Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 46

Chapter 46
Saying “We did it” in the middle of a fight is a jinx .
Glaring at each other, the black dragon and I stiffened for a while .
Moments of silence went by . The mood turned awfully quiet and I kept vigilantly glaring at the dragon until he moved first .
Howling, the black dragon turned around and used his tail like a whip to strike me .
“So fast?!”
Taken by surprise by his unexpected speed, I was somehow able to dodge by jumping .
I was feeling relieved after dodging the tail, but the dragon didn’t stop and turned and opened his giant mouth while facing me .
Right when I guessed he’d fire his breath, the black dragon let out giant black flames .
I avoided the flames and instantly teleported near his face, then drew back my fist after wrapping it with a bright red flame .
The moment my fist came in contact with the dragon’s face, an explosion resulted .
Along with a blast spreading around the area, the black dragon bent backward .
Did I cause him damage?
I landed down and left a distance between me and the dragon .
Black smoke was rising from his face and he was about to lose his balance as he was groaning in pain .
It looked like there was some damage .
I was relieved, knowing that I could still give him damage, but that wasn’t enough for the high ranked dragon .
As I was feeling impressed by the hardness of his scales, the black dragon wrathfully roared .
He was really loud . My ears hurt .
I lightly covered my ears as he kept on roaring .
The dragon turned to face me again, inhaled air and started randomly firing his breath .
Looked like he had gone mad .
I calmly dodged all of his shots .
I avoided teleporting as much as possible to limit my magic consumption and kept dodging using only the minimum necessary .
Continuing to dodge his shots, I used 【Parallel thoughts】, rose my hands and concentrated on the dragon’s crown . Thanks to the skill, I was able to manage it smoothly .
“Rock meteor . ”
Following my chant, giant rocks appeared above the dragon’s head all of a sudden . The rocks rained down on his back and head with a tremendous speed .
The ground shook from the shock, resulting in cracks around the entire area .
Almost as if he didn’t know from where he was attacked, the dragon that was launching his breath everywhere raised a confused howl .
After he had roared enough, the dragon crumbled on the ground . I remained gazing at him for a while .
Did I defeat him?
“… I did it?… ah, no good!”
Muttering those words, I released the mistake I did . I shouldn’t have said that .
Regretting what I said, I slowly looked back at the black dragon .
He wasn’t wasn’t moving at all .
D-Don’t tell me he’d get up again…
Feeling a strange premonition, I kept on observing the dragon with precaution, when abruptly, his claws started twitching .
With a terrifying howl, the black dragon vigorously stood up .
The ground started quacking due his great loud roaring .
Witnessing all of that, I blamed myself for saying those words earlier .
Let’s not say that again… ever .
With a stiffened expression, I contemplated how to deal with the wrathful black dragon .
Not giving me a chance to think, the dragon started randomly firing his black flames almost as if he had lost his mind .
The released flames impacted the ground and reached the most distant places my eyes could see . He had really gone mad this time .
As the dragon continued to arbitrarily fire his flames, I kept watching it, hoping that he may run out of power and collapse on his own .
It would be really nice if he would destroy himself without me having to do anything .
Contrary to my hopes, I noticed one if his shots heading straight towards Lina .
Not being able to move quickly from the fear of the black flames spreading everywhere, Lina remained standing in the same place .
I swiftly teleported and carried Lina, who had closed her eyes and seemed to have given up, then avoided the shot .
“Are you okay?”
“A-Y-yeah, thank you . ”
Lina thanked me for saving her while making an apologetic face .
“Sorry for forcing you to fight against the dragon alone…”
“It’s fine . I’m the one who decided to fight . Anyway, do you know when he will stop?”
Looking at the raging black dragon from a distance, Lina replied to my answer .
“He will probably stop once he’s out of strength, but that won’t be anytime soon . ”
Seriously? I guess it’s impossible to wait for that time then .
“I see…”
“Do you have a plan?” Lina asked, noticing that I was disappointed .
“Well, I do actually have a plan, but I need more magic for that . ”
Despite trying to save as much magic as possible, it was already about to reach a dangerous low after using the meteor skill and continuously teleporting .
I couldn’t achieve my plan without enough magic .
Lina seemed to be thinking about something, then as if she had made a resolution, she turned to look at me .
“So you just need magic, right?”
“Hm? Y-Yeah . ”
“Very well… Don’t move . ”
With me continuing to carry her, Lina wrapped her arms around my neck and embraced me .
I was baffled for a moment, but it didn’t take long before I sensed something flowing inside my body .
Was this magic?
Feeling the magic flowing inside my body until the end, Lina let go of me .
She seemed both embraced and tired after that .
“I gave you all the magic I had left . You think you can do it now?”
“Y-Yeah, I should manage it with this amount . ”
Relieved upon hearing my response, Lina nearly fainted .
“H-Hey are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m slightly tired because I ran out of magic . That’s all that I can do to help you . Please defeat that dragon . ”
I was feeling kinda touched by Lina’s upright speech, and she smiled at me .
“I went all the way to give you my magic, so you’d better defeat it . ”
“Yeah, leave it to me . ”
I smiled back at Lina and said, “Rather, despite being against me carrying you in my arms you didn’t mind hugging earlier . ”
Lina made a blank expression at first, trying to figure out what I was talking about, but soon enough she turned completely red after realizing it .
“D-Don’t be stupid!! I did that in order to give you my magic!! Don’t misunderstand!! How long are you intending on carrying me like that? Let me off already!!”
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I casually replied with “I get it, I get it,” let Lina down and turned to face the black dragon .
“Let’s settle this up now . ”
Following my mutter, a strange of magic started emitting from me .
Red, blue, yellow, green, brown, black . Different magic elements mixed together flew out of my body almost like a rainbow .
“Y-You’re concurrently using all of the six elements…”
Those were the words Lina spoke reflexively after witnessing the six colors surrounding me .
Parallel use of the six elements .
In other words, using fire, water, light, wind, earth and dark at the same time .
It’s usually impossible to control six elements at the same time, but fortunately, 【Parallel thoughts】came in handy in this case . I honestly wasn’t expecting that much from this skill, but it looked like I need to consider it again .
The six elements surrounding me gradually increased in power .
Reacting to my magic, the raging black dragon suddenly stopped firing and looked at me .
Looked like he had noticed it; though, it was already too late .
The next moment, six spears of various colors appeared above my head and leapt directly towards the black dragon .
The six spears struck the ground, making a hexagon shape with the dragon at its center .
The black dragon let out a confused scream as his body shivered . He was probably trying to move, but he had already lost . once the thrust spears were linked together in the ground .
The spears started assembling magic in the heads and the black dragon couldn’t do anything but watch what was going to happen .
The six types of magic mixed together, resulting in a sinister color . The black dragon saw that and finally took back his composure and admitted defeat .
Sorry, but I have no mercy . Die bravely .
The next moment, the sinister magic rained upon the dragon .
Along with a terrifying blast, the giant magic covered up the entire black dragon .
The dragon’s scream was interrupted by the sounds of the explosion .
A few seconds later, the explosion disappeared, not leaving anything in its place . The dragon had literally turned to dust .
The only thing that was left was a giant, bottomless hole in the place he had been standing .
“Well, I think I went a bit overboard . ”
The result was greater than what I expected .
Parallel thoughts .
“I didn’t think that the 【Parallel thoughts】skill would be this useful . ”
“Well, it’s indeed amazing to be able to do two things at the same time . ”
“With this I can do my homeworks while reading a book . It’s a really useful skill . ”
“Wait, that means you can listen in class while sleeping too! Good for you Kamiya Yato!”
“No, that’s impossible . ”


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