Novel Name : My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me

My Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me Chapter 101

Chapter 101
Summer season; the fierce heat still refuses to cool off . The noise of cicada pierces my ears as the sunlight almost burned my skin .
“Too hot……”
I walked through the overheated street while wearing a simple T-shirt and shorts while trying to find a reason for making myself go out in this weather . I remembered that after fulfilling my promise with Meru, I was about to lay down on my bed in my room that had an air conditioner . When suddenly, my mom knocked the door and asked me to go out shopping for her . When I was about to suggest for her to ask Karen instead, she added “you need to go outside a little bit” and left the room .
“Why is it so hot?”
“The temperature this year is higher than that of the last year, master . ”
Meru answered to my meaningless complaint . Today, I’m using wireless earphones to be able to talk with her at any moment . I bought it a long time ago but never had the chance or mood to use it . However now, that I’m using it, I realized it’s convenient compared to the normal earphones . I can talk to Meru without having to carry my phone in my hand all the time . Though this melting heat didn’t let me enjoy the usefulness of the earphones .
“They talked about the highest temperature recently, did they?”
“Yes, and apparently, this summer is going to get even hotter, Desu . ”
Oh my god .
I just felt true despair at Meru’s words . She’s an excellent AI whose information network covers the entire world . If she says that this summer is going to get even hotter, then that’s definitely going to happen .
“Let’s go back already…”
At this rate, I’m going to get completely dried up . Wiping my forehead, I headed back home while carrying the shopping bag .
“You can do it, Desu, master . Only 505 meters and 65 centimeters until your destination . ”
“Please Meru, stop giving that type of information . It just makes me more exhausted…”
The last thing I wanted to think on my way back is the distance . Maybe I shouldn’t have used wireless earphones after all . Under the blazing sun and while listening to Meru’s energetic voice that increased my fatigue, I continued to walk towards the oasis commonly known as my air-conditioned room . Unfortunately at that time, a magic circle emerged before me, in the air .
I halted my steps and observed that magic circle for a while . Soon after, something appeared from it and directly fell on the ground .
“Ouch! Why does this damn magic tool always drop me from the top…?”
The person who fell complained at the magic circle . It was a young woman with a silky deep crimson hair and wearing a bikini armor . I immediately felt a premonition from witnessing the abnormal appearance of the woman in front of me . Well, she seemed to be abnormal the moment she showed up from a magic circle . Due to the scorching heat, I couldn’t think properly and remained standing at my place instead of ignoring her and returning back home . My eyes met the woman’s who was still lying on her back .
“Ah . ”
Unlike my normal reaction, the woman, still lying on the ground, uttered with a peeved voice and sent me a glare . I assumed that she had something against me judging from that reaction, but soon enough, it turned out that that wasn’t the case .
“Oh! Could you be Kamiya Yato?!”
She suddenly stood up and asked with a polite voice . Though, I answered her with the coldest tone I could use .
“No, you got the wrong person . ”
Leaving those words behind, I walked away .
“W-Wait! Don’t escape!”
Interrupting my walk, she grabbed me by my wrist and looked at me in the face while smirking . Seriously, what’s wrong with this weather . It looks like I’m even hearing things now . Of course, I didn’t give up on my plan to escape from her and tried to shake off her hand that was seizing my wrist, but surprisingly enough, I couldn’t do that .
“I told you . You got the wrong person . ”
“Stop lying . There’s no way someone harboring a tremendous amount of magic like you could be the wrong person . ”
Looks like it was impossible to deceive her from the very start . Well, I’m sensing an enormous amount of magic coming from her as well . That’s why I chose not to get involved with her and tried shaking off her hand again without getting a desirable result . Damn it, what’s up with her strength . Her hand didn’t show a sign of loosing up no matter how strong I tried to shake it off . Reading my expression, that woman grinned at me .
“Well, just wait . I’m not intending to do anything for now . I just came to greet you . So don’t run away . Don’t you dare escape, Okay? You’re not gonna escape, are you? Haa?”
Putting aside her belligerent way of speech… What is wrong with this woman?
I could guess that she is related to those Gods in some way, but I never met her . If I were asked how to deal with a gorgeous beauty like her with a very disappointing character, I wouldn’t be able to answer immediately .
“Sorry but I don’t know you . I have some tasks to take care of now, so leave my hand . ”
When I asked her to leave me alone with an offensive lie, she seemed to be glad and responded with an excited voice tone .
“You’re getting more and more interesting . It’s been a while since the last time I met someone who’s not affected by my intimidation . ”
Looks like I became a target for her interest . Rather, did she try to intimidate me just now? Noticing that my lie had an opposite effect on her mood, I revealed a reluctant face, but that woman didn’t mind that and continued .
“My name is Scala . I’m a God . Well, nice to meet you, I guess . ”
I let out a silly voice from listening to her self-introduction . I wasn’t surprised at all to hear that she was a God, but her next words made me widen my eyes from the shock .
“This is abrupt but, I’m going to have you fight me . ”
“A…… Huh!?”
This time, I almost screamed in exclamation .
“The date and time is a day after tomorrow at this very time . You can choose any place you want . When the time comes I will teleport to your location and the fight will begin . ”
“W-Wait a second! What wrong with you showing up all of a sudden!?”
Unable to comprehend the situation, I asked her back with a confused face . How am I supposed to deal with someone suddenly showing up and challenging me for a fight?
“By the way, you don’t have the right to refuse . I already got permission from the Divine God . ”
“Divine God?”
I scowled from hearing an unfamiliar word, but Scala didn’t care to explain and instead took out something from within her bust . It was a small gray sphere that could be held in one hand . Scala took that sphere and smashed it on the ground . The sphere got smashed up and created a similar magic circle under her feet .
“Well then, we will meet the day after tomorrow . I think you know well what’s gonna happen if you run away . ”
“H-Hey! I told you to wait!”
Leaving behind her a threatening remark, Scala disappeared . I remained stretching my hand to the place where she was standing just now, unable to process the current situation . Left alone in the middle of the blazed residential area street, I kept gazing at that place for a while .
What was that just now…?
Scala who came and left like a storm didn’t give me the opportunity to catch up with what happened . The only thing I was certain of was that, things will surely get troublesome soon enough .
“What is wrong with that woman?”
“Master, I suggest you tell Lina about what just happened . Since the other party was a God, she could help us with the useful information . ”
“Yeah, you’re right . ”
I agreed with Meru who only listened to what happened, because the phone was inside my pocket, and headed back home . Let’s call Lina after I go back home . I’m feeling even hotter now that I kept standing in my place for too long . But still, what am I supposed to do now…?
“The future doesn’t seem very promising . ”
Thinking about Scala, I walked back home with heavy steps . Meru cheered me up while shouting “you can do it, Desu! Master!”
Well, I have no choice anyway, do I? Encouraged by Meru’s cheering, I made my resolve and hurried back .
Photo peeping .
“Hey, Meru . What do you think of these new earphones?”
“They’re very good, Desu, master . I can hear your voice much better, Desu . ”
“That’s great . Next time, I think I will buy a small camera . ”
“Really, Desu?”
“It must be inconvenient for you not to see the outside . ”
“Thank you very much, Desu! I can finally observe my surroundings, Desu . ”
“But still, don’t take photos of people secretly . ”
“I won’t, Desu! I will only peep on them for the sake of survey, Desu . ”
“So you’re still going to peep . ”
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