Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 74

Chapter 74
One time, when I was reporting the situation to Metron-sama as usual .
“—— that is all . I didn’t see Kamiya Yato making any suspicious moves . ”
“I get it . Good job . Keep up the good work . ”
“Earth, huh…”
After finishing the report, Metron-sama muttered that word while seeming to reminisce the past .
“How nostalgic . ”
“Did you go there?”
“Yeah, when I was traveling in secret in the old days . It was when the place where you’re living in now was still called Edo . ”
Metron-sama kept talking about his missed past .
According to him, he used to secretly visit earth formerly .
But, how can I say this…
I can’t shake off the uncomfortable feeling when I see him talking about his old days while he’s taking the appearance of a young kid .
Well, at least he’s older than me .
Suddenly, Metron-sama raised his voice, seeming to have recalled something .
“Ah, come to think of it . I’ve created an island there . ”
Asking him back, Metron confirmed his words and continued .
“I made it for my own use when I visit earth again, though I got too excited and remodeled it in many ways… ah, I was pretty young at that age . ”
He said while blushing .
I just can’t get used to him saying things like this with that appearance .
“However, is it okay? If someone was to find that island, things will turn into a mess . ”
“It’s okay . I made it in a way that nobody could find it . ”
He seemed to be confident that no one will find it .
Well, if he said it’s okay, then it is .
Gazing at him still nostalgically recalling the past, I made myself believe that things will be okay .
“— and that’s what happened . ”
Saying all what she had to say, Lina took a short breath .
“Gods are pretty… free…”
“Gods are breaking the rules…”
Saya and I had a bitter smile on our face, shocked from realizing the privileges of a god . I wonder if all of them are like that .
“Well, Metron-sama has a special character . There was a time when he was called has ‘the god of leisure . ’ that’s how much he likes playing around, so it can’t be helped . ”
That kid was a god of leisure .
I was slightly surprised to know that, but immediately agreed . It was a perfect title for a kid like him .
Maybe he summoned my class that time just because he thought it would be interesting .
“If he that ki- Metron was speaking about his past, how old is he?”
I forgot and was about refer to Metron as “kid” when I asked Lina .
That’s dangerous . It would be terrifying of she was to get angry about it again . She already reacted to the way I changed my words . Next time, I need to be more careful .
“I don’t know about that too . I remember him saying that he stopped counting after 500 years . Rather, you! What were you about to say just now?”
“No-Nothing . ”
Barely safe .
I barely avoided her suspicion by feigning ignorance . Even though all those things that happened to her because of him, she still doesn’t like anyone to to talk bad about him .
“Hee, so a god lives that long . ”
Saya said with an impressed and carefree voice, unlike me .
I somehow felt jealous of her carefree attitude .
Give me some of your easy-going mood at least .
“But still, Metron once came to Edo, huh . And he made an island… island? Wait, could it be…”
As I was muttering to myself, I felt something off in my own words and started pondering .
A few moments later, I decided to ask Lina to confirm my thought .
“Lina, could it be that there is a teleportation system installed on that island?”
“Teleportation system? Yeah, that’s possible . Metron-sama doesn’t have the skill to teleport between worlds, so he may have installed it there . ”
Hearing her answer, I understood the situation .
“I see…”
“What about it?”
Noticing my odd reaction, Lina asked me back .
That was because I was probably grinning .
When I made my decision, I stood up, silently .
Saya called my name, confused by my odd attitude .
So apparently, that kid is setting a teleportation system that’s connected to him place .
Then there’s only one thing to be done .
“I’m going punch that kid and the face . ”
“What? You mean, Metron-sama?”
“Yeah, sorry but I won’t be changing my mind . ”
I went through hard times because of him .
I can’t just let a chance like this go away .
Even if Lina tries to stop me .
“No, I’m not going to stop you . ”
However, contrary to my prediction, Lina wasn’t intending to do so .
Bewildered by her shocking reply, I turned to stare at her .
“You’re not going to stop me?”
“I understand your feelings . I mean, I went through the same hardship as well . That’s why I think that letting you go would serve as a good lesson to Metron-sama… not to mention…”
“Not to mention?”
When I urged her to continue, Lina made the same type of grin as the one I was doing, and talked .
“I too went him to go through a hard time . ”
She said it with a face not seeming to feel bad about it at all .
I was happy to hear those words coming from her .
“You started acting like yourself too . ”
“Thanks to someone . ”
We both laughed at the same time .
It was as if two kids thought of a new prank .
“You too, don’t go too far . ”
Saya said with a bitter smile on her face, as she watched the both of us laughing that way .
“But is it fine? If I made it to Metron’s place, you will be doubted for helping me out . ”
“Don’t worry . I can take care of that part . You’re free to do whatever you want . ”
“Is that so . ”
She did indeed change from the first time I met her .
At that time, she was more like a mad Metron devotee .
She’s going in the right direction .
After we kept laughing for a while, the three of us started making a detailed plan for our trip to that island .
Just wait you annoying kid . I will be there in no time .
“What’s the matter, Metron-sama?”
“I-I’m not sure . I kinda felt a chill running down me…”


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