Novel Name : Outside Of Time

Outside Of Time Chapter 1338 Who's the Oriole!

Chapter 1338 Who's the Oriole!

After tens of thousands of years of accumulation…
Although the appearance of the liaoxuan holy liquid required the precipitation of the liaoxuan liquid, it couldn't be so little after such a long time.
Under normal circumstances, even if it didn't overflow, it should be dozens of times more than now.
But now, there was only this thin layer.
It was no wonder that Feng and Lan Yao's expressions were uncertain.
After all, this time, they had paid a huge price to obtain the liaoxuan holy liquid, and each of them was constantly scheming and calculating against each other.
Although they didn't come away empty-handed, the difference from their expectations was too great.
"That damn golden rat!!"
Feng gritted his teeth. Even though he had a bad feeling after seeing the golden rat earlier and was mentally prepared, he was still extremely furious after seeing it now.
However, he was helpless. He could only stare at the egg in the pool and narrow his eyes.
Lan Yao was also silent with a gloomy expression.
As for Xu Qing, he was also frowning. His gaze landed on the pool and he surveyed his surroundings. His gaze then paused slightly in the direction of the tunnel entrance.
After that, he didn't reveal any abnormalities. He took the opportunity to shift his gaze away and search the surroundings with an unwilling expression.
Noticing Xu Qing's actions, Feng sneered. Other than the golden rat, he knew everything here like the back of his hand. He knew that there were no other treasures, so he didn't care about Xu Qing's actions.
As for Lan Yao, after she looked at Xu Qing, her gaze finally landed on the pool.
"Don't waste time. Although there is little of it, it is still very helpful to us. As for this egg, I think it's the reason that the golden rat was guarding this place."
As she spoke, her body swayed and she headed straight for the pool.
Feng and Xu Qing also rushed toward the pool.
However, the instant the three of them got close to the pool, something unexpected happened!
The soil around the pool suddenly collapsed and four black phantoms rushed out, heading straight for the three of them.
They were four huge mantises. Their bodies were withered and emitted dense anomalous substances. The aura in their bodies was extremely unstable and there was no intelligence in their eyes.
It was as though there was only some instinctive reaction left.
Moreover, after they appeared, other than one that pounced toward Xu Qing, the other three… attacked Lan Yao.
The instant they attacked, Feng suddenly turned around. His aura erupted and his cultivation base rumbled as he attacked Lan Yao.
This wasn't the end. An illusory phantom flew out of Feng's sleeve and swept toward Lan Yao at an astonishing speed.
This illusory phantom was an intestine!
It was the item that had appeared on the way here earlier.
All of this took a long time to describe but it happened in the blink of an eye. It was still fine for Xu Qing since he was only facing one mantis.
However, as for Lan Yao, the moment the three mantises got close, they all chose to self-destruct. There was also the bizarre intestine and the full-powered attack of Feng.
Immediately, a loud explosion rang out and intense energy waves spread in the surroundings. As a violent wind swept past, Lan Yao's body directly collapsed and shattered into pieces.
However, before Feng could show any expression of succeeding, Lan Yao's shattered body actually transformed into a damaged beast skin talisman. The moment it landed on the ground, the void fluctuated not far away and Lan Yao's figure gathered again.
She looked as though she had expected this.
When Xu Qing saw this, he immediately retreated. As for the mantis that attacked him, it also rapidly retreated and returned to Feng's side.
"Fellow Daoist Feng, you're breaking your promise."
Lan Yao smiled slightly.
"It's not that I broke my promise, but Fellow Daoist Lan, you have ill intentions. Do you really think I didn't notice?"
Feng sneered. He wasn't too surprised that Lan Yao had dodged this attack. At this moment, he turned his head and looked at the entrance of the tunnel as he coldly spoke.
"Fellow Daoist Yue Dong, you've followed us for so long but you are still hiding. Do you think I don't know about your conspiracy with Lan Yao?!"
As soon as Feng spoke, Lan Yao's smile instantly froze and her eyes gleamed.
"Fellow Daoist Feng, what do you mean?"
Xu Qing also narrowed his eyes.
Feng sneered. He lifted his right hand and waved it fiercely at the entrance of the tunnel.
At the next instant, a rumbling sound rang out as a figure appeared at the entrance of the tunnel. It quickly became clear and transformed into a woman.
This woman was incomparably beautiful and had a graceful figure. She looked gentle but her eyes were cold.
"Everyone says that Feng Lintao is naturally paranoid and meticulous. From the looks of it, it's indeed so."
This woman was Yue Dong.
Lan Yao no longer hid anything and nodded.
"Indeed, I didn't expect him to actually sense this…"
Seeing that there was an additional person here, Xu Qing blinked and looked at the captain who was being carried by Feng. Hence, he took a few steps back and expressed his attitude that he didn't want to participate.
"Demon Feather Race's Lan Yao and Yue Dong, although the two of you don't seem to have a deep relationship in the race, I've long known that your relationship isn't what you show on the surface. I just didn't expect you, who have a good reputation in the race, to commit such a greedy act!"
"As for the item we originally agreed on, from the looks of it, Fellow Daoist Lan doesn't plan to hand it over either."
Feng gritted his teeth and suddenly looked at Xu Qing.
"Fellow Daoist Flame Mystic, you've seen it too. Please help me with this, and I'll surely repay your kindness afterwards!"
Xu Qing didn't speak.
His stance was crucial. If he helped Feng, it would be impossible for Lan Yao and Yue Dong to end the battle in a short period. After all, the golden rat outside couldn't be trapped for too long.
Lan Yao sneered.
"Fellow Daoist Feng, there's no need to flaunt yourself as a victim. Do you really think I don't know that the deal you mentioned with me is just an excuse?"
"The reason why you told me about the liaoxuan holy liquid is to lure me here. Other than the liaoxuan holy liquid, you also want my Demon Feather Holy Bloodline, right?"
"Right now, we can only enter the Wanggu Continent and can't leave. You have got quite a good plan there!"
"Fellow Daoist Flame Mystic, you're a smart person. Don't be fooled. You just have to not participate in this matter. Even though your eldest senior brother is in this person's hands, he won't dare to kill him."
"Once he kills your eldest senior brother, he'll have to face three people."
After Lan Yao finished speaking, her body swayed and she headed straight for Feng. At the same time, Yue Dong lifted her jade-like hand and waved it behind her, forming a seal that landed at the entrance of the tunnel, blocking the path. With a step, she arrived in front of Feng.
She performed a series of hand seals, using her divine ability to attack Feng together with Lan Yao.
Soon, deafening sounds of collision spread out.
Facing the two women's attacks, Feng had to keep on retreating. His expression was gloomy as he quickly spoke to Xu Qing.
"Fellow Daoist Flame Mystic, if you still don't make a move, I'm going to reveal your secret!"
"Do you think I don't know why there's so little liaoxuan holy liquid here?!"
As soon as Feng spoke, Lan Yao and Yue Dong's expressions changed.
When Xu Qing heard this, his expression didn't have the slightest change.
"Nonsense. I've been with the two of you the entire time. It's a little clumsy of you to try to drag me down like this.
As for what you want to say, Fellow Daoist Feng, feel free to say it."
"However, no matter how you fabricate it, I'm not willing to participate in the matter between the three of you. Moreover, since Fellow Daoist Feng knew that someone was following us long ago, you must have prepared a backup plan and don't need my help."
Xu Qing's gaze was calm as he continued to retreat until he reached the entrance of the tunnel. He paused there and coldly watched the battle between the three.
When Lan Yao saw this scene, her eyes flashed slightly. As she increased her strength, she smiled and spoke.
"Thank you for your reminder, Fellow Daoist Flame Mystic. I think Feng Lintao definitely has a backup plan."
As she spoke, Lan Yao manifested the eight-colored peacock, while an icy body created behind Yue Dong, causing the place to instantly turn cold. Additionally, an ice spear materialized beside her, aimed directly at Feng.
The aura emitted by this spear was terrifying, capable of piercing through void. Moreover, around her, two solid and three illusory great worlds appeared.
She cooperated with Lan Yao's eight-colored peacock and formed a killing blow.
No matter how extraordinary Feng was and how many magic treasures he had, he still retreated. However, there was no panic on his face. Instead, as he retreated, he sneered.
"Alright. Since you guys have guessed that I have a backup plan, I don't have time to continue here with you guys."
"Lanyao, you were wrong earlier. Other than the liaoxuan holy liquid and your bloodline, my goal is moreover Fellow Daoist Yue Dong's yin essence. This will be the greatest help for me in shaping the sixth world later!"
With that, while holding Erniu with one hand, Feng grabbed the air with the other, taking out an item.
This was a vine!
It was golden and extraordinarily resplendent. It was as thick as an arm and about ten feet long. The spirituality inside was world-shaking. The instant it appeared, a majestic and terrifying aura erupted from it.
The entire catacombs was engulfed in the storm, sweeping in all directions. Moreover, above Feng, the appearance of the vine created a shadowy illusion of a starry sky.
This illusion showed endless celestial bodies, countless stars, and a tremendously large vine traversing the galaxy, wandering within this cosmic expanse.
This vine was filled with countless profound runes that were innate. Moreover, there were even fruits on it that looked like stars.
When Lan Yao and Yue Dong saw the vine and the illusory starry sky, their expressions completely changed. Lan Yao cried out involuntarily.
"Holy Heavenly Vine! A cosmic species. Its mature form spans across the star region, and this is its juvenile form!"
"Although it's a juvenile, you actually have it. How is this possible!!"
"The former Liaoxuan Holy Lord died under this vine. The Liaoxuan Holy Land was moreover destroyed because of this. You…"
Although Xu Qing had never seen this vine before, he could sense its vast might.
As for Feng, he gazed at Lan Yao and Yue Dong's expressions and chuckled sinisterly.
"How I obtained it isn't something you guys can know. You can consider it your blessing to die under the Sacred Heavenly Vine."
"However, the first person to receive the blessing is the person in my hands."
"Every time the Holy Heaven God Vine is used, it needs live sacrifices."
Feng chuckled loudly. At this moment, he didn't hide anything anymore. The reason why he kept holding onto Erniu seemed to be to threaten Xu Qing, but in reality, it was to have a living sacrifice ready at hand!
While laughing, he transmitted his divine sense to the ten-
foot-long golden vine. Immediately, the vine shone with golden light and opened its tip like a snake, heading straight for Erniu.
However… the instant it got close to Erniu, an unbelievable scene appeared!
Erniu instantly opened his eyes, revealing unprecedented madness and greed. He actually… bit the vine back. After that, he inhaled and the vine that emitted a terrifying aura suddenly trembled for some reason.
It was as though it had encountered its natural enemy and wanted to struggle. However, as a blue light flashed in Erniu's eyes, the vine was directly sucked into his mouth.
This scene caused the minds of everyone here other than Xu Qing to rumble and they were stunned.
Erniu's body swayed and he disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was beside Xu Qing. He burped with a smug expression.
"The reason why I was captured by you was because I smelled this smell. I was waiting all this while for you to take it out."


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