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I Maximize My Item-dropping Rate Chapter 650: Fusing Demon! (2)

Chapter 650 - 650: Fusing Demon! (2)

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As such, the demon avatar with two different wills could neutralize the soul deterrence of the Martial Emperor’s Belt through the switch of wills.
Xiao Shi did not hesitate at the critical moment. He decisively used an ability he had never used in the Martial Emperor’s Belt— the Emperor’s Soul!!
Because Xiao Shi had always been in the Imperial Domain, he was worried that if he formed an Emperor’s Soul in the Imperial Domain, it might attract the attention of the prince and the others. Out of caution, ever since he obtained the Martial Emperor’s Belt, he had never used this ability.
Now that he was no longer in the Imperial Domain, Xiao Shi naturally did not have this worry. In fact, from the moment he took out the Martial Emperor’s Belt, he was already prepared to use this ability.
The soul deterrence of the Martial Emperor’s Belt alone might not be able to restrain the demon avatar. So he had already prepared a backup plan. As the Martial Emperor’s Belt emitted a dazzling golden light, an illusory figure suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Shi.
It was a huge figure in an emperor’s robe. The wide golden Emperor’s Robe exuded a divine might. The Nine Dragons Soar embroidered on it seemed to exist. It was sealed on the robe and flowed like water, emitting a noble aura.
The golden crown on his head was like a golden sun, forming a huge golden halo behind him.
The most eye-catching thing was the crown tassels hanging down from the emperor’s crown. There were a total of 24 tassels in front and behind. Each tassel pierced through the 12 jade beads. While covering his face, the pearls emitted a dazzling light, making people unable to look at him directly.
There was a golden cloak on his back. It was completely golden with red flames embroidered on the bottom. On his back was a huge black word “Wu”. On his waist was a belt identical to Xiao Shi’s.
Xiao Shi was familiar with the Martial Emperor’s Combat Boots and Martial Emperor’s Pauldron on his feet and shoulders. However, in his current soul form, it was a little blurry. Because the location where the Emperor’s Soul was formed was in front of Xiao Shi, Xiao Shi could not see the front of the Emperor’s Soul.
The moment the Emperor’s Soul was formed, the world changed! The entire special area shook extremely violently! Moreover, under this violent trembling, a terrifying and deep crack appeared on the ground under Xiao Shi’s feet.
Not only that, an incomparably shocking pressure directly spread out from the Emperor’s Soul like an avalanche. The moment he saw the Emperor’s Soul, the huge ferocious face behind the demon avatar’s back changed drastically. The ferocity and brutality on his face turned into indescribable fear and shock in less than a second.
His entire face contorted in fear. That extreme fear was enough to move everyone who saw it. As a result, the entire huge face actually showed signs of collapsing under this extreme fear.
Just the appearance of the Emperor’s Soul, before he could attack, the demon’s will was already on the verge of collapse. The demon’s will directly gave up on controlling the demon avatar. He hid in the demon avatar’s body in fear. He did not dare to raise his head again.
The demon avatar’s will could only be forced to take over. The demon avatar that had taken over was also in a bad situation.
Although the demon avatar was not as afraid of the Emperor’s Soul as the previous will, the pressure brought about by the Emperor’s Soul and the soul intimidation formed by Xiao Shi through the Martial Emperor’s Belt directly made the demon avatar lose his mobility.
Xiao Shi knew that this was the best time to put his demon avatar back into his body and fuse with him. A black Martial Emperor’s Mask appeared on his face. Through the function of the Martial Emperor’s Mask to exempt all aura and pressure, he resolved the terrifying pressure formed by the Emperor’s Soul.
He originally thought that the pressure emitted by the Emperor’s Soul would only affect targets other than himself. He did not expect that even he would be affected by the pressure of the Emperor’s Soul.
But Xiao Shi, who had the Martial Emperor’s Mask, could directly exempt the terrifying pressure of the Emperor’s Soul through the Martial Emperor’s Mask and not be affected.
Swoosh! Xiao Shi’s figure flashed. He instantly teleported in front of the demon avatar under the demon avatar’s furious and indignant gaze. He raised his hand and pointed. He placed his index finger on the demon avatar’s forehead. A vortex appeared on his index finger.
There was a swish as he sucked the demon avatar into his body and fused with it. Before that, Xiao Shi had never fused with the demon avatar. Although he had already controlled the demon avatar when he stepped into the Martial Demon Realm, he had always maintained it at the first stage of the Martial Demon Realm.
Until this moment did he officially fuse with his demon avatar. Typically, when a Martial Demon Realm cultivator fused with their demon avatar, they would wait until their demon avatar cultivated to a certain extent before fusing with it.
If he fused with his demon avatar too early, even if he could successfully step into the second stage of the Martial Demon Realm, his strength would fall behind the other Martial Demon Realms.
And this was the first time in the Tianwu Continent’s countless years that one fused a demon avatar after it became a demon. The moment the demon avatar fused into his body, Xiao Shi’s body trembled. It was as if a huge world had squeezed into his body. In an instant, he had a strong intuition that his body could not take it and was about to explode from this world.
Fortunately, his body was strong. Even though many parts of his skin had ruptured, his bones had exploded, and his internal organs had all exploded, his vitality was tenacious, so it was not life-threatening.
Under his powerful recovery, the injuries he had suffered immediately began to recover. Although it would immediately crack again as soon as it recovered, it could maintain a delicate balance.
This allowed him to constantly adapt and accommodate this huge world that squeezed into his body. However, the danger of fusing with the demon avatar was far more than just accommodating this world.
The moment he fused with the demon avatar, Xiao Shi’s killing intent exploded. He had a strong killing intent to begin with. After all, ever since he stepped onto the path of a martial artist, he had been killing. It was mainly to improve through killing.
However, he had always had his bottom line. He would not blindly slaughter for the sake of dropping items. And now, when his killing intent was detonated, his eyes were instantly filled with endless killing intent, and the urge to slaughter everything rose in his heart. If there were others around him at this moment, he would definitely not be able to control himself and kill them.
No matter who the other party was!
So Xiao Shi tried his best to maintain his rationality and resist the exploding killing intent in his heart. He knew that this was the pollution brought about by the demon avatar. Once he failed to resist such killing intent pollution, the demon avatar would regain its dominance.
The demon avatar knew that he had a very strong killing intent. Therefore, it was deliberately contaminating him through his killing intent. This was the final counterattack. In the beginning, Xiao Shi could still resist it through his own will.
However, as his killing intent increased, he gradually lost his consciousness. His heart was filled with endless killing intent and he only wanted to slaughter everything. Just as his last bit of rationality was about to be drowned by these killing intent, Xiao Shi relied on his last bit of rationality and decisively took out an item.
This was an exclusive item. It was the Time Crystal! Xiao Shi had kept this item previously and did not sacrifice it. The moment he took out the Time Crystal, he decisively used it. He directly exchanged for items under the Star Era through the Era Crystal. He successfully exchanged for an exclusive item from the Star Era.
In the current situation, he was already too late, nor did he have the time to check the relevant information of this exclusive item. He could only rely on the last bit of hope in his heart.. He decisively used this exclusive item!


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