Novel Name : After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback!

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 2044: The Machines Are Destroyed

Chapter 2044: The Machines Are Destroyed....
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“We’re all here and we brought all the vehicles,” Chi Ze said.
“Alright, you can start moving the items,” Qiao Mei said as she pointed into the depths of the forest.
They looked towards the direction where Qiao Mei was pointing. There were many big boxes piled up on the ground. Everyone was very curious about how these goods were transported here, but no matter how curious they were, they knew not to ask about things they were not supposed to know.
They only managed to finish moving all the goods when it was dawn. Qiao Mei gave Chi Ze an address and asked him to send all these goods to a location in the south. This was the new warehouse which Xiang Jin and Wu Duo bought. They could make good use of these goods to earn some funds. It would be a good round of training for them.
After everything was done, Qiao Mei did not go home directly. She drove slowly and made her way to Tan Shi’s factory. Tan Shi had already been arrested by the police and taken away for interrogation. At the moment, the factory was being run by one of Huang Quan t s relatives. Losing the goods was not a big issue to them. As long as the machines were still around, they could clear the debt of a few million dollars in less than three months.
She waited until late at night when all the employees in the factory had finished work and gone home. There was only the security guard at the door left. The factory was empty and there was no sound at all.
Qiao Mei controlled the vines and made them creep into the factory through the gap in the door. She used them to dismantle the machines, removing all the critical components from all of them.
These machines were all manufactured overseas. The foreigners were very smart and they were most particular about keeping the technology confidential. The most important components inside the machines were attached using special methods and could not be disassembled in the usual ways.
When Qiao Mei bought the machines, the foreigners had explained all these things to her and she knew where the machine’s core was. As long as the core was removed, the entire machine was not usable anymore.
After settling this issue, she used the vines to break open all the canned food in the factory to attract the small animals in the nearby forest and the stray dogs in the surroundings. By the time dawn broke, all the goods in the warehouse would probably be eaten up.
Qiao Mei felt like staying behind to admire the expressions on the faces of the Huang family’s relatives when they came to the factory tomorrow. However, she had already been out for too long. If her movements were discovered, it would arouse the suspicion of the Huang family.
During this period of time, Huang Quan was really overwrought. Not only did he have to settle the matters at his workplace, but he also had to clear the mess at the factory. His relatives kept pestering him to return their money. Some of them were even afraid that his family would run away, so they took turns to keep an eye on their house!
“This bunch of assholes. When there is money to be made, they all look so kind. Now that something has happened, they all come rushing to our door!”
Huang Quan muttered to himself as he drove towards the factory.
He had set aside some time today to come over and take a look at the company’s business reports and accounts. He needed money so that he could hire some people to help him continue to search for Li Xin and Liu Guang.
The sun had just risen and there were not many pedestrians on the road. Huang Quan got out of the car unsteadily. When he passed by the security booth, he saw the old security officer sleeping soundly inside.
“Look at the time now and you’re still sleeping! Are you hired to sleep on the job!” Huang Quan scolded.
“Oh! Boss Huang! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I fell asleep accidentally! I’m really sorry!” the old security officer said immediately.
It was only seven in the morning and no one had come to work yet. It was not a big deal to take a break at this time. The security officers at the other factories also slept on the job at night. Everyone did that. He was just unlucky enough to run into Huang Quan today.
“Be more mindful next time! If I see you sleeping again, I’ll replace you!’
Huang Quan said.
“Sure, sure, sure! I’ll keep that in mind!” the security officer said.
As Huang Quan walked in, he started to detect the strong smell of meat. He rushed to the warehouse and opened the door. The floor was strewed with canned food and chewed up ham sausages.
These goods were all supposed to be delivered today! It had not been easy for them to mortgage the house to get a loan, but the money had all gone to waste now!
“Guard! Come here! Hey!” Huang Quan rushed to the door like a lunatic. The old security officer tidied his clothes and walked out, asking, “What’s wrong, Boss Huang?”
“Did you lock the door to the warehouse last night?” Huang Quan questioned.
“I did. I even checked it several times! When I locked the door, Boss Xiao Huang was also there,” the old security officer said. Boss Xiao Huang was Huang Quan t s relative.
“Rubbish! All the goods inside have been eaten up! Everythings gone!” Huang Quan roared.
“What? Impossible! This is definitely impossible! Boss Huang, you must have been mistaken. How can all the food be eaten?” the old security officer said fearfully..


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