Novel Name : Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman Chapter 1900: Tang Han Lee Is Ready To Get Married

Chapter 1900: Tang Han Lee Is Ready To Get Married

Yu Qi and Tang Bo Lin returned home in the evening. Su Xiao welcomed Yu Qi and her son.
"Bo Lin, did you have fun?" Su Xiao asked.
"Hmm... fun." Tang Bo Lin nodded.
Tang Heng Nuo came out as well. She went to hug her twin.
"Miss you." Tang Heng Nuo said.
Tang Bo Lin looked at Yu Qi. Yu Qi seemed to understand what Tang Bo Lin tried to say. She kneeled.
"Heng Nuo, here." Yu Qi gave the toys that Tang Bo Lin bought for Tang Heng Nuo.
"Wow.... Sister Qi. Thank you." Tang Heng Nuo was happy to receive a new toy.
"You should thank Bo Lin because he chose to buy it for you." Yu Qi said.
Tang Heng Nuo turned to Tang Bo Lin. "Thank you."
Tang Bo Lin just nodded and acted like it was nothing for him. Yu Qi and Su Xiao smiled seeing the behaviour.
"I want to play with it." Tang Heng Nuo said.
She even pulled Tang Bo Lin's hands together. "Is it true that he chose the toy?" Su Xiao asked.
"Hmm... Even I am surprised by that. I brought him to buy his toy, but he just bought it for Heng Nuo." Yu Qi stated.
"I also know that he dislikes playing with toys." Su Xiao nodded.
"Oh, there is something that we need to discuss about together later. Is Uncle Jang Qin home tonight?" Yu Qi asked.
"I think he is coming home tonight. No night shifts." Su Xiao said.
"Great. We can gather around after dinner." Yu Qi said. "Sure." Su Xiao.
After dinner, around 9 p.m., Tang family members gathered in the living room. Grandpa Tang, Ming Yue, Su Xiao, Tang Jang Qin, Tang Han Lee, and Yu Qi were there except for the other three people. They had the night shift tonight.
"So, what do you want to talk about?" Ming Yue asked Yu Qi.
She heard from Su Xiao that Yu Qi wanted to talk about something. That was why they were gathered tonight.
"Do you want to tell us that you want to start the preparation for the wedding?" Grandpa Tang asked.
"What? No. Not yet. It is something else." Yu Qi was shocked and shook her head repeatedly.
"So, what is it?" Grandpa Tang asked.
"It is about Bo Lin." Yu Qi stated.
"About him? What is going on?" Su Xiao asked.
She sounded very worried when she heard that Yu Qi had something to talk about Tang Bo Lin.
"Auntie Su Xiao, did you notice that Bo Lin is different than other kids?" Yu Qi asked.
"Yes. He is not talkative like his twin, Heng Nuo." Su Xiao also noticed it.
"I think Bo Lin is going to be a genius." Yu Qi said.
"Huh?" Everyone reacted.
"Earlier, when we went to buy the toys for him, he refused. He told me that he wanted to buy a book. So, we went to a bookstore. I thought he wanted to buy some books for kids. However, he went to the medical book section and bought the medical book. This book." Yu Qi said. She then looked at the book on her phone.
It was a hardcore book for doctors and medical students.
"He even told me that he already read the books in our library. When I asked him about what book he had been reading, he told me about all of the medical books." Yu Qi said.
"What?" Su Xiao was surprised. "I often found him inside. I thought he just read the book for kids since I just buy some for them."
"It is indeed my grandson." Grandpa Tang was happy.
"Grandpa, it is indeed a good thing. But..." Yu Qi did not continue the sentence because Tang Jang Qin did for her.
"It is not good for a child in his age." Tang Jang Qin said. "Yes." Yu Qi nodded.
"It is indeed something that worried us." Tang Han Lee nodded.
"What should we do about that?" Su Xiao asked.
"We need to monitor the book that he wants to read. However, we should not block his interest completely." Yu Qi said.
"We also have to get him to be interested in something else." Tang Han Lee said.
"Well, how about you take him on a vacation? Go and do fun activities with him and Heng Nuo." Ming Yue suggested.
Su Xiao looked at Tang Jang Qin.
"I understand. I will check my schedule tomorrow. I will take some time off later." Tang Jang Qin said.
Since the twins were born, they had not been on any vacation.
"He will be happy." Yu Qi said.
"Since everyone is here today, I also have something to discuss." Tang Han Lee stated.
"What? Do you want to get married soon?" Grandpa Tang asked.
"Yes." Tang Han Lee nodded.
"What? You did?" Grandpa Tang was surprised by Tang Han Lee's answer.
"Yes, it has been a while since I got engaged with my fiance. Since our careers are stable now, we want to tie the knot." Tang Han Lee stated.
"Really? You are not lying right?" Ming Yue asked.
"Yes, Mom. Why should I lie about something like this?" Tang Han Lee sighed.
"Great. GREAT. Your father will be happy to hear about this." Ming Yue because excited.
"We need to start the preparation." Su Xiao also became excited.
"We need to call our future in-laws about the date. We need to choose an auspicious date." Ming Yue said.


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