Novel Name : Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 819

Chapter 819

Dio had saved so many lives before! That included half of the Avengers, as Dio had treated them from life-threatening injuries so many times before.
If Steve got through people with his charisma, and Tony gained everyone’s recognition through self-dedication and sacrifice, then Dio through seer strength and reliability! Everyone just didn’t feel like they would lose as long as they were with Dio! Even Steve and Tony also thought this way.
In times of despair, Dio always came, bringing a new hope with him! In every battle, the enemy’s strongest force would be defeated by Dio even if he would receive injuries from them! Dio was their own personification of Hope and Miracle!
Everyone never knew what Dio would bring to the table again, and they would be utterly shocked by what Dio could do each and every time as it was always new and different! Even Wanda herself didn’t know when she first fell in love with Dio. It is as if her heart was stolen by some treasure hunter!
She always looked forward to meeting Dio, and each and every time, Dio filled her with curiosity! It was a maze of treasure that she couldn’t escape from, trapping her forever. Perhaps she didn’t even try to escape that maze as she wanted to live in it for her lifetime!
So, compared to Tony and Steve, Dio had different styles of leadership, and it surely wasn’t a good one, but the result spoke for itself.
“Now, I don’t know what our child would become in the future, but they have to understand the meaning of with Great Power comes a Great Responsibility!” Dio said solemnly.
“With Great Power comes a Great Responsibility?” Wanda asked as this was the first time she had ever heard such a phrase.
“Yes, it is a phrase that demands responsibility from a hero. It is a way to make a hero not lose themselves in their power. This is also the reason why I have been reluctant to join the Avengers as I think I can’t become a hero with my personality.” Dio said with a sad smile on his face.
“That phrase would constrain me from doing anything ethically questionable, and I don’t think it would be a life I want to live. But I want to protect Humanity and save the people from any danger that may bring doom! Still, I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite by shouting ‘Save Humanity’ while I am myself was morally questionable.” Dio explained.
“So, when the world government considered the Avengers as a threat and tried to balance them, I am sad that everyone was caught up with it, and even though I can just leave the Earth right there, I couldn’t do it!” Dio said solemnly. “The world wants me, and with my connections to the Avengers, the world government was keeping you in check to pressure me to give them what they wanted, and I wouldn’t fall for that! My technology would devastate the world in the hands of the greedy people that called themselves the leader of the world!” Dio said disgustedly.
Dio still remembered the movie Star Wars that he watched as a kid, which left a deep impression for him. The phrase from Peter Parker’s uncle was equally impactful that suited the life of every superhero out there!
After hearing Dio’s explanation, Wanda hugged Dio and embraced Dio in her arms. This was the first time she had ever heard Dio talks about his feelings, and she didn’t expect him to keep something so sensitive. She didn’t know that Dio felt like he didn’t deserve to be in the Avengers!
“So, do you think that our child can carry this phrase for the rest of his life? If you think they can do so, I will support them to be a superhero with all I have!” Dio said honestly.
“Now, I agree that the new generation of Avengers is in good hands! Spiderman obviously is a good leader, and it’s his charm that people tend to sympathise with. But he had a flaw too, and it is a huge flaw that will trip him in the future, and when it happens, I don’t think there will be any good ending!” Dio said seriously.
“Peter is too kind! He is probably the kindest human there is! He wouldn’t be able to make a decision that involved a life! No matter what he does, he won’t be able to kill a villain! This is his most lethal weakness!” Dio shook his head before sighing. He knew what Peter ought to do to overcome this weakness of his, but Dio didn’t think that it was his place to help Peter with his problems.
Wanda nodded her head as she understood what Dio was saying. But like Dio said, if the Avenger was in good hands, she just hoped that Peter would do well in the future. She knew that a kind boy like Peter would probably suffer a lot by being a hero, and she subconsciously touched her belly. Perhaps it was because of her sentimental feeling as she was expecting a child, but she didn’t want her child to suffer in the future.
Venice, Italy.
“Hey baby, can you help me hold this for a moment?” Ned said as he handed Betty his suitcase.
“Of course, it’s my pleasure!” Betty said with a smile on her face.
Peter that just got off the plane couldn’t believe what he was seeing right now! Did he just hear Ned call Betty ‘Baby’?! and on top of that, Ned kissed Betty on the lips!? Peter started to think that he was still in the dream world or he was in a hallucination for consuming some type of drugs on the plane earlier!
“What is happening?” Peter said as he followed Ned to the toilet.
“Nothing, we just talked on the plane, and we found out that we have so many things in common, so she is my girlfriend now!” Ned said boastingly. It was clear that Ned was proud to get himself a girlfriend.
“So what about your ‘Single American Man searching for European Love’ project?” Peter asked sarcastically.
“That plan is long gone! In fact, I recommend you to do things that the forum I learned from said. I tried it earlier, and I didn’t expect it to go so well! Just think about it, I don’t want you to stay a virgin for the rest of this European trip!” Ned said with a boastful expression.
Peter was startled by Ned’s incredulous word, but he started to imagine himself with MJ by his side! Peter began to think that it would make this European trip heavenly! Still, Peter wasn’t sure that MJ looked at him that way!
But as Peter was still doubting himself, Ned got out and walked with Betty, leaving Peter alone with his thought. It was a strike to the heart as he thought Ned would become his bachelor friend!
Still, Peter didn’t know at this time that this European trip would bring him so much trouble and even put him in a state of absolute danger that threatened his resolution as a hero!
If he knew about what would happen on this trip, he would definitely choose to go home right away on the next flight to New York!


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