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Fey Evolution Merchant Chapter 3003 Higher Faerie!

Chapter 3003 Higher Faerie!

It was not that there were no experts with such strength. Previously, when Zhong Zhiyu met a Grade 6 Creator, he encountered an expert whose strength far exceeded his own.
However, judging from the aura, that expert should be weaker than the three people beside Lin Yuan.
As he had not reached that level, Zhong Zhiyu did not know how weak he was.
However, no matter what, Zhong Zhiyu was shocked that Lin Yuan could have three powerhouses of such strength protecting him at his age!
At that moment, Zhong Zhiyu heard the woman speak to Lin Yuan in a respectful tone, "Young Master, you came back at the right time. I've already planted nearly a third of the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds. Because most of these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds are in stock, they can be planted immediately. After that, I want to plant all the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds across two-thirds of the riverbank. It will probably take a few years.
"But luckily, these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds grow extremely quickly. Look, these Thriving Summer Rising Clouds that are planted now will bloom in another day or so. Apart from being able to block the detection of the outside world, the Thriving Summer Rising Cloud's pollen can also form a dense protective network to prevent the energy inside from dissipating."
Summer was very satisfied with her results during this period.
During this period, Summer had basically spent all her time cultivating the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds without any rest.
A few days ago, after Spring finished her work, Summer even specially asked Spring to help her.
If Spring had not helped her for a few days, it would not have been so effective!
Summer's speed could be said to have shocked Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan had never thought that Summer would be able to create such a huge scene in just a month!
Lin Yuan had previously thought about bringing the blessed land to North of the Lonely River. The spirit qi and various elemental energies released by a low- and mid-grade blessed land were enough to make the energy in North of the Lonely River higher than that of the outside world!
However, this loss of energy was unavoidable.
Now, Summer was telling him that Thriving Summer Rising Cloud's pollen could effectively prevent energy from leaking out. This was great news for Lin Yuan!
"Summer, you've worked hard during this period. In just a few years, the Thriving Summer Rising Cloud will be able to open the banks of the Lonely River and surround North of the Lonely River. This exceeds my expectations. When you're done with your work for the next few years, I'll let you rest well for a while."
Summer hurriedly said, "Young Master, I'm not tired. Doing these things is nothing to me. You really don't have to be so polite with me! It's already my greatest blessing to be by your side!"
When Summer said this, she sounded a little terrified. She felt that Lin Yuan was being distant by saying this to her.
Actually, what Summer was doing now was not as easy as she had said.
However, compared to waiting for Lin Yuan to wake up in Epoch God Palace, her current life was even more fascinating!
When Zhong Zhiyu heard Lin Yuan and Summer's simple conversation, he had many thoughts. In such a barren place like North of the Lonely River, he actually had to consider the situation of energy leakage. If someone else said this to Zhong Zhiyu, he would definitely think that this person was crazy.
However, this was said by an expert like Summer to Lin Yuan. This made Zhong Zhiyu realize that the environment in North of the Lonely River had been changed by Lin Yuan and it was not simple!
At first, Zhong Zhiyu thought that Summer, Autumn, and Winter were Lin Yuan's servants and had been sent to protect Lin Yuan. Hence, they addressed Lin Yuan as Young Master. In essence, these people were Lin Yuan's elders.
However, from their attitudes toward Lin Yuan, it seemed that the actual situation was not that simple. These people treated Lin Yuan with reverence. It was really unusual to treat such a young fellow with such an attitude!
Summer nodded at Zhong Zhiyu after speaking to Lin Yuan.
Summer had an extremely quiet personality and was usually unwilling to speak but she knew that she had to build a good relationship with Lin Yuan's new retainer.
When Winter saw Summer, he had already explained Zhong Zhiyu's identity. A Grade 5 Creator was very useful to the current Lin Yuan.
Seeing this, Zhong Zhiyu hurriedly returned Summer's greeting. In front of Summer, Zhong Zhiyu had no right to be arrogant!
Lin Yuan observed the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds' growth.
Apart from his Realm Abyss Red Lotus, Lin Yuan had never seen a plant-type creature with such powerful vitality!
After crossing the area with the Thriving Summer Rising Clouds, Lin Yuan summoned Zhi Ling from the Spirit Lock spatial zone.
Lin Yuan introduced Zhong Zhiyu and Zhi Ling to each other and prepared to bring them to Sky City.
Coincidentally, they would pass by Four Seasons Mountain on their way to Sky City and would be able to pass by more than half of the faith country. Lin Yuan could use this opportunity to let the two of them understand Sky City's general situation!
Zhi Ling and Zhong Zhiyu were both smart people. After Lin Yuan took the initiative to introduce them, they quickly became comfortable and tried to figure out each other's identities.
Lin Yuan looked at the retainers behind Zhong Zhiyu and said to him in an extremely serious tone, "Uncle Zhong, you should have a spatial artifact that can store all your retainers, right?"
Without Lin Yuan saying anything, Zhong Zhiyu understood what he meant. It was obvious that the place that Lin Yuan was going to take him to was not suitable for his retainers.
Zhong Zhiyu patted the brocade bag hanging on his waist and kept all his retainers in it.
After Zhong Zhiyu put away the retainers, Lin Yuan continued to speak to him, "Uncle Zhong, Sky City has many secrets. I believe that your retainers are very loyal to you. I can't help but worry that they will leak information related to Sky City.
"Therefore, I hope that you will take good care of your retainers in the future. If it is not necessary, even if you leave Sky City to run errands, don't bring your current retainers with you. You can choose a few members from Sky City that you like and nurture them! There are many outstanding people in Sky City. I don't think it's difficult for you to find a few people you like, Uncle Zhong."
Zhong Zhiyu hurriedly promised, "Young Master, don't worry. I've nurtured these retainers myself. I know their personalities very well. I won't tell anyone about the situation in Sky City.
"Moreover, you've already said that even if I believe that they won't tell anyone about the situation in Sky City, I won't let them leave North of the Lonely River! If I can meet someone I like in the future, I will definitely nurture them well! Since I'm already under your command, I won't do anything to harm you and Sky City!"
Zhong Zhiyu, who had just joined Sky City, felt that he had to make a solemn statement.
With his life in Lin Yuan's hands, Sky City would become a place that he would serve forever. Zhong Zhiyu was a person who cared a lot about his own interests. He would not do anything that would harm his own interests when he saw reality clearly.
Lin Yuan smiled at Zhong Zhiyu and said, "With Uncle Zhong's words, I'm relieved! "Sky City has just started. After all, Sky City was founded by me when I was 16 years old. It has only been less than 30 years. Even so, I believe that Sky City will not disappoint you!"
Lin Yuan did not say this to Zhi Ling not because he did not value her, but because Genius had transmitted information to Zhi Ling, and Zhi Ling had a clear understanding of Sky City's situation!
When they were crossing the faith country, Zhong Zhiyu looked down from the sky. At first, he did not understand the meaning of the faith country and asked Lin Yuan curiously, "Young Master, why did you gather so many wanderers? There's…"
Before Zhong Zhiyu could finish speaking, he had already probed the situation in the faith country with his spiritual energy.
The people living in the faith country were not troubled by hunger. Everything was in order.
There were even demon insects inside to maintain order! The presence of these demon insects meant that Lin Yuan definitely had a demon insect queen!
Demon insects fed on all species. But in Lin Yuan's hands, they became tools to help the faction maintain order!
These were all abilities that Lin Yuan had unintentionally revealed.
Now that they had settled the problem of food and shelter, they could produce faith power steadily.
These groups of wanderers from various races coexisted in a complicated manner. Zhong Zhiyu could not estimate how much faith power they would produce!
When Lin Yuan heard Zhong Zhiyu's sudden stop, he knew that his arrangements for the faith country had once again shocked Zhong Zhiyu.
Lin Yuan turned his head to look at Zhi Ling. Zhi Ling understood the meaning of Lin Yuan's gaze and began to explain the situation of the faith country to Zhong Zhiyu.
Almost all the major factions in the Sky Beyond the Clouds were divided into clans. There was no concept of a federation.
The current faith country was very similar to a federation's situation. However, what appeared now was only the prototype of a federation.
After Zhi Ling's explanation, Zhong Zhiyu understood Lin Yuan's grand goal in building the Sky Beyond the Clouds.
Zhong Zhiyu was used to seeing the world and was stunned by Lin Yuan's goal!
It was extremely easy for Grade 5 Creators to obtain faith power. But for Grade 5 Creators, faith power was related to their strength and was extremely precious.
However, if Lin Yuan continued to develop the faith country, they could mass-produce faith power. As long as Lin Yuan was willing, a divine kingdom lifeform could be easily nurtured into a holy spirit!
All of this overturned Zhong Zhiyu's common sense and understanding!
Zhong Zhiyu asked Lin Yuan in a dry voice,"Has the problem of the acceptance and transmission of faith power been resolved?"
Since Lin Yuan had complete control over Zhong Zhiyu and treated him as a core member of Sky City, there was no need for him to hide Sky City's secrets from Zhong Zhiyu.
"Uncle Zhong, there was originally a troublesome problem. But a month and a half before we met, this matter had already been perfectly resolved!"
After receiving Lin Yuan's affirmative answer, Zhong Zhiyu became excited.
After being shocked so many times, Zhong Zhiyu had still underestimated the power behind Lin Yuan and Lin Yuan.
Even if Lin Yuan did not give him an endless lifespan, Zhong Zhiyu would still be willing to join Sky City after knowing about this!
Zhong Zhiyu's heart had just calmed down because of the faith country. The moment he saw Season Cycle's main body, it surged again.
"A..a higher faerie? No, this higher faerie has also reached a symbiotic state with the Breath Soil!"
Everything on Four Seasons Mountain was the core of Sky City, but these things were far less shocking than the higher faerie on Four Seasons Mountain and the Cleansing Breath Soil!
Lin Yuan said proudly when he heard Zhong Zhiyu's gasp, "You're right. This is Sky City's own higher faerie! This higher faerie has indeed reached a symbiotic relationship with the Breath Soil. Apart from a higher faerie in Sky City, there are also two intermediate and two lower faeries. They all live on Season Cycle."
Zhong Zhiyu was already a little numb.
Among the five faeries, there was a higher one. This lineup was similar to the lineup of Faerie Institution stationed in Northern Universe!
Faerie Institution had been looking for faeries everywhere to recruit all of them.
Faerie Institution indeed had the intention to protect the faeries. However, as Faerie Institution developed over the years, it had changed from a force that was spontaneously organized by higher faeries to an armed force. Faerie Institution became more and more domineering and their requirements for the faeries became stricter.
Many faeries were killed by Faerie Institution because they violated the management of Faerie Institution!
This matter caused a huge commotion in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.
It was precisely because of this matter that some new faeries were unwilling to join Faerie Institution.
However, Faerie Institution's approach was too domineering and these newborn faeries could not refuse. These newborn faeries were brought back to Faerie Institution.
Faerie Institution had such strict control over the faeries yet Lin Yuan still had so many of them.
Zhong Zhiyu could not help but wonder if Lin Yuan had any cooperation with Faerie Institution!
If Lin Yuan had cooperated with Faerie Institution, Zhong Zhiyu felt that he had to remind Lin Yuan not to get too close to Faerie Institution.
Lin Yuan was not a faerie and Faerie Institution members would never be sincere in working with him!
Once there was a difference in interests, Faerie Institution would immediately change their attitude. Zhong Zhiyu, who had made a deal with Faerie Institution in the past, had a deep understanding of this!
Zhong Zhiyu did not know the true relationship between Lin Yuan and Faerie Institution so he planned to ask Lin Yuan indirectly when he had the chance. After asking about Lin Yuan's relationship with Faerie Institution, he would decide what to say to Lin Yuan. He hoped that Lin Yuan would listen to his advice and not think that he was trying to sow discord.


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