Novel Name : Death… And Me

Death… And Me Chapter 2646 Purple Gem

Chapter 2646 Purple Gem

The twins' group was already pretty happy with only that. First of all, it wasn't like they cared about reaching the end of this Wonderland or exploring it. As long as they could use the Chaos Laws to comprehend the first sublaws for the quest, that was enough. "No, that's all. We are going deeper into Wonderland and using this knowledge to use the higher concentration of Chaos Laws there."
Finally, Lotiri liked what he heard. "That's good. Now, go away and leave us be."
The truth was that the twins still had many more questions, but it was pretty obvious that the Loporrits couldn't talk much. Perhaps it was some law of their race, or maybe they were bound by something. *Hmmmmm... hmmhmhmmm!*
Seeing that the twins' group began to leave, Vanos and the others panicked. However, Lotiri just cast a deadly glance at them, and they immediately quieted down.
Nonetheless, they caught Rean's attention. "Sigh... senior Lotiri. Is there truly nothing we can do to let them go? There must be something we can do in exchange for their release."
Lotiri once again got angry, but he was stopped by Lila. "I know you don't like insistence, but they aren't asking you to release them for nothing. Wasn't there a little something you wanted for that place? Why don't you ask for that?"
Lotiri's expression changed as he fell into a deep thought. "But we don't even know if they will manage to get there."
Lila shrugged her shoulders. "Well, what I'm certain about is that you definitely won't put your hands on it if you don't make an action. Besides, it is not like these disrespectful cultivators truly pose any danger for us Loporrits."
Lotiri pondered a bit more and nodded in the end. "Fine! Don't say later that I never hear your requests." He then looked at Rean. "I don't know how far you can get into our Wonderland, but if you reach the central tower, there is something at the very top I wish you to take back for my Loporrit Race."
"Central tower?" That was the first time they heard anything like that. Yet, Roan seemed to feel some familiarity towards it. Lotiri continued. "Yes, you will see when you get there since it is quite enormous. On the very last floor, there is a purple gem protected by the tower. I want you to recover it and bring it back to us."
Rean narrowed his eyes. "How long would it take?"
"Hum... if you are fast, you should be able to go there and come back in a year or so," Lotiri mentioned after taking into account the twins' progression speed.
Yet, the portal created by the Semi-Celesitals would close before that. They said it was going to stay open for more or less a year, but a more specific date hasn't been given. Besides, even if they do it faster and get back, by then, there would be almost no more time for these cultivators to make use of the Wonderland Chaos Laws. Of course, that's just in case no one finds another entrance of exit. Everything is a mystery still.
Suddenly, Rean heard the sound of something breaking. When he looked in that direction, he saw that Lila had released the binding of the cultivators. "Eh?! But I haven't accepted it yet. I don't even know if we are going to succeed."
Lotiri didn't seem to care, though. "If there are more of you, the chances are higher." Lotiri then jumped on Vanos' head, the Middle Stage Divinity Realm expert. "Brat, you heard my request, right? Not only them, but you will also have to bring the purple gem to me. Understood?"
Usually, Vanos would never accept such humiliation with his cultivation. Too bad that he was truly just too weak compared to Lotiri and pretty much all Loporrits, so he could only bitterly smile and nod. "Yes, sir. Sorry for our actions earlier. I'm not sure if we are going to acquire the Purple Gem, but if we do, we will bring it back to you."
"Good!" Lotiri nodded, satisfied. "Lavi, have the scouts keep an eye on this guy's group. There is no way they will be able to hide the Purple Gem's power without us noticing. If they manage to take it from the tower, you are authorized to bring them to me whether they want it or not."
Lavi received the order with seriousness. "Yes, chief! Ants like them can't even dream about ever escaping me and my guys."
Vanos definitely didn't doubt that now. He was definitely curious about this Purple Gem, but it didn't seem like he would have to chance to check it. Well, it also didn't mean he needed to take it, either. Not that he would say that.
Rean just scratched the back of his head. "Well, we will give it a try if we manage to reach this tower, senior Lotiri. If there is nothing else, we will take our leave."
Lotiri jumped back to the Loporrits' side while speaking. "Very well. I'll be waiting for your good news."
Rean then looked at Vanos, who understood the meaning and reached his side with his subordinates. Together, they left the Loporrits Burrow and didn't stop until they were hundreds of kilometers away. Only then did Vanos start to speak again. "Kids, I owe you one."
Rean and the others nodded. "This is for the sake of our Universe. We all need to get as strong as possible for the visitors coming from outside."
"I know," Vanos liked the reason. "Anyway, I saw that they taught you something about the Chaos Laws of this place. Would you mind telling us too?"
"No problem," Rean was already expecting that. "Lotiri said that it was quite a simple matter and that everyone would eventually figure it out, so it makes no difference telling you guys now."
During the next hour, Rean taught Vanos' group the same things Lila did to him. Sure enough, it wasn't anything hard to achieve, and Vanos' group managed to start their Chaos Laws cultivation just like the twins.


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