Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Inside a random abandoned building, I, once again, was purging the spawning monsters.
“Shut up.”
Like always, I kicked a lizard-like monster moving on all four of its legs, while closing my ears from its annoying scream.
However, despite receiving a critical kick, he immediately turned to counterattack after staggering slightly.
I was taken by surprise because I didn’t defeat it with one kick, but before the lizard thrust in, I reclaimed my stance, activated【Body enhancement (medium)】and kicked it in the head.
The monster’s face was buried in the floor and resulted in small crater remaining on the ground. I had gone overboard.
The monster lizard turned into light particles and left the gouged floor clearly visible.
I had done it again. I activated 【Body enhancement (medium)】on a whim after realizing that my kick didn’t affect it.
Every time I used it, I was unable to control my strength. Next time I should be careful to not leave a trace when using it.
After reflecting on my hasty move, I started thinking about the monster.
At long last, the time when I was unable to finish a monster with one kick had come. I was aware that they were getting slowly stronger, but I was still slightly surprised.
Rather, How long am I gonna have to keep doing this?
I thought it was safe to assume that I was close to the end since the monsters were getting considerably stronger.
If this was a template event, then some super strong monster should appear in the end and things would settle down once I beat it. But that wouldn’t happen right?
“… No way.”
A felt a strange premonition after thinking so, but I decided to switch my concern to the broken floor.
“Well, whatever. Nobody will see it anyway.”
Uttering those words, I judged that I shouldn’t stay longer and teleported back to school.
During the afternoon break I, Karen, had a bad feeling about my current situation.
Despite confronting the three bullies, today, they didn’t seem to have made any moves.
Today as well, someone confessed to me.
Needless to say, I rejected that person and walked back to the classroom, expecting for them to show up and stand on my way. However, surprisingly enough, they were chatting with each other inside the classroom.
I considered the possibility they were moved by my words yesterday, but judging from their characters, that would be impossible.
I went to check if any of my stuff had been stolen, but nothing seemed out of order.
What did that mean? I suddenly became suspicious and kept being vigilant during class, though they didn’t make any strange moves.
At the time when I started thinking that it would be okay if they continued being docile, I discovered a letter inside my desk as I was preparing for the next class.
“Meet me behind the gym after school.”
I placed the letter back inside my desk while feeling irritated. I’m gonna have to go reject someone again.
I let out a sigh after thinking about the troublesome task I would have to go through after school. Geez, it was really annoying.
Piin poon paan poon…
“Stand up, Bow!”
“Careful on your way back!”
Right when I decided to go home after a long day of school, I detected the presence of a monster nearby.
Again… I was taken over by a difficult feeling before realizing that this time the reaction was somehow different.
(What is this? Two reactions? Four… seven? Wait, they’re increasing!)
Overwhelmed by astonishment, I instantly went to the place where I sensed the reactions.
The place I teleported to was in the middle of a full green mountain.
My eyes wandered, looking for the monsters when I saw an irregular scene that made me doubt my eyes.
In front of me was a large flock of monsters wearing black clothes around their hips and with two horns on their heads. It was an Ogre group.
Judging from the 【presence sensation】skill, there appeared to be over one hundred.
C’mon now, what the heck was this? What kind of costume party was this?
For a while, I tried escaping from the reality before my eyes but I came back to my senses when one of the ogres made a move.
With the ogre’s shout as a trigger, the entire crowd started climbing down the mountain.
The ground began shaking, letting up a cloud of dust, from their giant march.
“I’m not letting you.”
Making a swift countermeasure, I used 【earth magic】and created a huge wall to surround them.
The ogres were confused by the abrupt appearance of the wall and tried destroying it, though it would not be easy to damage a wall created by my magic.
I felt relieved at the current situation and stood on the top of the wall to look down at the ogre army.
Realizing my presence, the ogres turned to glare at me. They were the type of monster that could endure my one-kick.
I could just go down and fight them with my bare hands, but I was not a big fan of that kind of battle.
Maybe I should take care of them quickly using magic.
“This is the first magic attack in a while. Try to endure this.”
I shouted to the ogres who were glaring at me then started concentrating.
I imagined a tornado.
A giant tornado that would tear apart whatever got caught in it.
“Slash hurricane”
The instant I chanted the spell, a giant tornado appeared in the middle of the ogre army.
The tornado swallowed most of the monsters and cut them into various parts: legs, arms, heads.
The remaining ogres fell into a state of terror and desperately tried to flee, but they were still surrounded by my wall.
There was no chance for them to run away. In despair, the ogres kept on shrieking, but as if it did not care, the tornado kept on slashing them until the end.
When I stopped hearing screams I erased the tornado to see only blood and body parts tumbling on the ground, giving the impression of an illustration of hell.
The blood and remains of the ogres turned into light particles and I finally let out a sigh of relief thinking that everything was done when suddenly, I sensed a giant magic response.
I reflexively turned the direction where the magic response came from. It was a completely different level from the earlier one. There I saw a dazzling light in the sky big enough to cover a whole city. What remained after the light vanished was a monster with a red scales and chilling eyes. A monster with the shape of a lizard growing wings.
There was no way I wouldn’t know what it was.
“… Isn’t that a dragon!?”
Gazing at the dragon, which was spreading its wings and roaring, I realized that the ogre army was nothing but an opening performance.
Uwaa… Something not good came up.
That was my first impression when I saw the flying dragon.
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It kinda felt like I was facing the final boss.
Behind the novel: Ogres
“Thanks for the hard work.”
“Thanks, today was pretty intense.”
“Ah, I lost both an arm and leg today.”
“I lost half of my face here. I’m having hard time seeing my surroundings.”
“C’mon now guys, that’s our work, it can’t be helped. More importantly, care to go out for a drink?”
“Oh! Sounds nice, let’s go.”
“Well then, shall we. Tonight will be on my treat.”
“They’re pretty lively…”
“I wonder how could they walk normally despite being cut to pieces.”
I want to make an appearance
“Uo! What is it Rouga?”
“I didn’t get to show up this time!!”
“Ah, now that you mentioned it…”
“What should I do in order to make an appearance.”
“Let’s see… I’d recommend you to ask the author first.”
“I’m sure he will accept if you kindly asked.”
“Author-san!! Please give me a turn in the next chapter!!”
“Chief, he told me it’s okay.”
“He’s easy to convince.”


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