Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 75 part2

Chapter 75 part2
You know what I mean when I say the beach .
Blue sky . White clouds . Sparkling sun . An inhabited summer island . Having such a scenery in front of them, the three girls raised a voice of admiration .
"Waaa! How beautiful!" "Such a gorgeous landscape . " "The beach!!"
Saya, Lina and Karen faced the glittering beach with high spirit . I remained watching the three of them merrily enjoying the fresh ocean water .
"It's a nice scenery indeed . In many different meanings . "
Three young girls in a gorgeous beach . It was a scenery that made me want to turn it into a painting . The ocean was beautiful enough and adding 3 young ladies in the frame made it look even better . I came here with the intention to kick that annoying kid, but this is a good bonus too .
After the closing ceremony, we started our summer holidays by visiting the island created by Metron . I brought Karen with me since she insisted on going when she heard me talking about it . I didn't have a reason to refuse, anyway . Of course, we used my teleportation skill to make it here . As for how we found the island, Lina asked for its location and we both went around the ocean to looks for it . Finding it wasn’t an easy task .
(this is just the start . )
I turned to look at the rampant forest behind me . The jungle-like forest was covering almost the entirety of the island . According to Lina, inside this forest lays the teleportation system used by Metron . Its existence is just a possibility, but it was high enough to give it a shot .
(I will definitely find it out . )
I got fired up all alone Though there was a single problem that outbroke from the start . I couldn't detect anything on the island when I used 【Space magic (extra-large range)】 . Apparently, there was something here that blocked the use of this kind of magic . Guess I have no other choice but to search for it by myself . However, I won't be giving up easily . I will keep walking around until I find it . And when I do, I will knock out that annoying kid, surely!
As I was thinking about the moment when I'd be able to kick Metron, I heard Rouga calling me . It has been a while since I last heard her voice since she was spending all her time inside her kennel .
"What is it, Rouga?" "What is that? That shiny lake~" "That's the ocean . It's like a giant salty pool . "
When I explained it to her that way, Rouga got somehow excited and persistently asked me to let her go swim .
"I want to go swim in the ocean too~!" "Yeah, sure, you can go . "
Summoning her to the island, Rouga, brimming with energy, dashed into the beach . I wanted to start searching for the teleportation system, but I decided to go swim first . I shouldn't drag Saya and Karen in my plans, after all . Lina doesn't count . That's why I choose to enjoy my time first . Let's leave finding the teleportation system for later .
"WanWan!" "Ah, It's Rouga-chan . " "Rouga, hand!"
Saya and Karen were pleased, finding out that Rouga was here as well, while Lina looked at the both them playing with her from the side . Come to think of it, the first time Lina met with Rouga was when she got her leg bitten by her . She couldn't approach them, worried that she will get bitten again .
"What's the matter, Lina-chan?" "Ah, no, it's, nothing . " "How about you try touching Rouga? She's cute . "
Saya lifted up Rouga and brought her in front of Lina . Lina nervously stared at Rouga, while Rouga looked at her with adorable eyes . They both remained staring at each other that way for a while . Before long, Lina lost to Rouga's cuteness and carefully reached out her hand .
"No… I still can't do that…"
Immediately, she drew back her hand . Seems like she still can't overcome her past experience .
"It's okay . Here, try one more time again . "
Encouraged by Saya, Lina made another try, but the result was the same . She immediately drew back her hand again .
Reaching out her hand then instantly taking it back .
After repeating that process for a few times, Karen who was watching her seemingly got fed up and made a move .
"So irritating . Rouga, move!" "Wan!"
Following her order, Rouga jumped from Saya's hands and leaped at Lina . Astonished by her sudden move, Lina fell on her back with Rouga standing on top of her .
"Wa! No! Sto- stooop!!"
Having her face licked by Rouga, Lina couldn't hide her fluster . Karen and Saya watched her in that situation with a smile on their faces .
What are they doing…
watching them getting along like that, a smile reached my face as well and I felt somehow relaxed . Maybe it was because I got too fired up earlier . I let loose my shoulders and made a step towards them . At that moment-
"Eliminating all intruders . "
I heard a voice coming from somewhere .
I halted my steps and turned to check my surroundings . What was that just now? It sounded like the voice of a little girl coming from inside the island .
What's going on here…?
Wondering about the source of the voice, this time around, I heard a scream coming from the other side where Saya and the girls are supposed to be .
Hearing Saya's shriek, I immediately turned back . The first thing I saw then was an absurdly giant Octopus that showed up in front of them . He was looking at them while meandering his 8 tentacles . At that time, I guessed what was going to happen . Summer, the beach, giant octopus and three young girls . With these four factors all present, it was extremely easy to tell what was going to happen .
"KYOOO!!" "Eh? WA- what!" "Na! No!!" "C-Could this be-!!"
Fixing his gaze on them, the octopus moved his tentacles and entangled the three girls . Saya, Lina, and Karen who couldn't move after getting bound by his tentacles, raised loud shrieks . Ah! So it really happened! With an easygoing mood, I enjoyed gazing at this banality of a situation . Fortunately, they didn't seem to be taking any damage . They were also wearing clothes on top of their swimsuits . Things could have become quite dangerous if they were only wearing their swimsuits . But still, I've always wanted to witness this kind of clished situations once in my life .
"WanWan . "
Suddenly, Rouga moved to help them out, intruding on this magnificent scenery . She bit off his legs and freed them .
The octopus tried striking Rouga with his left legs, but with that speed, it was impossible to hit her . Rouga's level had considerably increased thanks to my training . There was no way she would go down by such a weak attack .
Running around the octopus while dodging his hits, Rouga bit off all of his legs in the blink of an eye .
Raising a ridiculous scream after getting all his legs ripped off, the octopus ran back to the ocean and escaped . I wish she could have come a bit later to save them . Who knows when I will have the chance to witness such a scenery again . I couldn't help but feel disappointed by how fast the octopus was defeated .
"Ouch, that was terrible . "
As Lina Rubbed her back while complaining, Rouga approached from the side and gently barked almost as if she was inquiring her safety .
"Wan!" "You saved us?" "Wan!" "Ah, Um, thanks . "
With a shy face, Lina expressed her gratitude for Rouga then timidly reached her hand and brushed her head . Surprised by the warm sensation of her fur, Lina whispered an impressed voice and continued to pat her head . Looks like she finally got over her trauma .
"Were you okay?"
When I asked Lina who was still patting Rouga, she looked at me with a face that was trying to say something .
"Kamiya Yato, why didn't you come to save us immediately?" "Eh? Ah, yeah, I couldn't move immediately, since you were more like hostages…"
I quickly came up with an excuse to Lina who kept looking at me with doubting eyes .
"Hmm, I actually saw your face for a second when we got caught by that octopus and you looked as if you were having fun . "
Looks like she saw through my lie . Lina kept staring at me . This is bad, she knows about it .
"That's probably your imagination . " "Is that true, Kamiya-kun?"
Right when I started losing my composure, Saya came and made the situation even worse . Turning around, I saw Saya and Karen who seemed clearly mad, staring at me .
"No, this is actually…" "Yato-kun, come over here please . " "We need to talk . " "… Okay . "
Judging that it was impossible for me to resist, I quietly gave up . Meanwhile, Rouga went to play around with Lina . Maybe I should've saved them immediately . That was the only thought I had in mind while I kneeled down to receiving Saya and Karen's complaints .


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