Novel Name : Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth

Who Is the Real Daughter: Miss Lin Takes No Nonsense After Her Rebirth Chapter 913: Information Lost

Chapter 913: Information Lost
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Seeing that Shen Lin was about to speak, Fu Bei waved her hand impatiently and said, “Stop nagging. It’s so annoying.”
As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Lin was about to leave when she quickly asked, “Second Miss, where are you going?”
If she did not see Fu Bei, Shen Lin could pretend not to know and do her own thing. But now that she had seen her, she could not ignore her. If this Fu Bei, who was causing trouble everywhere, caused trouble in the country and disrupted Master Fu’s plan, she would probably be held accountable.
Shen Lin felt extremely unlucky.
“I’m going to watch the show!” Fu Bei turned around and looked at Shen Lin as if she was looking at a fool. She said, “Since I’m already here, I naturally have to take a look. I’m warning you, don’t report me. Otherwise, when I go back to Country D, I’ll blow up your laboratory.”
Shen Lin’s eyes widened. “Second Miss, you can’t be like this. If you’re like this, I won’t care about morals anymore. If you blow up my laboratory, I’ll blow up your doll’s cloakroom.”
“Shen Lin, how dare you!” Fu Bei was so angry that her voice was a few decibels louder.
Shen Lin immediately went forward and covered Fu Bei’s big mouth fiercely. She gritted her teeth and whispered, “Second Miss, if you continue to be so loud, I’ll really do it!”
Fu Bei glared at Shen Lin hatefully and left angrily.
Shen Lin quickly followed. It was Shen Lin’s business to not let Fu Bei get into trouble.
As soon as Yue Han returned to the Yue Family, she went to Yue Xi’s study. Seeing that Yue Xi was talking to someone, Yue Han could only sit at the side patiently.
“Yes, destroy all the information. We can’t let Du Jun find anything.” After Yue Xi said this, he hung up.
However, before Yue Han and Yue Xi could determine how to resolve the matter, Yue Xi’s phone rang again.
“All the original data records have been lost.” Wei Chuan’s voice came from the other end of the phone.
Yue Xi and Yue Han’s expressions changed. They recorded this so they could have dirt on those people, and there were also videos recorded to control those girls. Now that they were missing, it was obvious who had obtained the information.
Although they had held back when they recorded it, there was nothing related to the Yue Corporation or Weichuan on it. However, these things happened in schools under the Yue Corporation, so they could not deny responsibility.
Even if they could get the lawyer to say that the students took the initiative to seduce those school sponsors for money, it would probably be difficult to explain clearly. After all, those female students were all students they had led to sponsor.
More importantly, if the information inside was exposed, many people would probably treat the Yue Family as a thorn in their side.
Back then, in order for the Yue Family to stabilize their foundation in the capital, they had used these female students to pull many people down. There were many high-ranking government officials and higher-ups of companies.
If the truth was exposed, the Yue Family would really be the target of public criticism.
Yue Han’s eyes surged with ruthlessness as he slowly said, “Then expose this matter to the military. Go up and say that the Mu family plans to expose Li Mu’s matter through the media.”
Yue Xi suddenly turned to look at Yue Han. “You mean you want the military to come out and stop it?”
Yue Han snorted. “Li Mu is a high-ranking officer of the Military, and there are many people from the Li Family in the Military. Whether it’s the Li Family for Li Mu or the Military for their reputation, someone will definitely step up to stop this matter, right?”
“Moreover, the person Lu Ming arranged this time is Du Jun. Du Jun is Hou Ning’s father, and Hou Ning is from the military. We can’t get rid of Du Jun, but we can use the relationship between Hou Ning, Du Jun, and the military to get the military to change the person in charge of this case to someone easier to talk to.”
Yue Xi thought for a moment and realized that there seemed to be no other way. Du Jun was on Lu Ming’s side. They could not take him away, so they could only let the military start with Hou Ning.
He believed that with the pressure from the military, Hou Ning would come out to stop Du Jun. Even if Hou Ning was as stubborn as Du Jun, couldn’t they just use the military to transfer Du Jun elsewhere?
Yue Xi’s eyes darkened. Then, he said, “I’ll get someone to expose Li Mu’s matter and send the backup information over.”
The people from the military knew about Li Mu’s matter. At the same time, when they found out that the person who dealt with this matter was Hou Ning’s father, they immediately looked for Hou Ning.


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