Novel Name : Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability Chapter 1432: Prince De, Bound From Head to Toe

Chapter 1432: Prince De, Bound From Head to Toe....
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“Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. You just have to protect the Third Prince. Also, I’ve already contacted everyone necessary. They’re willing to entrust their lives to the Third Prince.”
“That’s good.” Xia Junfeng finally heaved a sigh of relief.
“Our success depends on this. Big Brother, keep an eye on my mother too. Problems arising from inconspicuous places are the worst.”
“I know.”
How could Xia Huafeng not know this? He nodded.
“Be careful and make sure His Highness doesn’t show his face for the next few days.”
“Mhm.” Xia Junfeng nodded.
At the second stockaded village in the 18 Stockaded Villages at the southern border…
Two men were tied up in a firewood shed. They could not move anything except their mouths.
These two people were Prince De and Prince Jian Xun, who had been sent here. They had indeed acted arrogantly in the 18 Stockaded Villages for a while and only for a while.
Before long, they were bound and sent to the firewood shed. They had been in the shed ever since.
They were in a sorry state. Their hair was matted, and they had been locked up in the shed for countless days.
Fortunately, someone would come to let them get some fresh air every day. Otherwise, they might have gone insane.
Prince De, favored by the old Emperor, was not a fool. However, he still could not understand why the people from the 18 Stockaded Villages would do this.
They had welcomed him sincerely but eventually left him here.
He had been wondering if Qian Jiyun had taken over the 18 Stockaded Villages, and this was just a show to lure him in to capture him.
He did not know anything happening in the outside world. The only thing he knew was the weather outside.
He looked at Jian Xun, who was also tied up. His eyes were beginning to glaze over.
“Jian Xun, Jian Xun, wake up!”
He tried to bring Jian Xun back to his senses every day, but it was in vain.
And Jian Xun was not being deliberately unresponsive. He was really terrified. He had heard from the villagers that they only needed to keep Prince De alive and the rest could be killed.
He was one of the “rest.”
The guards and servants could be killed off; they were expendable, but he was different. He was the heir apparent of the Princess Imperial Residence. Although the Princess Imperial had many sons, he was still a person of status!
How could he die here? He couldn’t accept this!
He was so terrified that he could not think of a plan to escape. He sat in a motionless daze all day.
“Jian Xun, I’m talking to you. Do you hear me? Don’t you want to get out? You idiot!”
Prince De was so angry with him that he did not know what to do.
If they racked their brains together, they might be able to escape. But what could he do alone? He could not even untie the rope around him!
Since Jian Xun did not respond, he stopped calling out to him and leaned against the pillar, shutting his eyes to rest.
He did not believe that his father would not send people to look for him if he did not receive any news about him. Everyone in the 18 Stockaded Villages would not be able to escape!
Little did he know, someone was imitating his handwriting and communicating with people in the capital all this time!


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