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I Maximize My Item-dropping Rate Chapter 732: Self-Destruction (1)

Chapter 732: Self-Destruction (1)
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Boom!! A loud bang suddenly exploded from the tree ball that was filled with black fog. Even the Daolord of the Xueyan Kingdom, who was as strong as him, was sent flying back under the roar. He crashed heavily into the wall formed by many branches. His eyes were filled with shock. He looked at Xiao Shi in disbelief. He did not expect that the other party’s attack had already reached a level that could contend with him.
This person was clearly only a Sage! However, it erupted with an attack comparable to the Daolord. This had completely broken his understanding of Sages.
One had to know that there had always been a huge gap between Sages and Daolords that was difficult to cross. No matter which era it was, there had never been a Sage who could compete with the Daolord.
The difference between the two was heaven and earth! It was the difference between clouds and mud. This was common knowledge to everyone.
But now, Xiao Shi has broken common sense. It broke his understanding. It gave the Daolord of the Xueyan Kingdom an extremely strong sense of subversion.
“As expected, with my current attack combined with the three Dao Insights, I can already barely fight against Daolord.” Xiao Shi’s figure was also blasted back. However, his eyes flickered with excitement.
Be it the Qianqi Dao Slash or the power of the four branches of the Four Symbols Divine Martial Sect, they were both extremely powerful and extraordinary. Under normal circumstances, being able to grasp one of the powers was already a rare shocking fortune.
After Xiao Shi’s control and fusion of the three powers, it directly erupted with a terrifying slash comparable to the Daolord. As such, he would be able to stall for more time.
Before that, what Xiao Shi was most worried about was that his clone could not hold the Daolord back. If Daolord escaped too early and went to save those Sages, it would be difficult for him to kill all the Sages of the Xueyan Kingdom through the Red Refined Corpse.
The Daolord of the Xueyan Kingdom was extremely shocked. But after the shock, he quickly calmed down. “Although you can unleash an attack comparable to a Daolord, such an attack is equivalent to your strongest killing move. You can only use it once at most in a short period of time!”
It was impossible to use such a killing move many times. Usually, it could only be used once. Without this powerful killer move, it would be easy for him to deal with Xiao Shi. However, just as he finished speaking, Xiao Shi raised his hand again. Black evil souls and many weapons surged out of his body again.
“How is this possible!!” The Daolord of the Xueyan Kingdom cried out involuntarily.
“Very good. I’ve successfully dealt with half of the Sages.” Xiao Shi, who was in control of the entire situation in the desolate mountain, was very satisfied with the current killing speed of the Red Refined Corpses.
All in all, the killing speed of the Red Refined Corpses was similar to what he had expected. However, among these Sages, there were also a few relatively strong Sages. It would take more time to kill them.
As these Sages died, Xiao Shi’s body was already filled with many auras. This was also the main method of Slaughter Dao. As long as he kept killing, he would be able to obtain the Dao Origin and use it to control the Dao.
But he still needed to comprehend these Dao origins obtained through killing. Currently, he needed to control the Red Refined Corpses and his clone, so he did not have time to comprehend it. He could only condense these Dao Origins on his body first.
After killing all the Sages in the country, he would comprehend them together.
“Hmm?” Xiao Shi suddenly sensed a strange situation. Through the perspective of one of the Red Refined Corpses, he clearly saw that the Sage who was fighting this Red Refined Corpse had chosen to self-destruct his arm under the collision and bombardment of the two sides, forming a powerful attack that exceeded his strength.
This forced the Red Refined Corpse back. This Sage took advantage of this opportunity. He immediately fled. If that was all, it was not enough to attract Xiao Shi’s attention. What really caught Xiao Shi’s attention was that this Sage had taken out a drop of blood as he fled. It was an unusual drop of blood.
When this Sage reached out and crushed the drop of blood, a huge
blood-colored face actually formed in front of him. From the terrifying aura emitted by this huge face, he could clearly deduce that this was the face of a Daolord!
The moment this face was formed, the Sage immediately shouted at the blood-colored face. “Sir, I’ve found the person who stole the corpse!”
As soon as he finished speaking, the blood-colored face’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He looked straight at the Red Refined Corpse that was charging over at an astonishing speed.
Boom! The Red Refined Corpse slammed into the blood-colored face. It directly shattered the entire huge blood-colored face. This Daolord’s blood-colored face was more like a projection. He could see the situation here from an extremely far distance, but this blood-colored face didn’t have any power. It was easily shattered by the Red Refined Corpse.
The Red Refined Corpse that had shattered it quickly waved the Red Corpse Refinement Saber in its hand. A saber light flashed. The head of the Sage in front of him was instantly sent flying into the sky. He successfully killed him.
However, Xiao Shi was not happy about this..


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