Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 10

Chapter 10
My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World Except for Me Chapter 10: what do you think will happen if we combine kamaishi, a terrorist and the gym storehouse…?

“Kamiya-kun… He’s late . ”
Since Kamiya left the roof saying that he had something to do, I was sitting alone on the bench waiting for him while swinging my legs .
“I wonder what he was asked to do?”
Giving that he was talking with a detective, is it perhaps related to the terrorists?
But if that was the case, what kind of request could the detective have possibly entrusted him with? In the first place, what kind of relation does he have with that detective?
My mind didn’t cease in its attempts to figure these out .
The more I think about it, the more I realize how mysterious Kamiya is .
It feels like he’s concealing some sort of secret . I can’t grasp what going on through his head .
However, I feel like he’s good the way he is . . That mysterious aura he carries only adds to his charm…… Just what am I thinking about!!
“Please come back soon, Kamiya-kun . ”
As I was praying on my own, I heard the footsteps coming from beyond the roof door .
*gwuf, gwuf, gwuf*
The sound is certainly coming closer .
Is it Kamiya?! I’m glad he’s safe! A feeling of happiness overtook my reason and I rushed the door .
Right when I opened the door to welcome Kamiya, I became speechless by witnessing the person in front of me .
“AH? Who the heck are you?!”
There was no way that I wouldn’t recognize his identity after observing his suspicious looks .
This person is… a terrorist .
Wh-Why is he over here…?
I started shaking in panic while gazing at the man in front of me .
“Oh, rather, you look pretty cute now that I took a good look . Aight! I decided to spend some time with you . Hey, come here!”
“N… Noo…”
Getting all frightened, I retreated back from the man who waved his hand ordering me to approach him and without a single word, I escaped
I wanted to immediately scream aloud, However, because of my androphobia, I couldn’t do even that .
“Tch, so annoying . Stop running!!”
As I was running, the terrorist appeared in front of me, took out a stun gun and shot at my belly, making me lose consciousness .
I made a faint groan as I fell on the ground and slowly losing awareness .
I don’t want…… this… Kam…iy…a .
As I slowly lost consciousness, i was only able to pray that Kamiya would come help me .
A short while has passed since I was exposed to the world of terrorists and I am currently in the middle of taking care of them .
“Here, take my chop . ”
The one that received my chop on his neck collapsed on the floor with white for eyes .
Fuu, this was the last one .
I muttered as I gazed at the approximately 10 terrorists laying on the ground .
However, neck chops are quite strong? I didn’t expect that I’d be using it this much . I think this attack should be better off as a skill .
“Skill 【neck chop】 was learned . ”
Seriously?! Is there a skill for everything? At this rate, I could confidently say I’m the best at neck chops internationally . Something like the neck chop world champion .
While thinking about such a stupid thing, one of the collapsed terrorists moaned as he shifted . Are you still alive?
“How is it… possible that we would lose to a single… kid . ”
“Are you the boss of these guys?”
“That’s right . ”
“Turned out you were unlucky this time . If I wasn’t here, your plan would have probably succeeded . ”
“Hmph, You might be right . But, we’re not going to die here . I will surely survive and come back to you to take my revenge . ”
“Ah, sorry, My hand slipped . ”
I apologized to the boss, however, his face was already buried in the floor and didn’t move anymore .
This is bad, I unintentionally punched him in the face . I mean, I couldn’t stand the serious mood that he suddenly started to make .
I’m pretty bad at handling serious moods, to the point where I ended up punching him in the face . It’s his fault for trying to act all serious .
Well then, with that, I have purged all the terrorists in here . But let me confirm just in case . I activated 【Space magic】and investigated the entire school .
Hm? What is this? A strange reaction returned from the skill . There are two people in the gym’s warehouse . The first is… what? What is Kamaishi doing there? The second one is… A terrorist . There is still one left!
But you know .
the gym warehouse, Kamaishi and a terrorist .
If these three things are combined, they would refer to one thing… That one single thing, right?
“I should hurry up!”
I used 【Teleportation magic】to transfer to the warehouse where Kamaishi and the terrorist were staying .
Where am I?
I opened my eyes to find myself in a dimly lit room .
Taking a good look, I realized that it was the gym warehouse . And I’m laying on top of a mat .
But what am I doing here…?
I started to recall what happened to me until now . That’s right! I encountered a terrorist and ……he caught me!
“Yo, You’re finally awake . ”
I turned to the direction of the voice to find the terrorist who caught me standing there .
“Seriously, I had a hard time carrying you to this place . I thought I should do you in the school’s warehouse like in those Japanese thin books, but I’d have never thought it would be this far . ”
I lost my word after hearing what the terrorist was saying in a good mood .
“But yeah, such a thing wouldn’t matter if we compare it to what we’re going to do now, right?”
I slowly retreated as he faced me .
“Don’t be so scared . I will make you feel good soon enough . ”
The terrorist said as he approached me while extending his arm . I began to tear up from extreme dread and hatred .
“No, stay away…”
“Oh, the face you’re making is great . Show me more of it!”
When I was driven back to the wall, I closed my eyes which were tearing .
No, I don’t want this .
Why? Why should I go through something like this?
How did I end up like this?
Did I perhaps do something bad to deserve it?
Help me… please, someone help me……!
“Okay, stop there . ”
At the same time I screamed for help in my heart, I heard a familiar voice .
“Wh-Who are you?!”
“Shut up and sleep . ”
Following that familiar voice, I heard a dull sound along with the noise of the terrorist collapsing and groaning .
Wh-What happened?
Getting a little confused, I slowly opened my eyes to find Kamiya looking down at the terrorist who was laying on the ground .
“Yoo, Kamaishi-san . Are you okay?”
I deliberately stood up and gazed at Kamiya until tears started to naturally flow down from my eyes as I embraced him with all my might .
[Pr: Wait, you weren’t tied up?! You clearly don’t understand the effectiveness of a well-placed kick to the nuts]
Kamiya seemed a little surprised by my unexpected move, but soon enough he went back to normal and stood still waiting for me until I stopped crying .


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