Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 110

Chapter 110
I revealed an astonished express after seeing Germa appearing out of thin air . I didn’t have any idea that he was imprisoned in the 【Infinite Prison】 after I defeated him last time . At the same time, I realized that the prisoner was Germa, I also noticed how dire the situation had become . It was a desperate situation . I still won’t be able to move for 5 minutes . Scala as well, despite looking lively, was already worn out . Lina and Sara were the only two who could move freely, but they probably wouldn’t stand a chance in front of Germa . If he were to make a move now, we will surely get annihilated .
What now…
Germa, who realized that I was in a panic state, was able to sense the impatience and frustration in me and revealed a mischievous grin .
“Fufufu . Don’t make that face, I’m not intending to do anything now . As you can see, I’m all worn out as well . ”
He looked towards his tattered and worn out clothes, as he began to speak . He looked like someone who barely managed to escape from a deadly situation . Perhaps he used all his abilities to escape from【Infinite Prison】 . As I was secretly analyzing Germa’s condition, Scala turned towards him and raised a loud voice .
The moment Germa heard that voice, his composed posture transformed into a baffled expression, as he turned towards the direction of the source of the voice .
“Ah! You!! Goddess of Destruction!!”
“You’re Germa!! How dare you escape from me that time!!”
Despite having his face covered with a broken mask, it was easy enough to say that was making a ridiculed face and due to that, Scala had forgotten about her battle with me and directed her wrath towards him . Germa cleared his throat in an attempt to take back his coolness and then gazed at Scala .
“I wasn’t expecting you to be here . But that is fine . You are no longer a threat to me who has obtained a new power . ”
“What did you say!!?”
Scala’s expression changed in an astonished one as she heard Germa making his declaration . In the meantime, a word in his declaration caught my attention that didn’t seem promising .
“That is right . I have obtained a new power . A power strong enough to allow me to escape from that hell and to eradicate anything that stands in my way . ”
He spoke while revealing that same mischievous grin . I had no idea about this new power he obtained, but it must be something considerable judging from his confident attitude . When I frowned from hearing Germa speak with ease, he suddenly stopped laughing .
“Although I said that, I won’t be exhibiting it until later . ”
He said so while revealing a regretful expression . Sara, who was quiet all this time, firmly asked him a question .
“You! How did you escape from【Infinite Prison】?! It’s not a place from where anyone could escape!!”
With a strong voice tone and unyielding will, Sara shouted at the former God who escaped from a prison that nobody had managed to step out of until now . Germa shook his head while exclaiming in disappointment .
“There’s no way I’d answer your question . I’m not a fool to reveal such an important information to you, after all . ”
“What did you say!!”
When he answered with a voice tone as if he were making a mockery of her, Sara’s face turned hot red as if she were to burst into anger at any moment . Apparently, there was no way he’d answer that question .
“So why did you come here for? Don’t tell me you just came to greet me this time . ”
When I asked him about his true intentions, he started giggling behind that cracked mask .
“You are correct . I wouldn’t use this transmission magic just for greeting you . Although, saying hello was one of my goals this time . ”
Germa went silent for a brief moment, before proceeding to talk about a serious matter .
“Today, human, no, Kamiya Yato, I declare that I will be engulfing this world in my darkness . ”
I instantly remembered his plans of that time after hearing his declaration . That last time he said something about creating his own world of darkness or something . He still didn’t give up, apparently .
“So, I came here to declare war on you . ”
“Do you really need to come all the way here to tell me?”
“You’re the only existence here that will stand in my way of creating the ideal world . That’s why I need to crush you in order to achieve my goal . And surely, I didn’t forget about that time; about that disgrace when you, a mere earthling creature, defeated me, an almighty God . I just cannot bear the humiliation to this day . Thus, I am not planning on making any surprise attack, and instead, I came to warn you to be fair . ”
I still couldn’t see his face that was concealed with the mask, but unlike the delighted voice he was making just recently, this time his voice sounded cold and brimming with silent wrath . I felt like I had been resented for doing nothing . It would have been nice if he could forget about all that and just went on living his usual life . This guy was as annoying as usual . I let out a sigh in my heart .
“And for my convenience, it looks like the Goddess of Destruction is here as well so I shall make you pay for that day’s humiliation too . ”
“Bring it if you can!! Or do you want me to come to you now!?”
Scala, who was constantly being provoked by Germa, seemed to be in an angry mood and challenged him for a fight . However, Germa didn’t pay her any mind, and let out a displeased sigh .
“I told you that the only reason I came here was to declare a war against Kamiya Yato . Moreover, this is just a transmission magic, you can’t use it to teleport to my place . You’re such a simple-minded person . ”
“WHAT?! Who are you calling a simple-minded person!!”
Scala yelled even louder after getting agitated by Germa . I also agreed with him about that fact, but since it wasn’t the proper time to point that out, we both ignored her . Germa turned to look at me again .
“Well then, I shall be taking my leave now . Kamiya Yato . By the time my wound heals, I will immediately come to kill you . Do your best to look forward to that day . And, of course, you’re also included, Goddess of destruction . Later then . ”
Leaving those words behind him, he suddenly disappeared and the distorted sky went back to normal as if nothing had happened . A short moment of total silence followed his disappearance, but it soon was ruined by Scala’s raging howls .
“Damn that mongrel!!!!”
She roared as if she had lost all her senses while I was still thinking of a way to tackle Germa .
Let’s see, what am I supposed to do now?
He said that once his wound heals he would come for me, then the best plan would be to get him before he healed . The problem was that I didn’t know where he is hiding . If only I could just find him, I would be able to manage the rest all by myself . I kept on contemplating a plan to find Germa while Lina approached me and asked a question .
“What are you going to do, Kamiya Yato? Are you planning to wait for his attack?”
“No, the best course of action is to defeat him while he is still wounded, do you know where is he hiding?”
“Nobody knows about his whereabouts . ”
Interrupting my conversation with Lina, another voice answered my question . It was Sara who was already standing near me .
“Germa had vanished instantly after leaving the prison . The only thing we know about him is that he fled to this world . ”
Hearing Sara’s explanation, I nodded ambiguously and started contemplating a plan again .
If we don’t know his place then…
I tried coming up with a good plan but the moment I saw Sara looking at me, I remembered that I didn’t thank her yet for saving my life .
“By the way, Sara, I know it’s late but, thanks for saving me back then . ”
“You’re really late…”
Sara replied with a faint smile on her face .
“Well, that is alright . this is for that time you saved me . ”
“That time?”
“If I had left you that way, you’d probably be dead by now . ”
As I remembered that Sara said something about her owing me one for that time on the island . I wasn’t really paying attention to what she said that day . Really, Sara’s faithfulness in these kinds of situations was quite strange .
“So what are you going to do? If you don’t know about his whereabouts, then you can’t defeat him . ”
After watching me and Sara talk, Lina intervened and tried to change the topic to the original one . However, I had already sought out a plan to counter Germa this time .
(ED: Yep, Lina’s jealous . )
“Maybe I can find him . ”
“Eh? Really?”
Lina and Sara were left astonished after hearing my declaration . I tried clenching my fist while looking at it .
Nice, looks like I’m able to move again . I can use my skills now .
I closed my eyes and focused on the skill that I was about to use . The【Space Magic (Extra Large)】allows its user to grasp even the smallest details of a designated space . With the extra large effect, its range could very well cover the entire planet .
If I use it to find Germa who was a foreigner to this world, that would be the easiest thing to do . I concentrated my consciousness on the【Space Magic (Extra Large)】skill and extended it to surround all the Earth .
“… Found you . ”
The reason why I was able to find Germa, was that I searched the entire planet for someone who possessed magical energy . There was only one person beside us to have magical energy, and it was Germa . To top it off, Germa was hiding on an uninhabited island .
“You found him?”
“Yeah, I did . ”
“Hey!! You found where that mongrel is hiding?!!”
Scala, who was howling until now, heard our conversation and pressed me to answer her . I was impressed that she could hear that from this far . She approached me and brought her face to mine . I couldn’t hide my startled expression when she did that, but Scala didn’t seem to care and kept pressing on me for answers .
“Y-Yeah, I did . ”
“Then let’s go!! I’m going to teach him a lesson!!”
I wonder what happened to her worn out body . She grabbed me from my collar and glared at me with her terrifying eyes . It felt like she’s going to lose control over herself at any moment .
“I get it . I get it so let away from me . Lina, Sara, hold my hand tightly, we’re teleporting . ”
“O-Okay . ”
“Y-Yeah . I-I’m doing it . ”
Lina and Sara grabbed onto my hand while having their faces dyed in red . Scala also grabbed my shoulder as we prepared to teleport .
“Well then, let’s go . ”
Thus, we teleported to the island where Germa was hiding .
What if…
What if Germa messed up the transmission address .
The women bath
“It has been a while, human . ”
“Kyaaa!! A pervert!!”
“Don’t peep!!”
“Wait? What just happened? Did I mess up the address?!!”
“Just leave already!!”
The men bath
“It has been a while, human . ”
“Uoh!! Is he peeping?!”
“Ah, looks like I confused the address . ”
“A perve-”
“Well then . ”


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