Novel Name : The Great Genetic Era

The Great Genetic Era Chapter 1760: Should We Kill Ullr? (1)

Chapter 1760: Should We Kill Ullr? (1)....
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In the second main hall of the Sacred Spiritual Planet’s Sanctuary, Tu
Chengshan was dealing with various trivial matters for Second Master.
Power and responsibility were on equal scales. As the second-in-command of the Spiritual Race’s Sanctuary, the Second Master was in charge of a lot of matters. He also had to deal with a lot of matters every day. However, most of the matters were handled by the Chief of Confidentiality and staff officers at all levels.
Otherwise, Second Master would not be able to finish it even if he did not sleep or rest all day.
Tu Chengshan had just finished listening to the report sent to Asteroid 677. He frowned.
“Chief, I think that Qiu Nian and his eight personal guards have all been cast with Spiritual Shackles by extremely brilliant spiritual secret techniques. We need reinforcements from the Nine Satellites’ spiritual secret technique users,” Tu Yigai said.
“That’s not easy to mobilize.” Tu Chengshan frowned. Spiritual secret techniques users were rare even within the Spiritual Race. There were even fewer of them in the Nine Satellites.
“Chief, I think that it would be best if it’s one of the top three of the Nine Satellites. Only then would I have more confidence,” Tu Yigai said.
“One of the top three!” Tu Chengshan had a depressed expression. The top three Nine Satellites were not people he could invite. If he wanted to invite these three people, Second Master would probably have to make a personal appearance.
He had no choice. These were extremely rare things. Just like Yan Wuyu in the past, he could not be forced to submit without any means. However, his new suggestion made Tu Chengshan acutely realize that this matter was not simple.
Wouldn’t letting the top three superb individuals of the Spiritual Secret
Technique take action mean that the person who used the Spiritual Secret Technique on Qiu Nian and his personal guards was Eight Satellites, or a late-stage Eight Satellites, or even a Nine Satellites Planetary realm?
If that was the case, this matter would be different. Even within the Spiritual Race, there were not many existences who could make the Nine Satellites’ spiritual secret technique users take action.
Even among the main elders, only the top ten main elders with deep foundations had this ability.
“Continue to keep an eye on it. I’ll answer you later.” After ending the communication, Tu Chengshan’s figure flashed and disappeared from the Sanctuary. In a few seconds, he arrived at another mansion hundreds of kilometers away from the Sanctuary.
There was a professional, independent, confidential frequency communication device here. Tu Chengshan could communicate with Second Master without worry.
In the holographic communication traffic, Tu Chengshan briefly reported the situation to Second Master before raising his doubts.
“Second Master, if the person who cast the Spiritual Shackles on Qiu Nian and his personal guards is a Nine Satellites’ Spiritual Secret Technique user, then the person behind Bing Zhen is definitely not simple.”
“Do you think there might be someone behind Bing Zhen?”
“Second Master, do you think Yan Wuyu’s so-called multi-person teleportation quantum array core technology is a trap?”
“Trap? Even if it’s a trap, do you dare not to jump?” Second Master said.
Tu Chengshan had a bitter expression. That was indeed the case. Even if it was a trap, he had to jump in and take that little chance.
“Chengshan, if it’s really a brother setting up a trap, then isn’t this trap a little too big? That is the multi-person teleportation quantum array core technology. If it were me, I would definitely not take it out to set up a trap,” Tu Hou said.
“If someone really takes it out to set up a trap, I’m afraid they’ll have big plans!” Tu Chengshan said.
“Big plans? What are they planning?” The eyes on Tu Chengshan narrowed into slits.
“In my opinion, I’m afraid you’re the only one who can be more important than the multi-person teleportation quantum array core technology.”
“Someone wants to take my position?” A cold light appeared in Tu Hou’s eyes.
“Third, Fourth, or Fifth? Or Sixth?”
“All of them are possible!” Tu Chengshan’s eyes flashed. “But it might also be…
First Master!”
“Old Xu?”
“The Holy Ancestor has already reprimanded First Master twice. Now, the Blue Star Expeditionary Force that the Third Master and the Thirteenth Master are chasing has disappeared without a trace under their heavy siege.
“Now, not only were the Third Master (Huo Nan) and the Thirteenth Master (Mu Sheng) as anxious as ants on a hot pan, Even First Master (Great Elder Xu Yi) could not sit still.
“There are rumors that if we lose the siege of the Blue Star Expeditionary Force this time, the First Master will most likely lose his position under the Holy Ancestor’s anger,” Tu Chengshan said.
“If he is taken down, I might be the one to take over? Is he targeting me because he wants to retreat in order to advance, take credit for me, or mess with me in advance?”
“It’s possible. After all, not everyone is qualified to be the great elder. Those who are qualified to succeed the great elder are only the second, third, fourth, and fifth elders. Now, Third Master has been automatically eliminated. Then Fourth Master and Fifth Master might also fight for it. It’s also possible that they planned to deal with you,” Tu Chengshan said.
Tu Hou paced back and forth for a while before nodding slowly. “That’s still a possibility. However, it’s also very difficult to take me down with this matter. If Yan Wuyu is in my hands and I really successfully research the multi-person teleportation quantum array core, this will become my contribution point.
“We have to be more vigilant. Moreover, this is only one of the possibilities. We have to be on guard with all our might, but we can’t give up on food just because we choke..” After saying that, Second Master continued, “Other than that, who else do you think might take action?”


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