Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 64

Chapter 64
I feel that it’s been awhile since I last got angry
Kamaishi suddenly twitched her body .
“U, uuu,… Where am I?”
Slowly opening her eyes, the scenery of the entire city flew into her sight .
Her sleepiness was instantly cleared away when she realized her position and she raised her head .
Noticing that she had woke up, Germa talked to her .
“Oh, it seems like you woke up . How are you feeling?3
Germa approached his face to her and whispered in her ears .
Shrieking after hearing that familiar voice, Kamaishi distanced her face from him .
The moment she woke up, she found herself floating in the air while being carried by Akuya . Kamaishi couldn’t keep up with the succession of events .
The only thing she had already sensed was the fact that she was in danger .
She used to shiver by only facing Akuya, leave alone being carried by him while floating .
Going beyond shivering, Kamaishi had completely stiffened .
“Saya-dono!! Are you okay?!”
Hearing Lina’s screams, Kamaishi finally noticed our presence, shifted her gaze to us and answered with a shout .
“Lina-chan!! Kamiya-kun!!”
“You bastard! Get away from Saya-dono!!”
Lina couldn’t control her wrath, while on the other side, Germa smiled seeming to be entertained by her reaction .
“Do you really think I will get away from her just because you told me so? Anyway, this human is a necessary key to grant this body’s wish . ”
I reacted to Germa’s last line .
“That is right . This body wished for this human to belong to him in addition to your obliteration . That’s why I have recovered it before coming here . It appears that it was worth it . ”
Gemra was pleased after noticing that Lina and I became docile once he used Kamaishi as his shield .
That guy wished for something like this?
I thought he aimed only at me, but you never know what may happen .
If I predicted this change of event, I wouldn’t have left Kamaishi alone earlier .
Regretting my actions, I said to Germa in a composed tone .
“So? What are you intending to do now that you are using Kamaishi-san as your shield? I’m sure that you know this, but never did a villain who used hostages in their plan succeed . I recommend you leave her alone . ”
I addressed him calmly but with a sharp glare . Nothing good will happen from losing my composure to rage .
I tried making him let down his guard .
Judging that I was just trying to sound unfaltering, Germa kept making his wicked smile, certain of his victory .
“I am not a villain . I am a god . Nothing will come out from bluffing out like that . Let’s see, let me start by…”
He then started emitting his black mist and wrapped it around Kamaishi .
“W-What?!…… Uu!”
Not being able to resist, Kamaishi was easily wrapped inside the mist as she groaned .
“Anyone who gets inside this mist will have his soul and mind controlled by hatred . The only possible way to stop that from happening is by defeating me . And…”
Halting his words, he raised his empty hand and released a black magic .
The black magic kept releasing from his hand until it reached the sky and turned it back to its sinister, cloudy condition .
“This is just an insurance . Due to this magic, my body will continue to gradually recover . ”
Exactly as he said, I could see that his body was slowly healing its wounds .
Those oddly shaped clouds appeared in the sky again .
It would be meaningless to erase them another time .
“U… uuu…”
Kamaishi continued to groan as she got consumed by the black mist .
Lina who realized that she couldn’t do anything about it, watched that happen with an irritated expression .
She clenched her fists and glared at Germa with sharp eyes .
However, in my case, I remained on silently watching Kamaishi with a serious face .
I didn’t look irritated or sad .
That was not because I wasn’t feeling irritated about it .
Rather, it was the opposite . My insides were brimming with rage that I could snap at any time .
I honestly wanted to step up at that moment and beat him around, but the timing wasn’t good .
It wasn’t my time yet to step up .
I had to wait until the last second before moving to save her .
I promised myself secretly to knock him out once that second comes .
As for Germa who wasn’t aware of my intentions, he seemed to be totally in a pleased mood and spoke his demands .
“Well then, Now that I finished making my preparation, let us start with a little entertaining show . I want you, angel, to kill that man . If you do that, I shall release this human from my mist . ”
Lina was astonished by Germa’s demand .
It’s not like I didn’t expect him to say something like that .
But despite hearing what he said, I remained glaring at him unmoving .
Germa didn’t mind my glare, thinking that Kamaishi is serving him as a good shield, and grinned at me .
On the other side, Lina as well didn’t move, pushing Germa to press her .
“Come on now . If you don’t kill him quickly, this humans body will keep getting consumed . ”
Enjoyably urging Lina to make a move, he ran his finger at Kamaishi’s cheek .
Kamaishi had no power to go against him, but at that moment, she started tearing up .
Although her consciousness was fading away, her body seemed to remember that sensation and refused it .
Seeing her reaction, I felt that something inside me had snapped .
Ah, this is no good .
“Lina, take care of Kamaishi . ”
“Eh? Wait, what did you mean by that?…”
I teleported behind Germa before hearing Lian’s response and caught his shoulder .
“Don’t touch her with your filthy hand . ”
The instant I caught his shoulder, I teleported to another place and pulled Kamaishi apart from him .
Since all of that happened in the blink of an eye, Germa couldn’t react in the right time .
I clenched my fist with utmost strength I had, folded it with wind and punched him in the face with all my might .
Faster than what the eye can perceive, I thrust my fist in Germa’s face .
Making sure he was blown away in the air, I turned around to check on Kamaishi .
She was carried by Lina, however, the black mist didn’t disappear from her body yet .
I swiftly teleported near the both of them .
“Kamiya Yato, Saya-dono is going to…”
“I know . — Erasure . ”
Answering the flustered Lina, I erased the mist surrounding Kamaishi .
A few seconds later, she opened her eyes and calmed down after letting out a few groans .
“Kamiya-kun, Lina-chan…”
Confirming that she was okay, Lina and I felt relieved .
“Saya-dono, are you okay? Did you get hurt somewhere?”
“N-No, I’m okay . ”
Kamaishi answered the worried Lina with a wide smile then turned to looks at me with eyes urging me to explain the situation .
“Kamiya-kun, Lina-chan . What kind of situation is this? Also, I’ve been wondering about this for a while now but, why are the both of you floating in the air? And Lina-chan, why did your eyes and hair color change…?”
“Ah, that’s…”
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When she finally took back her coolness, Kamaishi noticed Lina’s transformation and started asking, though I couldn’t answer her immediately since I felt a strong killing intent coming from behind .
When I turned around, I saw Germa standing there with an enraged look .
“Who thought that you could make such a strong attack in that short moment… You did indeed get me with that… didn’t you think about the risk of that girl’s life when you moved?”
His voice was calm, but his face showed that he was obviously angry .
(I didn’t attack until the last moment because of that risk . It’s all because you were getting full of yourself . )
I replied to Germa’s question in my mind .
But is he still intending to fight? What a persistent guy .
His persistence made me actually kinda happy .
“Kamaishi-san, sorry, but I will explain things to you once I’m done . Lina, bring Kamaishi-san to somewhere safe . ”
I addressed the both of them while fixing my gaze on Germa .
Lina peaked at my expression then asked me quietly .
“You… Are you perhaps angry?”
“… A little bit . ”
I did say “a little bit” but it was obvious for her that it wasn’t the case .
That was because I was emitting a magic that had a close feeling to wrath at that time .
It was also because Lina never saw me getting angry .
Honestly, I’m happy that Germa didn’t run away .
I can’t calm down with just by giving him a single punch .
“Well then, I will be going . ”
“Ah, wait, Kamiya-kun . ”
Kamaishi stopped me when I was about to move near Germa .
I slowly turned around to her making the best smile I could and said .
“Stay relieved . I’m not going to kill him . It’s the inside that I have business with . ”
Leaving those words behind, I walked towards Germa who was waiting for me while making a blood-thirsty expression .
“I shall kill you now for sure…!!”
“Too bad, I’m not in the mood to die . Now shut up and accept my wrath . ”
We stared at each other with a blood-thirsty glare .
Well then, the last round is here .
Giving feed
“Rouga-chan you’re so cute today too~“
“Here, do you want a sausage?”
“I have ham too . ”
“Wan!! (Yeeey! food!!”)~”
Rouga was getting all the affection from the neighbors .


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