whenever I think that I will have to fight those guys again . I made my resolve yesterday, but my mind had changed along with the day and lost the mood to do anything . I wonder why this always happens to me . I was thinking whether I did actually change or not recently, but only this part of my character doesn’t change . Right now I’m standing in the battlefield of yesterday . The place was surrounded with cliffs and looked like a caved in hoke from the top . I stood there alone and waited .
“Guess they won’t show up this easily…”
I let out a sigh which eventually got suppressed by the complete silence . I thought that if I come here, Tenjouin and his class might follow me, though, things wouldn’t go so smoothly . I’m going to have to search for them, after all . I have no clue about their location and besides, they also have someone who can use teleportation magic which makes following them a hard task . According to Kokonoe’s explanation of yesterday, Tenjouin should be on his way to me now . They don’t have any time to waste anyway . I have already prepared a plan against those who went to take hostages too . So everything should be fine in that regard . All that’s left now for me is to wait for Tenjouin here . If he didn’t come, then I’d have no other choice but to go back .
“Guess I’ll go back…”
Right before I was going to give up and leave—- the sky turned red . It looks like they are here . Else, there is nothing that will cause the sky to be dyed in red . I remained standing in my place and gazed at the red barrier that they created before I heard my name being called from a distance .
I turned to the direction of the yelling voice and found Tenjouin standing there with his classmates .
“You’re late . ”
“I assume you were waiting for us to show up . ”
“I’m getting tired of having my life targeted by you, so I decided to stay alerted . ”
I was serious . It’s really nerve wrecking to wait for an enemy you don’t know when and where he will show up . I replied to him with the same casual attitude, though this time, he didn’t react . I couldn’t tell if he was resolving himself or just feeling nervous . Certainly, his attitude wasn’t so friendly . Noticing that he wasn’t intending to speak too much in this tense mood, I thought I’d make a remark about the number of his classmates .
“You came with a few numbers today . Did something perhaps happen?”
“You won’t understand . ”
Well, I do understand . It’s just that I’m feigning ignorance to avoid any further troubles . Tenjouin was intending to talk about the situation . That’s a normal reaction . Nobody speaks about their internal situation to an enemy . After a few seconds of silence, Tenjouin pulled out his sword .
“I don’t have much time left, so I’ll be defeating you now . ”
He then stepped forth while the other members stepped back as if they weren’t planning to fight .
“What are you doing? You’re not going to rush at me altogether?”
“This time I, alone, will be your opponent . ”
He declared with a confident face while puffing out his chest .
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah, the others won’t fight . They most likely won’t be able to keep up with me . ”
The next moment, a strong aura emanated from his sword . So that’s the strong weapon Kokonoe was talking about . It wasn’t that flashy, but it did indeed look like a divine sword that a hero would use . As much as I heard, his stats should have considerably increased from equipping it, let’s see if that were true .
“Kamiya, you are powerful . You are the most powerful enemy I have faced in my life . ”
“Thanks for the compliment . ”
“That is why I find it regrettable . You could have become a great reliable ally if you were to join us . ”
His sorrowful face was earnestly regretting it . Even if I ended up going with them from the start, I’d have gone back to Earth the moment I had found a way . Who would want to go with this bunch and defeat a Demon Lord . That’s your job as the classic protagonist you find everywhere . Only by imagining myself being with them in that world, my expression distorted to an irritated one .
“Therefore, Kamiya ―――”
Tenjouin vanished from my sight without any warning .
“I shall defeat you here . ”
Before I realized it, he was already standing before my eyes and wielding his sword . Due to me looking away and Tenjouin’s unexpected speed, I was a little late to react and teleported to dodge his swing . My clothes got slightly cut by his sword . Tenjouin passed by me and stopped after taking a short distance . He was making a proud face for being able to cut my clothes . That was dangerous . I shouldn’t have fallen in thoughts in the middle of the battle . Cold sweat ran down my body as I looked at the slashed part of my clothes, Karen would be really mad if she sees my torn clothes, as she was the one who gifted them to me on my last birthday . When I shifted my sight to him again, I noticed that his legs were shining with a bright light .
« General Information »
Name: Tenjouin Hikaru
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Level: 183
« Points »
Health Points: 13140/13140
Magic Points: 13040/13040
« Skills »
Light Magic Master, Sword Arts, Prediction, Presence Detection, Presence Concealment
« Titles »
The Devil Slayer
His stats are still the same as the last time I saw them .
What’s going on here?
After taking another look, I realized that his legs weren’t actually wrapped by the light, but they have turned into light themselves . His legs turned into light; something came to mind when I recited that line in my head .
It wasn’t his stats that increased from equipping that sword .
“With the skill of this sword,【Light Transformation】, I have turned into light itself . No matter how fast you can get, you can’t be faster than the speed of light . ”
Tenjouin explained with a haughty attitude as he displayed his shining legs .
“What a troublesome item…”
“I can win against you with this sword . ”
Tenjouin was clearly excited to defeat me with his new sword while I was making a displeased face . I guess I will destroy that sword in the worst case scenario . He’s supposed to have obtained it from Metron, so it wouldn’t hurt if I were to crush it . Considering countless possibilities in my head, I prepared for Tenjouin’s next move .
Meanwhile, in Anamz, Another battle had kicked off .
“Maxis-sama, we’re approaching the human’s kingdom . ”
“Good . ”
Maxis replied to his subordinate while revealing a sinister grin on his face .
“That kingdom will certainly fall if I attack it with this much military power . ”
He muttered to himself while looking down at the military corps advancing . The demon tribe subordinates surrounding him were around a few hundreds . The monsters he was riding and the flying ones he brought with him were around a few hundreds as well . Since the average numbers of the demon tribe are usually higher than those of the humans, this military power was far than enough to trample on the kingdom in a day . Finally, the kingdom of Lurian entered their field of sight after they crossed the plains . However at the same time…
The army abruptly stopped advancing . Something must have happened in the front line for them to gradually stop the rear . Maxis heard his subordinates rustling in the front, but he had no clue on what was happening .
“What is going on? What happened?”
“Maxis-sama, someone is blocking our way . ”
After hearing the short report of his subordinate, Maxis narrowed his eyes and gazed at the front . He then noticed the figure of two people standing there .
“Sorry about that, but I’m gonna ask you to go back from where you came . ”
“Do your best, Ren!”
“W-Who are they…?”
Maxis kept gazing at the two people who were speaking nonsense to him . One of them was hiding his face with a rob, though it was apparent from his voice that he was a man . The other one was a woman . Those two humans stood in their way and blocked their path .
“Mana, go hide somewhere . Your skill is not suited for battles—”
“It’s okay! I’m already hiding!”
Getting interrupted before he finished his line, Ren turned around and noticed that Mana was waving to him while only hiding her face and peeking from behind a giant rock nearby .
“I have already finished my job, so it’s your turn now, Ren!”
Mana continued before Ren was able to scold her and made him nod to her before turning back to look at the demon army .
“I’m in debt for some people in that kingdom, so let me return that debt now . ”
Ren unreluctantly declared in front of an army composed of hundreds of soldiers and monsters . Maxis was surprised by his declaration first, but he soon regained his composure and snorted .
“What can a mere human like you do to us!? I don’t know how you get hold of our plans, but I will have to kill you here . ”
Following Maxis’s overconfident statement, the soldiers pulled out their weapons and started chanting magic spells . Ren didn’t show a sign of faltering and kept observing with a cool mind .
“Thanks to my partner predicting this unimaginable horrendous situation, I was able to make it in time . ”
Ren spoke alone to himself .
“Let me act as a hero in the stead of Tenjouin and his friends who disappeared . ”
He then halted his words, revealed an excited grin and continued .
“Bring it on, small fries . ”
One human against hundreds of demon soldiers and monsters . In Anamz, the former hero Mitaka Ren who had turned into a living ghost was facing the demon army of Maxis .
Negotiations .
“What is it, Rouga?”
“I didn’t get to show up this chapter~”
“I wonder . It felt like you showed up as a human in the second half of the chapter for me . ”
“I want to show up before it’s too late . ”
“Then what about you shift turns with someone else?”
“Ah, I see~ I will choose him . ”
“Huh? Who?”
“That good-looking guy . I will go ask him to switch turns with me~”
“Just make sure you don’t show him your sharp fangs when you ask . ”


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