Novel Name : Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! Chapter 1339 - Rush

Chapter 1339: Rush

“The leaders of the school will arrive at Anyang train station at eight o’clock. I’ll ask my dad to fetch them and then they’ll take a friend’s private plane over.”
Water flowed out of the tap. The splashing sound seemed to have blurred his voice. Ye Jian poured the cold water on her face. The sorrow in her heart seemed to have been torn apart.
This was Grandpa Gen’s last wish. She wanted to arouse Grandpa Gen’s will to live but the old man knew that... he wouldn’t make it.
“I will let Grandpa see my most energetic side.” Wiping the cold water off her face, Ye Jian raised her bright eyes and looked at herself in the mirror. “I will not let Grandpa down!”
The eyes of the face in the mirror were tenacious. Those black eyes were like black obsidians that had no impurities in them. It made the pupils of the eyes ripple. The corners of the mouth were slightly pursed and a hint of stubbornness was revealed. Although her facial features were beautiful, there was no sign of weakness. Even her eyebrows had the coldness of a soldier.
This was the Ye Jian that Uncle Gen wanted to see.
At eight o’clock, the two leaders of the military school met up with Commander Xia under the guidance of the guards. When they saw that it was Commander Xia from the military, their expressions turned even more solemn.
Carrying the military travel bag containing Ye Jian’s military uniform, he saluted the lieutenant general[1] whose epaulet was shining with stars. At 8.37 pm, they took a private helicopter and rushed to Fujun Town.
The helicopter needed to land on the training ground of the New Recruit Camp. When the helicopter spiraled over, the sound of the propellers made the residents of the town look up and point at the sky curiously.
Ye Zhifan stood at the side of the street. His eyes were gloomy as he looked at the private helicopter that was descending.
His daughter, who had been staying at Shuikou Village, called him. She said that Uncle Gen got sick and a military helicopter was sent. At that moment, he realized how capable the old man was.
After leaving the military for so many years, he was still cared for by the military unit... How could he be just an ordinary retired soldier?
The reason why Ye Jian walked further and higher was that she had the help of such a capable old man. That was why she was emboldened enough to leave the Ye family and courageous enough to face the Ye family!
Ye Zhifan realized that he might be able to make use of this opportunity to make friends with high-ranking generals of the military unit. He arranged his work and rushed back to Shuikou Village immediately so that he could see the arrival of the high-ranking general. Then, he would appear as the representative of Shuikou Village to arrange everything for Uncle Gen’s funeral. That way, he would get a chance to get to know the high-ranking general.
Not long after returning to the village, Ye Zhifan managed to persuade the villagers to recommend him to visit Uncle Gen on their behalf.
The first day he came, he was blocked by Principal Chen before he even entered the ward. However, he didn’t give up and went to the hospital every morning. It was already the fourth day. He smiled as he looked at the helicopter descending.
It was worth it to be rejected for three days!
Commander Xia immediately jumped down the moment the helicopter landed. He strode forward with only one guard with him. The two leaders who came down after him couldn’t help but jog.
“Dad, run here. If you can’t make it, take a motorcycle! Uncle is awake. You need to hurry up.” Xia Jinyuan held his phone tightly and said in a deep voice, “The military doctor said that... this will be the last time.”
[1] Lieutenant General is the military rank of Commander-in-Chief Xia, Commander-in-Chief is his position in the army.


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