Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Germa and I glared at each other for moments .
I quickly used 【Time-Space teleportation】, teleported behind him and clenched my fist .
“BakuhatsuKen . ”
My fist wrapped in red flames flew, aimed at Germa’s head .
“You only know a single pattern of attacks . ”
Germa had previously read my move .
He created a black mist from his legs and swiftly hide inside it to dodge my fist .
My hit ended up in vain while this time, it was Germa who showed up behind me .
“This is for what you’ve done to me earlier . ”
He placed his hands on my back and continued .
“Blackout . ”
All of a sudden, My field of vision turned completely black .
All that was left was a pitch black sky, without a single source of light .
I could feel the wind blowing against my body and the sounds around .
Apparently, the skill he used only snatches away vision .
Despite getting confused by my loss of vision I continued to analyze the situation then used【Presence sensation】to spot his position .
What actually surprised me was the place where he was .
(In front?!)
Realizing that he was standing before me, I put up my guard, however, I was a step late .
Right when I raised my guard, my vision came back and the first thing I saw was Germa placing his hand on me after preparing his next move .
“See you . YamiOchi . ”
By the time he said that, black mist started emitting from his hands again .
It then started infiltering my body, making me step back from that eery feeling .
When I checked my body looking for damage, I didn’t find anything unusual .
(What did he do…?)
I couldn’t believe that his skill didn’t affect me and the voice I hear inside my head next confirmed my doubt .
“I abhor him . ” “Why is it me?” “I don’t want this . ” “I didn’t do anything to deserve this . ” “It’s all their faults . ” “I won’t forgive him . ” “I will kill him . ” “I will destroy everything . ” “I don’t want to be played around anymore . ” “I’m fed up with this . ” “I want to be free . ” “I can’t bear being bound like this . ” “I don’t want to be deceived . ” “They’re my enemies . ” “I need to kill my enemies . ” “I will kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ” “kill them . ”………
Voices of many people of different genre and age reverberated in my mind .
It wasn’t clear if they were addressing me or not, but every single voice was brimming with hatred and directly stabbed my heart .
I was about to lose my sense . It felt almost as if my mind was getting consumed by something .
(What is… this……)
I held my head from the countless voices which didn’t show a sign of halting .
I could see Germa pleasantly watching my suffering expression .
“Everyone who gets controlled by that black mist will lose their consciousness and go berserk . The only one who can control them at that time is me and there’s no possible way to cancel the effect . Once it is cast, it becomes impossible to resist it . Well then, hurry up and get controlled by hatred as well . ”
As if he ascertained his victory, Germa triumphantly explained the effect of his skill .
Going berserk, huh . I didn’t expect it to be this effective .
I regretted my mistake while my mind kept getting consumed by voices .
Because of my【Mental resistance】, I was able to preserve my consciousness . Though, it didn’t help in canceling the skill effect .
This is bad . At this rate, I will be done .
I couldn’t think clearly due to the voices inside my head .
“Kill them . ” “I will be saved when I kill them . ” “I need to kill them . ” “I will be beyond rescue if I didn’t . ” Don’t trust anyone . ” “resent . ” “Hate . ” “Curse . ” “Nobody thinks of you in a nice way . ”
Every voice gradually changed from a mere monologue to something addressed to me .
Every single word stabbed my heart and forced me to lose my sense .
This is no good . What should I do…
Doing my best to think while resisting the mental attack, Germa started provocating me with a entertained expression .
“I’m interested to see how long you will last . You can just give up and become under my control you know . If you do that, I will make use of you for the remains of your life instead of killing you now . ”
The last words he said as he laughed hit something inside me and made me react .
“What, did you just say now…”
“Didn’t you hear me? I told you to give it up already and get controlled by me . I shall use you as my personal doll for the rest of your life . ”
Germa repeated himself with an elated smile .
He wants me to give up?
He wants me to become his doll?
Work for him for the rest of my life?
Hearing him a second time, I lost my reason to wrath .
(Lose to this guy? Stop fooling around! There’s no way I’d lose to this fake god!)
I stood up on both of my legs .
I don’t want to lose to this guy . I won’t let these voices rule me . I will continue to resist them until the end and I will knock him out then . For sure!!
When I screamed that way in my mind, I heard a different voice responding to me .
“The skill 【Mental resistance】 was upgraded to 【Mental resistance(Max)】 . ”
Immediately after hearing that voice, my consciousness that was fading away had suddenly returned .
I could still hear those voices inside my head, but that was all . They weren’t affecting me anymore .
My skill has leveled up .
As expected from 【Super growth】 . It works only in perfect timings .
A bitter smile reached my face as I kept holding my head .
My thoughts became clear once again . I can manage to do something now .
I started by erasing the voices inside my head .
“Shut up . ”
The sounds reverberating inside my head disappeared following my word .
I simply used 【Erasure Magic】to do that . I wonder why I didn’t think about doing that from the start .
I slowly raised my head and looked at the sky .
Who thought that silence could be this agreeable .
Noticing the sudden change of my expression, Germa dropped his jaw from the shock .
“H-How did you do it?”
“It’s all thanks to my perfect timed skills . ”
Despite giving him an honest answer, Germa kept looking at me, dumbfounded .
Well, it doesn’t matter if he believed me or not .
“Well then, It’s my turn now . Let me pay you back twice the price . ”
Bringing him back to reality with my shout, Germa wore his sinister grin again and said .
“It can’t be helped . I honestly didn’t saw that coming, however, there are still many moves to try . The next time, I will surely kill you . ”
“Sorry but, there will be no next time . ”
I teleported right after finishing my words .
Judging that I will be teleporting behind him, Germa swiftly turned around .
“Like I told you, you only have a single pattern!”
Saying the same thing again, he looked around, but couldn’t find me .
Surprised by that fact, he quickly surveyed his surroundings .
This guy is dumb . There’s no way I’d make the same move three times in a row .
All of a sudden, a strong shock ran through his chin .
It was because of my punch which sent him flying in the air .
Having his brain tremored, Germa fell into a confused state .
While he was still floating from my punch, I immediately prepared for the next move .
“Burn from the flames of light— Strike Soul!”
The moment I chanted the spell, a yellow magic circle appeared, surrounding Germa and gradually increased its light .
“Guu!!… I I’m not done yet!”
Standing back on both his legs again, Germa started releasing black mist from all over his body .
The mist extended around as if it was protecting him . Apparently, he realized that he can’t dodge my next attack, so he prepared for an instant counter-attack .
Although, it was already too late for that .
The magic circle shined to its limits and finally released its lasers at Germa who continued to release his black mist .
Once the mist touched the lasers, it easily disappeared, clearing the way to Germa .
“W-Why!?…… Guaaa!!”
The mist completely vanished in a second and the lasers reached Germa and Burned him up, not giving him the chance to do anything but scream .
The place that got exposed to the lasers from all the sides, began shining and releasing a bright light which cleared up the gloomy sky .
When everything had finally settled down, all that was left in that place was the worn-out figure of Germa .
His clothes turned pitch black and he received many burns around his body .
Apparently losing his consciousness, he remained crumbling on the ground .
I walked to him and noticed that he was still conscious .
“How, could… a god, like… me… lose…”
He uttered with a cracked voice .
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“You’re a god, aren’t you? Then why did you destroy your own world?”
“I- I was only… making… my ideal… world… a world consumed by… darkness…”
A world consumed by darkness? That just makes you sound like an evil god instead of a decent one .
“I understand your motive . But you shouldn’t have tried doing that here . Now leave that body right now . That way, you won’t be able to do anything . ”
When I told him to leave Akuya’s body, he made a stiff grin as he remained lying down .
“Indeed… I won’t be able… to do anything… but, I am not intending… to leave this body… and… there’s nothing… for you to do… about it…”
Looks like he was still holding a little hope . This guy doesn’t know when to give up . I actually respect his strong persistence .
Also, he was right . I didn’t have any means to drag him out from Akuya’s body .
Not until now .
“Shining Heart . ”
I released a certain magic at Germa .
A moment later, a light reached us from the sky and started dazzlingly wrapping him up .
“W-What is… guu!”
Germa started suffering once the light reached him .
It was a type of 【light magic】, a magic that specials at purification . Anyone who basks under it will have anything of evil in his heart purified .
Germa makes use of hatred to change it into his own strength and heal his body .
Then I only need to stop that process .
With this light, not only the body, but even the hatred surrounding him outside gets cleaned up . And apparently, Germa couldn’t stand against .
“Well then, you’d better leave that body you know . ”
Looking down at him suffering, I asked him to leave again .
At this rate, he may even die if he kept resisting .
He was probably thinking about the same thing since I could see the anguish and impassion from his face .
“!!… Ah!!”
Finally, deciding to give up, he left the body and floated away in the form of black mist .
He tried to escape with all his might, but of course, there was no way I’d let him get away .
“Alright, stop there . ”
Germa who was about to run away, received my neck blow and fainted .
It seemed that the neck blow had a considerable effect since I heard his groan before he lost his sense .
The sky turned back to its bright and cheerful condition and the dark clouds disappeared leaving the way for the sun to reach my eyes .
Now that I’m done with Germa, next will be this guy .
I reached my hand to the gloomy guy and covered him with a faint light that made his wounds heal up .
If I didn’t do that, he would have probably died . I actually don’t care about what could have happened to him, but I couldn’t break my promise with Kamaishi .
When all of his wounds healed, I let out a deep sigh realizing that everything was done .
“Guess I will go see Lina . ”
I carried both of them in my arms and while putting up with tiredness I was feeling, I teleported to Lina’s place .
The attack of the colonel .
“Hey, do you see someone standing there?”
“Eh? Where?”
“There! The place that’s unusually shining . ”
“Hmm, Ahh, my eyes!! My eyes!!”
“Looks like the colonel is attacking . ”
TL note: Laputa reference again, probably .


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