Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 115

Chapter 115
Chapter 115: Looks like I don’t have the right to refuse .
After rescuing the kidnapped person and completing the investigation with the old man, I was relaxing and slacking off on my bed once again . However, I felt bad for Lina who was left to clear up the mess that we caused . Also, Scala would probably stay away from Earth for a while as she was scolded by Metron .
I can finally take a breather now that all the threats have disappeared . Now that everything has been cleared, I can finally spend my time peacefully relaxing on my bed . All I had to do was to enjoy every second of my time, as I was laying off on my bed and was reading my light novels in my air-conditioned room . These pleasant time of my life; I just couldn’t get the enough of it .
After I got tired from the reading the novel, I put the book aside and let out a faint sigh . However, the moment I was about to close my eyes and went to sleep, the door of my room opened and I heard a familiar voice resounding in my head .
With a powerful gust, Rouga jumped on me while I was laying on the bed, which almost choked me from the sudden impact . When I lifted my head to see what happened, I saw her waving her tail with vigor before making a request to me .
“Let’s go for a walk~”
It looks like she is too eager to go for a walk with me . Ever since the day we adopted her into our family, she is showing more traits as a dog than a wolf . I wonder if she is fine with acting as a dog despite being a wolf . However, when I was wondering about it, a sudden thought struck my mind about her entering my room .
“How did you get inside the room?”
Rouga doesn’t have palms like a human, so she can’t use the doorknob, so how did she manage to open up the door? The moment I asked her, a reply came back, but from another person who just entered the room .
“I opened it for her . ”
I shifted my sight to Karen who was standing near the door while gazing at me .
“She was aimlessly walking around your room as if she wanted to get in, so I opened the door for her . ”
“Oh! I see . So, that’s how she entered in . ”
After listening to the explanation, given by Karen . I shifted my gaze to Rouga, and gave her a head-pat . She then closed her eyes and purred like a cat before suddenly standing up again after remembering the reason she came running to me .
“It looks like it can’t be helped . Alright, let’s go for a walk . ”
“Ah, that’s right . ”
Despite not being in a mood to do anything at all, I acted as if I were really considering Rouga’s request to go for a walk . Since many things have happened lately, so I just wanted to do some relaxation . I don’t really want to leave my room right now . Karen, who realized that I was hesitating, asked me about what Rouga was requesting .
“So, what is Rouga saying?”
“She wants to go for a walk . ”
The moment she heard that answer, Karen changed her expression all of a sudden and told me with an urging attitude .
“Then just go out already . ”
“Well, I’m not really in the mood to do anything, you see…”
“Just go out . ”
I tried refusing, but the ambiance she was emanating didn’t give me the chance nor the right to do that . At these times, no matter what I do, I just can’t change her mind .
“Then why don’t you go with her?”
“I want to walk with chief!”
My attempt to argue with Karen was splendidly turned down by Rouga’s comment . Well, it’s been a while since I gave her some time, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt to listen to her request this one time . Even though I gave up on the idea of Karen going instead of me, she still answered my question .
“Those girls are coming to our house today, so I won’t be able to go out with her anyway . ”
“Those girls?”
“Those three idiots . ”
[ED:- It reminded me of a Bollywood movie “3 Idiots” . If you haven’t watched it yet, I’d recommend it, it’s a romcom . Totally worth it . ]
I couldn’t understand immediately what she meant by those girls, but once I heard her saying ‘three idiots’, I suddenly remembered about the girls she was talking about; the girls who used to bully her . I only met them one time for a very short while, so I can’t recall them well, but still, Karen inviting someone to our place is something she has never done before .
“It’s pretty rare for you to invite people to our place . I assume you’re getting along with them . ”
When I asked her if she were getting along with them, she darkened her expression and answered with a low tone .
“I don’t really want them to come here . I just lost in a bet and had to do what they said; it can’t be helped . ”
Even though I didn’t ask for further explanation, Karen continued to mutter with a low voice tone as if she was depressed . Apparently, she did not invite them by her own volition . It seems like the game they played as a bet was some fighting game . Karen is quite intelligent, but her sense in games is the same as any normal person . She probably got provoked by them into playing a fighter game, as they knew that Karen isn’t good in it . I smiled bitterly from watching Karen lowering her sight . She then lifted her head, looked at me with eyes brimming with firmness and proceeded to say something .
“So you must leave before those idiots come . ”
So she is asking me to leave the house before they come . I don’t know why she doesn’t want me to meet them no matter what . I already made the decision to leave for a walk with Rouga, but before that, I tried asking her for the reason as to why she doesn’t want me to meet them .
“I don’t mind meeting them, honestly . ”
“I mind . And I’m sure that those three are coming here not for me, but for you . So you must leave before things get troublesome . ”
She replied with a firm voice, urging me to leave as fast as possible . It looks like I don’t have any other choice . If I choose to stay, I’ll surely end up making her mad at me . I gave up the feeble resistance I was making and let out a sigh .
Goodbye, my supreme bliss time .
“Let’s go, chief!”
Tapping me with her forefoot, Rouga urged me to go out with her already . I answered her with ‘I got it, I got it’, and lifted her with both of my hands and stood up .
“Well then, let’s go Rouga . ”
“Woof!” [ED: Woof, woof . ] “Make sure to come back as late as possible . ”
After hearing to Karen’s comment to come late, I casually replied and left the room .
The weather is good and the wind is calm . In this ideal weather for taking a stroll, I was walking around with Rouga in the residential area .
“This is fun! Chief~”
“Yeah, that’s right . ”
Having Rouga walk beside me and having fun, I replied to her with a slightly monotonic attitude . I can’t see how she finds walking like this as fun . I can only feel hot here despite it being a calm weather . The way a dog thinks is quite mysterious, although, Rouga is a wolf .
While falling in random thoughts in mind, I gazed at Rouga who was enjoying her walk . Just in case, I made her wear a collar, but without using a belt . It would be meaningless if I were to control her with a belt . She’s way too smart compared to any dog in this world, after all . She can make decisions on her own . Since I can even talk with her using telepathy, the possibility of something actually happening is very low .
She doesn’t look like a wolf who used to bite off monsters from their necks…
While still being in my random thoughts, I kept walking until Rouga had suddenly stopped moving .
“What is it, Rouga?”
When I asked her, she twitched her nose as if she smelled something strange and abruptly rushed in a certain direction .
“It’s here!”
“W-Wait, Rouga!?”
Confused by her obscure sudden attitude, I followed her in that direction as well . It seems like the possibility of something actually happening wasn’t that low, after all . Maybe I should have used a belt on her . The moment she took a turn to the right and left my sight, I heard a short shriek coming from the direction in which she rushed .
“Woof! Woof!”
I judged the urgency of the situation to be of high importance once I heard Rouga’s barking and that shriek, but when I turned to that direction, I was almost left stunned by the person I found there .
“Eh? Yato-kun?”
We called out each other’s names while both of us were still in a confused state . When I lowered my sight, I found Rouga circling around Saya’s legs . So that’s why she rushed all of a sudden . After finding out that Rouga didn’t just run wildly for no reason, I felt a little relieved and walked towards Saya .
“Sorry about that . ”
“No, no, it’s fine . I was just surprised to see you here . ”
As I was apologizing to her, it seemed that Saya didn’t really seem to mind what happened and bent down to head-pat Rouga . While being patted, Rouga closed her eyes and started purring like a cat .
“So, where were you going?”
“I was going back home just now . What about you? Taking Rouga-chan for a walk?”
“Yeah, she wanted to go out no matter what . ”
Is that so; Saya replied with a gentle smile on her face . She continued to pat Rouga for a while before she came up with a suggestion that she said while hesitating as well as blushing .
“I-If y-you don’t mind, can I walk with you then? I have nothing to do after now, anyway . ”
“Yeah, sure . I don’t mind . ”
With a nonchalant manner, I accepted her suggestion . Rouga seemed to be delighted too by having Saya walk with us . Saya stood up looking glad after receiving my consent and thus, we continued our walk .
Now that Saya was walking with us, I could finally talk with someone without feeling bored .
“— and that’s what happened . ”
“Hmm, I had no clue that something like that actually happened only recently . ”
I talked to her about all that happened from the day Scala showed up for the first time and she sounded surprised from hearing the explanation from me .
“It must have been tough for you . ”
“Yeah, I’d never ask for something like that to happen again . ”
I replied with a sigh to Saya who was revealing a bitter smile .
“It feels as if you always get dragged into troubles, Yato-kun . ”
“Don’t say that . It feels like I’m cursed to get dragged into troubles by fate . ”
I’m even starting to doubt if I’m cursed to get dragged into troubles for the rest of my life . Well, since I already tried a few magics for reversing curses on me, it appeared that I wasn’t cursed .
“Perhaps could it be that you’re naturally born to get in troubles?”
“This is so realistic and scary . ”
Watching Saya jokingly tell me that, I dropped my shoulders as if I were feeling down . If what she said was true, then I don’t think I can do anything about it . I really hope that wouldn’t be the case .
“Don’t let it get to you . ”
Saya, who noticed me darkening my expression, cheered me up . An old woman passing nearby gazed at us with a gentle smile on her face .
“Oya, it must be nice to be young . Are you a couple, by any chance?”
She asked us with a teasing attitude driving Saya to correct her with an embarrassed face .
“U-Um, we’re no in that kind of relation . ”
“Oh, is that so? Both of you seemed to be getting along really very well . ”
The old woman spoke without any ill intent, but Saya’s face turned completely red regardless of that . Apparently, a guy and girl taking a dog for a walk isn’t something one would often see in a residential area like this . I more or less understand why she ended up with that assumption . I remember when a similar thing happened to us the time when we went shopping together . Both me and Saya acted awkwardly this time too . Luckily, Rouga who got tired of walking came to me and asked me about something .
“Chief! Let’s play that game we did last time~”
What is she talking about? I asked myself first, but then I suddenly remembered something .
“Ah, are you talking about the game that we played in that grassland?”
“That’s right~!”
“Eh? What? What are you talking about?”
Saya couldn’t keep up with our conversation since she couldn’t hear what Rouga was saying . I answered her ambiguously .
“It’s a weird game for dogs . ”
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With that, I gave a sign to Rouga and started walking towards a random place without people so that I could use my teleport skills without being seen . Rouga answered with an energetic voice and Saya followed us while still being in a confused state .
“So young; are you a newlywed couple?”
“Oh my, such a cute married couple . ”
“W-We’re not actually…”
“Huh? Are you a new family who moved in here recently?”
“Hey, Yato-kun . ”
“What is going on in the minds of those grandmas?”
“I wish if I knew the answer . ”
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