Novel Name : Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027

Yun Lei Earth Monarch was kicked into the sky by Yi Tianyun. He has already increased his speed, but he still can’t catch up with Yi Tianyun’s speed, making him furious.
After Yun Lei Earth Monarch was kicked into the sky, Yi Tianyun once again rushed to the back of Yun Lei Earth Monarch at an amazing speed and kicked him hard.
“Boom!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch was kicked down, and when he was in the air, suddenly his body released a thick lightning bolt and scattered around.
“Thunder Word Art, open for me!”
Yun Lei Earth Monarch roared, and a mark began to appear on the surface of his body, and then with a “crash” sound, he dodged to the side like a bolt of lightning, and his speed was several times faster than before.
This amazing speed, many people are amazing, under this amazing speed, easily dodging Yi Tianyun’s attack, is a bit awkward, but now the situation is not as passive as before.
“Yun Lei’s Thunder Word Art is more skilled.” Heavenly Thunder Territory Lord was very satisfied with Yun Lei Earth Monarch’s performance, and has always been very satisfied.
“Of course. In the world of martial arts, speed is the only thing that can not be broken! Young Master Yun Lei, with the most overbearing speed, it should not be a problem for him to win this match.” The elder beside him began to flatter him. Under such a shocking speed, he would naturally be able to win the battle.
“That kid is a little strange. His speed is so fast that it is somewhat beyond my expectations. With Yun Lei’s situation, he should be able to win this match.” Heavenly Thunder Territory Lord’s eyes were cold. Then, he turned to look at the Heavenly Thunder Region Lord, his eyes filled with displeasure.
He did not expect that a God Territory at the bottom would find such a genius. This made him feel very unhappy.
“As long as Young Lord Yun Lei can display our Divine Thunder Domain’s lightning arts, we will definitely be able to win this match. Under the same level, basically, no one can surpass Young Lord Yun Lei’s speed!” The elder beside him continued to flatter him.
“That’s true. If that Earth Monarch Tianyun is still at this speed, then we will definitely win this round!” The Heavenly Thunder Territory Lord’s eyes were full of fanaticism. His goal was very simple, which was to Yun Lei Earth Monarch defeat Yi Tianyun, so that he can join any God Domain at will.
Speed ​​has always been the most respected, as long as the speed is amazing enough, he will be invincible!
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Yi Tianyun kept rushing over and smashing Yun Lei Earth Monarch, it was very simple and cruel, and there was no use of any weapons.
Yun Lei Earth Monarch easily blocked his concentrated attack without any pressure at all.
“This is the limit of your speed. It’s too slow.” Yun Lei Earth Monarch laughed, but he still didn’t seem to have any extra speed.
Yi Tianyun’s eyes flashed, and he used all his strength, even the Phoenix Bloodline in his body. With the power of the Desolate Ancient Suit, he has reached the limit.
Who knew that Yun Lei Earth Monarch could still withstand it? This was enough to show how terrifying the speed of the Yun Lei Earth Monarch was. According to the past, with his speed, he was definitely an instant kill.
However, when facing Yun Lei Earth Monarch, his speed could only be considered average. However, this result was not surprising. After all, speed was the opponent’s strong suit. As long as he burst out a little, he could crush most people.
“Is that so? Then what about this?”
Yi Tianyun’s eyes turned cold, and he immediately gave an order in his heart.
“Level Up Phoenix Bloodline!”
[Ding, successfully deducted 5 million Crazy Points, Level Up Phoenix Bloodline is 3rd Grade! ]
[3rd Grade Phoenix Bloodline, speed increased by 20 times, flame power increased by 10 times!]
[Weng! ]
The power of the Phoenix was released from his body, and a phantom of the Phoenix appeared behind him, making his speed suddenly increase.
With a “Xiu” sound, Yi Tianyun disappeared in front of Yun Lei, and in the next moment, he appeared next to him and slapped him.
With a “Pa” sound, Yun Lei was slapped to the ground, and with a “dong” sound, his head came into close contact with the ground, making his head dizzy, and he almost fainted.
Heavenly Thunder Territory Lord stood up in shock. He saw Yi Tianyun’s speed suddenly burst up, even faster than Yun Lei Earth Monarch! Yun Lei Earth Monarch used some real ability, but he still lost in speed.
“This, this speed can increase?” Yun Lei Earth Monarch got up from the ground, his whole person was stunned, and there was a heavy palm print on his face, he did not react.
He thought that Yi Tianyun’s speed was the limit, but who knew that he would surpass him in an instant and crush him with even greater speed!
Yi Tianyun did not answer him but answered him with his actions.
His figure flashed and flashed in front of him again. He reached out his hand and slapped him, and with a “pa” sound, Yun Lei Earth Monarch was sent flying again.
After so many times, the most he could do was skin and flesh wounds, not deep to the bottom. To put it bluntly, it was a kind of humiliation. If he wanted to get rid of Yun Lei Earth Monarch, he would have done it already. Why did he have to play like this?
“Furious words, open!!”
Yun Lei Earth Monarch twisted in the air and slammed his chest. The word “Furious” immediately appeared on his body, and his speed increased again.
This time, his speed increased by more than ten times. His whole body was covered with fine lightning, and his blood vessels were covered with lightning. His eyes were full of lightning, and he kept shooting out in all directions. It was as if he could turn into a divine lightning bolt.
“Can it continue to burst out speed?” Yi Tianyun looked at his situation, and his combat power soared sharply, but this type was definitely similar to burning blood essence and could not last long.
If there were no side effects, Yun Lei Earth Monarch would have already used it.
“I want you dead!” Yun Lei Earth Monarch was humiliated so many times. This time, he was completely angry. He thought that he could play with Yi Tianyun, but who knew that he was played by Yi Tianyun and was beaten to the point where he could not find the north, south, east, and west?
“Boom! Crack!”
Thick thunderclouds condensed in the sky. The dense lightning continuously struck Yun Lei Earth Monarch down, adding to his body. This was the “Raging Thunder”! It was an extremely powerful divine art that he could currently control.
His figure twisted and turned into countless bolts of lightning that rolled over. He could not even see which bolt of lightning was his true body. This speed was too fast. It was so fast that many Heavenly Monarchs could not see it clearly. This is the innate talent of an invincible genius!
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
In the blink of an eye, Yun Lei Earth Monarch threw a punch. It looked like a punch, but in fact, he had already punched out tens of thousands of times.
Yi Tianyun quickly blocked, and the dense lightning continued to penetrate through his palm and into his body, burning his body surface.
Gradually, his speed is almost unable to keep up, and the opponent’s speed can continue to increase!


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